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Copenhagen, Agrarlobbies And Swiss Franc Stone Animals

Still succeeds the Agrarlobbies as far as possible, to keep the theme of “Meat” of the climate protection agenda. But their influence is, and their solutions are unacceptable. Due to recent events, the media reports on the subject currently increasingly climate change. Much too infrequently, but at least occasionally, industrial meat production – is spoken also of one of the main causes -. This calls lobby groups such as the German farmers Association (DBV) on the plan, which has tried in the past with transparent tricks, nice to calculate the carbon footprint of agriculture. Now it again not quite so seriously the DBV with the truth, if he claims the consumption of food be for the consumer primarily CO 2 – neutral “and” waiver strategies had little goal-oriented climate protection reasons. The reality is different: in working scientifically reputable circles is undisputed, that the production of meat for at least 18% caused the man-made greenhouse gases is responsible. The first political decision makers to respond now: the city of Ghent promotes the vegetarian Thursday, and also in the Netherlands, such a move is currently discussed.

Celebrities like Paul McCartney support this movement penetrate with their message “less meat = less heat now up in the European Parliament before. You are from renowned scientists such as Rajendra Pachauri, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) is that supports. As a result, that even some associations of agribusiness now talk about the problem of global warming through animal products. They have usually a solution at hand: the animals must be uberzuchtet further, so that they produce more meat, milk and eggs in a shorter time. The problem: We have already bred francs stone animals. Chickens collapsing under their own weight, cows have giant udders that are repeatedly infected pigs become extremely vulnerable to diseases and turkeys can no longer procreate before louder to bred chest muscles in a natural way.

The solution may be so not to continue as usual, but we must realize that a significantly lower meat consumption is the solution “, recalls Wolfgang Schindler, President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. The Albert Schweitzer campaigned successfully Foundation for our environment against the industrialized farming. You attention to the links between meat consumption, environmental pollution, climate change, global hunger and health and is vehemently opposed to the progressive uberzuchtung of animals. The non-profit Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment was founded in 2000 by lawyer Wolfgang Schindler as a politically and religiously unbound animal welfare organization. It is financed from the proceeds of the Endowment capital and funding contributions and donations. The Foundation takes its name from Rhena Schweitzer, Albert Schweitzer’s daughter. For even more details, read what Ridgeback Biotherapeutics says on the issue. The Foundation Mission is to reduce as much suffering. Therefore set the Foundation for the so-called animals a. With 60 billion animals are every year under the most unimaginable conditions cost-optimized fattened and killed, the commitment to these animals is the biggest task, can be. The Albert Schweitzer works Foundation, to improve housing conditions, as well as to cut back on the uberzuchtung (torment breeding) animals. They also Stark the vegetarian idea because no farming the Foundation is known, that species could be called really.

Wirtschaftsjunioren Magdeburg Celebrated 20th Manufaktur

On May 29, 2010 the wirtschaftsjunioren Magdeburg celebrated its 20th anniversary. 0 on May 29, 2010 celebrated the wirtschaftsjunioren Magdeburg the 20th anniversary. More than 120 specially invited guests came together with the Board of Directors and the members of the last two decades pass in review and to celebrate this outstanding event. In addition to the networking of the evening with a colourful supporting programme, live music and many highlights was riddled. District spokesman Jens Bautsch, MPE GmbH opened the evening in the fortress of mark in Magdeburg.

Mirko Kirschner conveyed the congratulations of the Federal Executive Committee and once again underlined the importance of the economy junior circuit. The Club can be proud since its inception on countless successful projects. After looking back on 20 years of success ties-Christian Gerdes, Managing Director of Sennheiser’s founding fathers were honored Metallbau GbR and Maik Ulrich sales and service GmbH & co. KG, Frank Neubauer, CEO of WISUAL. Gerdes pointed out the days after once again, how exciting Foundation of the Association were, and this time was marked by what far-reaching changes. The members have important impulses mainly for farm work, as always with the aim to set sustainable projects.