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You say: "Dear, but this is not the only element, and the set!". Yes, he does not only, but these processes in the treatment of hard-bound and have no meaning in isolation. 4) Result. Practice shows that this approach to our work allows, increase efficiency while reducing costs, in what is the meaning of our work. And the result will be achieved! And add: be careful not to simply do their job and try to go creatively. Studying the history of marketing, I can say that it is the creative idea, not calculations, are considered classics of the genre, which many try to be. Part 2. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Elman.

A look at some things. In my work, I often have to deal with various proposals in the field of marketing services. And in the current while high-speed data transmission a lot of suggestions about the Internet, they are all different, but in fact may be called – Internet Advertising. Internet advertising. My opinion on this matter can be expressed as follows: regular trying to make mountains out of molehills. In an advertising sense, the Internet is a great referral service, and laying on it reliably larger than the telephone inquiry service is incorrect. Upon closer examination, we on the Internet simply place the information about product / service / business in order to ensure that our clients can have quick and easy to find (in the absence of the Internet, people use the telephone help-desks). But I do not deny the fact that it a lot more pluses, you can add more information and higher quality.

Cristina Fernandez

What happens with the funds of the Anses, deserves the following reflection: this new public system of social security is better than the AFJP system? Definitely not, and unfortunately that possibly check it in a couple of years. Funding sources have been depleted and everyone knows that the Government needs to continue capturing funds. The alternative discipline over public spending is not an option that is handled, much less to the imminence of the elections. Not sure who came up with, but since the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who continues to count the coins to get to balance accounts, would have begun to look toward the banking system. The Argentine banking sector, which seems to have learned the lesson, given the new context of both internal and external volatility, decided to take a preventive attitude and keep liquid to respond to any negative shocks that may affect him without having to resort to hand the Central Bank saving. Thus, to prepare to deal with possible situations of stress, the entities of the system chose to maintain a significant level of liquidity, whose value now stands at $82. 000 million (adding cash more current account at the Central Bank deposits, net passes and the results by Lebac and Nobac), according to a note published by El Cronista, written by Leandro Gabin.

The same newspaper picks up a statement made a few days ago by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that left many uneasy bankers: banks sit on liquidity by fear to fall, and if there for the real economy is the State which has to give to that economy. The bankers are full of resignation, already prepared to pick up the phone and attend this order of Government that seems inevitable in this context. One fact, which probably further feed the fears of bankers in Argentina: in today of tax revenue data will be known officially.