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Social Service

For Faleiros (2005) the construction of action strategies involves the availability of resources, the power, the organization, the information and the communication, for the confrontation for the citizen of the professional action, of the relationary questions. This means to assume the estimated one of the investigativa action as new possibilities of intervention, in the measure where desvela the contradictory and produces the necessary conditions for the confrontation and overcoming of social matters that if present daily. However, one becomes necessary to characterize the demands that are placed to the profession, under the form of institucional and professional demands. To investigate the articulated professional answers to the hegemonic professional projects in the interior of the professional category, in view of ampler a societrio project and the particular expectations of the Social Service in Brazil. The growth of the pressure in the demand for services is each bigger time, on the part of the using population by means of the o increase of the inaqualities and more precarious public services each time not taking care of the vulnerabilities. As War (2006: 20) A time that what it is demanded by the institution always more is reduced of what really express the social demand. Some institucional demands more directly answer the reproduction of the capital, others indirectly. But this does not exclude the fact of them always to contribute for reproduction of the capital.

In this direction, for each demand a social necessity exists that it produces and exist proper interests for its definition as demand. One understands that the social assistant when guiding itself for its theoretical professional ability, technician-operative ethical-politics and, becomes clearly that the purpose of its action is to understand the Real meant of its demands. Therefore, it is necessary that the social assistant has clearly that its practical professional is on to the historical process of the reality, since the Social Service emerges and if it develops in the capitalist society to take care of to the antagonistic necessities (capital x work), collaborating of necessary form with projects that come with objective to solve or the least to brighten up the condition of the social matter and the world of the work.

The Ticket

They are available in the market in some colors. The installation is made on the screen and settled in the inferior part, with closing effected of low for top, or vice versa with sheaves, in way to offer to conditions of regulation how much to the height, being able hour the shed to be completely closed or partially open, controlling in this way the ideal environment to the birds inside of the shed, as the requirements of thermal comfort in relation the phase of the development. Publication suggested in annex. (EMBRAPA, access in 18 of sea. Kevin Johnson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. of 2011) 2Porta or Gate: It will depend on the transport of the shed. It is the way of access to the interior of the shed for the daily tasks of feeding, collections of the production, inspection of the animals with withdrawals of birds that normally die, cleanness of the equipment, removed of the bed, when of it abates of the birds and act of receiving of young chickens and rations. (EMBRAPA, access in 18 of sea. of 2011) 2Portinhola: Access of the birds to the grass, after to complete the 28 days of life.

These doors must have ideal to facilitate the ticket of the birds. To be constructed in the laterals of the aviaries, settled with hinges in the superior part of the opening in order to open for top, every day of morning and to close easily the night later that all the birds already had been collected. (EMBRAPA, access in 18 of sea. of 2011) 2Dimenses of the aviary: The models suggested for the creation of colonial chicken are very next or lightly rectangular, a time that stops this system the production module is 500 birds and has necessity of a place of fetichism (area of pasture). We recommend that the same it is in form of circle around the most centered aviary being thus possible, facilitating in such a way the pasturing of the birds as the real exploitation of all the space destined to this end.


Perpetual homesicknesses of Silvrio Were in gone years 50, Man Gurdolino manufactured wall bombs there pras bands of Alagoas, accurately in the city of Are Jose de Lages who one day of years 50 if finished with flooding. It flows manufactured wall bombs, many today do not know this toy pyrothecnic that had its manufacture forbidden in years 80. The bomb of seems is a manufactured artisan bomblet with common explosive of the bomblets of Is Joo with the addition of pedrinhas that it allows to detonate its mass to the being violently play against a wall. This explosive toy a little bigger of what a marble game ball, was of great success until the Eighties when had its manufacture forbidden for amongst other reasons making dirty the walls reached for the apparatus and scaring the inhabitants of the houses where they were detonated. Andreessen Horowitz might disagree with that approach. Man manufactured them to Gurdolino to the thousands for months in the small farm where it liveed and in the June month it followed for the city to vender them. He was a warlike worker, therefore beyond its bombs with which it supported the family, still it works in roa. But Man Gurdolino had one another characteristic, was very ignorant, its fame of dull age so known how many its bomblets of wall. Its rude way to treat the customers moved away to all making with that it never had financial success, nor to a priest it wise person if to direct without its dullness. Praised for the priest of the certain clientele time, the poor priest in public constrangeu. The priest said that it and God had made a good work in one roa where never dara nothing per centuries, somebody to it had never harvested a harvest in that one roa, angry it for dividing with God the merit of its work, if he left with this: ' ' I and Gods made a good work, needed now to see you that one roa were when he was alone of God.

Complex Society

This form to foment participativos, conditional processes to the cession of financial resources, at the same time where it stimulates the formation of the Advice, it does not assure that these Advice correspond to an effective popular participation, therefore this, in its gnese, is not instituted: it is consolidated historically. What I want to say with this, is that it does not have a relation enters the institution through law, of an Advice whose representation if it intends popular, and its effective existence, what it will depend solely on the comprometimento degree of the organized civil society that operates in the local scope. The social base for the exercise of the participation citizen is the civil society (Teixeira, 2001). This author tells to the existence of diverse forms of participation politics. Sobressaem, however, the participation guided for the decision and the participation directed toward the expression.

The first one characterizing itself for the intervention organized and methodical of actors of the civil society in the power to decide processes. The second form of participation has one more symbolic character, directed toward an expression partner – cultural of new type, however, marking presence in palco politician, being able to influence the power to decide process. The participation politics, which we deal with in this work, thus says respect to the citizens who, elect for the organized civil society, occupy representations in the CMDCA? Florianpolis, instance of being able of which if it waits the promotion of the interaction between the diverse actors who are part of this same instance, between the State, other institutions politics and the proper society. Teixeira, defines participation citizen in the following way: ' ' Complex and contradictory process between civil society, State and market, where the papers if redefine for the reinforcement of the civil society by means of the organized performance of the individuals groups and associaes.' ' Teixeira (2001, p.30), the reinforcement of the society civil, however defined for Teixeira, says respect the installation of duties responsibilities stop with the specific politics, but also the proper recognition of the right to participate of the power to decide processes.

Psychiatric Reformation

Consensualmente we arrive at the agreement, that family in this new axle of treatment understands itself as door of entrance of the user to the social environment that belonged, also promoting the promotion of the quality of life, the individual, and of course of all the familiar unit. Word-key: Mental upheaval, the Psychiatric Reformation, Family, Ressocializao. INTRODUCTION mental Deficiency is equivalent the terms as insufficience, lacks, fails e, over all reduction of the cognitiva capacity (QI) of the located adoecido individual below of the indices considered normal for the age, or inferiors the average of the population in adult phase. The main characteristic of the mental adoecimento in general lines mentions the perceivable delay to it in its neuropsicomotor development. According to France (2001), one in each three people will acquire some of the diverse types of mental upheavals throughout the life. Still as the author, studies carried through for World-wide organization of Health, through the School of Public Health of the University of Harvard financed for the World Bank, is esteem that five enter ten cases of incapacity are related to some type of mental upheaval. In accordance with Pink (2008), the family is one of the essential institutions, in what she refers to the ressocializao of people with mental clutters. Jim Umpleby spoke with conviction. As Pink (2008): (…) and still because the family is the main potencializador agent of mediaes between the carrier of mental upheaval and the society, constituting historically a privileged place of cares and social reproduction.

She is in this context that appears the Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS), characterized for the new concept in treatments the people with psychic upheavals, prioritizing, over all the performance of the family in the treatment process. The CAPS had been instituted together with the Nuclei of Assistncia Psicossocial (NAPS), through the Portaria/SNAS N. 224 – 29/01/1992. After changes in psychiatric knowing, the legal areas, in sciences partners, psychological and in the Medicine, as well as societrias alterations the family starts to be party to suit of treatment of the individual acometido for insanity, however still being considered as a risk factor the same, therefore she gave credit that the relation family x citizen with mental upheaval, induced the proper upheaval.

Brazilian Institute

Aging is a physiological phenomenon of social or chronological behavior, it is a complicated procedure that encloses many topics, as for example, the hereditary succession, the form of living, the incurable illnesses, amongst others. They act between itself and determine the way expressivamente where we reach definitive age. In accordance with the Statute of the Aged one, is considered aged the individual that possesss equal or superior age to the 60 years of age. (OAK, 2000) According to research carried through recently for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), census 2000, our country registered an increase of the aged population in the last few decades. In the year of 1992 the contingent of Brazilians above of 60 years was of 7,6 million, this number jumped approximately for 15 million in 2002. With this increase, the necessity of change in the way of life of this part of the population becomes imperative. Howard Schultz has much to offer in this field.

The increase of this tax of longevity if must the determined factors as: to the ample development of the medicine in passing of years, especially in what it is alluded to the precaution of illnesses; to the progress in the quality of the feeding; beyond the reduction in the percentage of fertility observed in last the 30 years, what in turn it can generate a magnifying of the aged population in relation to that younger economically active e. Rifiotis (2007, p.140) affirms that, ‘ ‘ … To the measure that increases the life expectancy and grows the percentage of aged people, them leaves of being a species of ‘ ‘ the elite of ancios’ ‘. Memory, experience or knowledge leave of being mark of that segment of population, and its valuation in the terms of ‘ ‘ better idade’ ‘ it goes losing legitimacy, being able in the limit, to become an autoone; ‘ (RIFIOTIS; 2007, p.140) We verify, therefore, that so that this population does not come to be distant of the social spaces, without no expectation of insertion of the same one in the conviviality with the other, generating an exclusion and consequently, one me quality of life, is necessary that this exactly group comes to get each time more health.

First Industrial Revolution

It is distinguished with emphasis that, the Bourgeois Constitution also was not so generous, as for the rights politicians, therefore the same one made distinctions between people, absenting rights to vote for some. The situation of the consternados people still is of much misery and if it congregates again pressures the bourgeoisie and conquer the Announcement of the Republic now, giving to them the power of choice in the Electoral assemblies, not consolidating still the universal suffrage, therefore women continue without right to vote, right this that was only acquired with the destitution of the Girondinos, force politics of interest of the high bourgeoisie and with the provao of the New Constitution, through many fights and claims of the people. The New Constitution brings of the point of view of the social Rights a very significant clause for the people, who is in article 21; The Socorros Public as it divides sacred, now the right the subsistence of the citizens now is of entire responsibility of the society. Yusuf Alireza has much experience in this field. Eric Hobsbawm summarizes that, the French Revolution brought great advance for the population, that through constant fights, conquers in a country of monarchic model, the universal, right suffrage the rebellion and most significant for it, the happiness of the population, that starts to be a duty of the government and that its rights would not have to be only available and yes applied. The revolutions had influenced the fights for the rights during the First Industrial Revolution, that was a historical process that culminated in the substitution of the tools of work for the machines, of the domestic manufacture for the system manufacter, with the advent of the machines created the base of for material development, innovative to the time stimulated for the scientific research, the plants had passed to make use for the people a infinity of materials. This served in such a way to modify daily as well as most of the social relations.

Josep Francesc Valls

In such a way, it offers tourist of a place it must be constituted of some grouped elements so that together they can give a bigger value the attractive ones being able to be raised the category of tourist product. According to Josep Francesc Valls apud (IGNARRA, P. 50), tourist product is understood as un conglomerated, joins amalgamates, joins constelacin of elements tangibles and intangibles en particle. Between los los elements tangibles if hallan bienes, los resources, wools equipamientos los infraestructuras y; between los intangibles, if cuentan los servicios, there gestin, there image of mark y precio it With this, the tourist product needs some components adds, proceeding from the different agents, is public, private or voluntary they. The PIT' s consists in one of the responsible elements for the formation of the tourist product, since the reception of the tourist in the locality is an indispensable component facilitating its displacement and the use of the attractive ones of the city. Therefore, they are also responsible for the permanence and the return of the tourist.

The ranks of information exert the function to receive the tourist and to instruct it for the exploitation of the existing resources in the city. In such a way, the hospitality as being the act to receive and to give service to that for reason it is of its place of domicile closely is related with the estimated ones of the PIT? s. Ahead of this, Cross (2002, P. 44) affirms that, the act of ' ' to feel itself in casa' ' in terms of tourist hospitality it means to have in the place where if the same sensation of shelter is foreign that if has in the proper house, what it means, in first plan, security, but also comfort and welfare in general way. The rank of information are units destined when receiving from the tourist and therefore it must use the premises of the hospitality in the tourist destination.

The Guarantee

The use of the artificial insemino is subjects to the economic analysis for the rocking between its advantages and disadvantages in relation to the sum natural. They are listed as advantages of the application of WENT on the sum natural the following points: The elimination of preferential acasalamento; the reproduction of commercial ancestries of sum difficult or impossible; a lesser number of males (reduction of 7-10% for 2-3%); the increase of the descent of the males of high genetic value; rise in the fertility levels, is possible to compensate falls in the espermtica quality and the capacity of storage of the female for the increase of concentration of the dose and the number of inseminations, beyond the guarantee of that all the females had been inseminated; reduction in the costs of feeding in 10 the 20; possibility to increase the productive capacity of the existing installations already; increase in the incubveis egg percentage next to 2%, for to the clean egg increase; possible increase final weight chicken (BAHR; JONHSON, 1991). As disadvantages of IT WENT we can cite the necessity of initial investments in installations, equipment and training of man power; demand, and cost of specialized man power. Collection of smemAntes to collect the semen of the animal, is praised to carry through the cut of the penalties around of the cloaca not to intervene with the collection of the semen. The animal in the legs and the birds, another person must itself be contained to carry through the massage for the collection. This massage dorsal consists of the rank of the parallel fingers the vertebral column, carrying through parallel movements it, providing to a pressure at the beginning of the wing you the region of the cloaca (MILK; FISHERIES, 2009). After erection I say of it, can be massagear soft parts of the abdomen in the same felt of the dorsal massage, finishing with the indicating finger located in the inferior part and the thumb in the superior part of the cloaca.