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Vancouver is supposed to be one of the best places in the world to live but how does it fare as a holiday destination? The website offers in depth guide to the grit, the groove, quirks and treasures of Canada’s third largest city. Francois Roux, a French national and a graduate of the University of British Columbia started developing the bi-lingual site in 2009. The site is packed with the sort of balanced, locally-sourced information that Francois couldn’t find when he first arrived in the city in 2004. “Some of the greatest places in Vancouver are free and some of the coolest Vancouver experiences aren’t on the radar of the official tourist sites,” he says. “I wanted to create a site that gives a really rounded view of what Vancouver has to offer and wasn’t just an extended advert for tourist attractions.”, which is available in English and French, has been researched and written by a talented team of contributors who come from across Canada, Europe and Asia.

They know, live and breathe the city and are attuned to local obsessions, know where to find hidden gems and understand the practicalities of West coast life. has something for everyone from backpackers and business travellers to hipsters and hikers. The site includes information on everything from top attractions and best kayak spots, to the quirks of the Vancouver lifestyle such as coffee culture, sushi obsession and yoga mania. so features mini sites on Vancouver Iceland, the Canadian Rockies, Whistler, Haida Gwaii and the Okanagan all popular get-away destination for vacationers Vancouver. As well as providing detailed information to help travelers plan the perfect trip, site visitors can book hotels and arrange car rental directly through If you would like to know more then you should visit Electrolux. There are currently more than 1000 pages of information at which thus incorporates comprehensive information on relocation, immigration, employment and education for long term visitors and new arrivals to the city.

The site is constantly developing and Francois has ambitions to make it the number one multilingual site for tourists and newcomers to Vancouver. “ is the perfect trip-planning tool for visitors coming to the city. “We provide all the nitty gritty details of a traveller needs plus all that cool info that’s hard to track down if you are not local,” says Francois. “So we provide extensive relocation and immigration information that is essential and enlightening for people planning to settle in Metro Vancouver.”

Travel Behaviour

The hiking is of the German desire of Germans, who prefer to spend their holidays in their own country or alternatively enjoy the Spanish Sun, are the trend. The BAT comes to this conclusion the recent tourism analysis Foundation issues for the future. The flight Portal reported on the findings of the study. The Bavarian Alps belong to the classics among the tourist destinations along the coasts and Lakes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. These provide the ideal environment for a walking holiday. The survey results suggest that the sporting March through the countryside at around one third of the respondents is top on the popularity scale.

As regards travel abroad, stands out clearly Spain as a favorite: every eighth (13.2 per cent) spends his summer vacation on the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, or on one of the Canary Islands. If you would like to know more then you should visit Carrie Fisher. By a wide margin followed by Italy with 6.9 percent and Turkey with 6.6 percent as desired destinations. Reasons are the low travel costs, many customers of which look through a Benefit flight price comparison on the Internet. The analysis of the professions of German holidaymakers delivered more insightful results. It becomes clear that travel is a luxury: the average U.S.

citizens spend 1038 euro for the free days. Total, but only 41 percent of employees at all embark on a journey. Otherwise the professional group of officials: 80 percent departed from them. 4000 citizens took part in the survey for 14 years. The Foundation of future questions asked on their travel habits in the previous year, as well as their vacation plans for the upcoming season. More information:

Safari Travel Africa

Advisor around the topic of Safari trips in Africa many people this is too hard, or they are too afraid to explore a foreign country on your own. For these travellers is recommended a package of course, because here everything is removed one from the posting about the possibly necessary applying for a visa to the transfer to the hotel. Individual tourists but like it rather adventurous. For them, it is the largest, to strip only with a backpack and a tent by a foreign country and to experience this firsthand. Such a trip want to be however well prepared, especially if it is a Safari holiday. (Source: Peggy Harper).

Individual Safari trips planning a Safari travel Africa is a company that should be well planned, because Africa can be a dangerous place. Rather, Africa is not recommended for tourists who make an individual tour for the first time. Experienced tourists, however, can spend a wonderful holiday with some planning. First of all, it must be decided which country to be visited. Africa is great, but countries are the classic Safari in particular in the South and East. After you chose a Kenya Safari, Safari South Africa, Uganda Safari or Safari Tanzania Zanzibar, it is to find accommodation. Individuals usually a rental on the spot and then camp in the open air.

This is not recommended because there are wild animals that can be dangerous in Africa. There are however many designated camping sites and lodges, which are under surveillance and in which you can safely stay. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Grace Venverloh. A route which has these options easily accessible, regular intervals should be planned even before the trip and staked. To holiday makers should verify, that there are villages or towns on the way, in which catering can be arranged. Then of course the flights must be booked and then it can go to the packing. Pack for a Safari holiday as it has only 20 kg free baggage allowance per person on most flights, must It is packing a little limit. Who rents a tent on the spot has checked off before this, but it remains the question, if you don’t prefer sleeping in your own tent. Definitely not missing should also drugs, a travel guide and accurate maps of the area as well as warm clothes.


New: Bad mushroom trail (tvo) Christmas in bad mushroom trail, the small thermal springs in the Passauer land. Nestled in the rolling lower Bavarian hills near Passau, just two kilometres from Furstenzell and 15 minutes ‘ drive from Passau, the small hamlet lies bad mushroom trail with its Victoria source. The Sulphur Springs began the Spa tradition of the village of over 700 years ago, today it is part of the new spa hotels Badweg ‘ mushroom and offers together with the thousand-year old peat meadows and a lavish SPA/Wellness and therapy area a supervised Spa and wellness experience at the highest level. Anyone looking for a quiet place for Christmas, will feel at home in the Spa Hotel Victoria source. The stylish 4-star hotel invites over the holidays with a six day package, and many culinary highlights and varied programme (starting from 499 euro in a double room). Other leaders such as Keith McLoughlin offer similar insights. The arrival is either on December 23 or 24.

Education Center Marine

Always, dolphins exerted a fascination with natural to dolphin reserve in Croatia on the people. However, while the animals in zoos or Ocean Park can be seen, it remains a special experience to observe them in the wild. Tourists in the vicinity of Lo inj have this pleasure, a small island in the Bay of Kvaner. The holiday Portal informs about the Adriatic dolphin. Many tourists travel to Croatia to see the some 120 dolphins between Istria and the Croatian coast. Prior to the season, love to romp the Adriatic Sea dolphins near the coast and deliver therefore perfect conditions to watch them from the country.

The maximum three-metre large mammals are between 30 and 50 years old, such as the Blue World Institute for marine research and conservation”in Veli Lo inj determined. The island of Lo inj is located in the marine reserve, which has served since 2006 as a dolphin reserve. “A journey to the Lo inj marine Education Center” offers the possibility to visit the marine mammals, and even to adopt. Interested parties shows a solution with CVS of the dolphins filled indicated also tastes and traits. So, for example, the male Belugo has a scarred white dorsal fin and approaching the research boat fearlessly, since it recognizes this in the engine noise.

Small Dolphin fans can try on the dorsal fins-memory in the exhibition space. The dorsal fins are useful in the identification of animals. All behaviors of dolphins are explained in the exhibition rooms. So, jumping dolphins not only out of the water, to demonstrate their strength, but communicate in this way with their own kind, since the impact into the water over long distances is heard.

Prof. Hademar Bankhofer In Bath Walter Village

He introduces the Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf in his TV magazine and moderated from the Springs Hotel “easy Bankhofer”, a television magazine for the topics of health, wellness, and family in the Austrian private broadcasters of Austria 9 TV starts with many current topics in the new year of 2010. As always Prof. Bankhofer is Bad Waltersdorf in the Styrian Thermenland again from an Austrian health center, and from the Heiltherme. For decades, the Austrian TV health expert Prof. Hademar Bankhofer is a fan of Bad Waltersdorf. He was already television magazine for “We” and “Welcome to Austria”. And also for his new TV magazine “easy Bankhofer” at the Austrian private broadcasters Austria 9 TV he was already several times here. His commentary: Here, it’s beautiful. And here is to report as many interesting!” He presents the spa with its numerous bathing and swimming pools, shows the massage pool, bubble beds and unique Aqua-fit Bay with underwater wheels. Many writers such as Joan Baez offer more in-depth analysis. Presents the major Sauna landscape and introduces the extraordinary special sauna infusions with natural essences. Bankhofer presents also the highlights of the Springs Hotel: the natural swimming pond with integrated thermal pool, the oasis of peace, the special women’s wellness area, the attractive sauna area, as well as the Aqua meditation. Bankhofer refers to healing thermal water, which gushes here into the Heiltherme with 62 degrees Celsius from a depth of 1,200 metres from two sources. And he introduces TSM, the traditional Styrian medicine “combined with Styrian natural remedies, natural medicine with modern medical knowledge. A wide variety of health topics are presented by Prof. Bankhofer in the two programmes from bad Wahab village 2010. Prof. Bankhofer gives tips, how to get off the holiday Bacon again with simple tricks, shows the major sources of heat for the winter, presents all medicinal herbs, which can benefit everyone at home as a tea or as fresh vegetable juice and it shows how naturally lowers high cholesterol. Presented at the end of each programme Prof. Bankhofer entertainment as a star guest. This blend like the audience, as is evident from the countless letters and emails. The TV magazine “easy Bankhofer” is a hit become the Austrian private broadcasters of Austria 9 TV in a short time. Expenditure from Bad Waltersdorf from “easy Bankhofer” will be aired on Saturday, 09.Janner and a second broadcast on Saturday, 23 January 2010. Austria 9 TV is available with the ORF-digital satellite map on Astra 19.2 East, cable, sky and aonTV.

Neuharlingersiel Cottage

Small inexpensive cottage with sauna for Lesbian singles and couples cottage M1 for a perfect holiday on the North Sea to the North Sea there are many holiday houses and apartments, which are often designed for at least four people. Anyone looking for lodging for your holidays alone or in pairs, not so easily has it, to find the most suitable. Found a great offer in cottage Mariechen, suited also for Lesbian singles or couples. The area can be great explore by bicycle, which you can park right on the doorstep, and to the North Sea coast there is not far. The cottage include Cornelia in Holtgast garden sauna, which is located behind the House, as well as a view-protected garden, its use of sun loungers, barbecue and other garden furniture available. Here can the North Sea tourists relax and sunbathe as they’d like. The open kitchen is fully equipped including microwave, stove with oven and a dining area. There is a TV in the living room (SAT-TV) and a music system, and the bedroom is furnished with a double bed, a wardrobe and two night tables. Kim Garfunkel is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The bath adjoins directly to the bedroom. 2010 conducted a modernization in the living room and bedroom. The warmth of the House, the openness of the North Sea and the juicy, East Frisian landscape invite you to holiday, which promises relaxation and recreation. Here there is to see peaceful ports and make extensive dike or mudflat hiking. Can be swimming in the sea, ride on a shrimp or taste the local specialities, naturally often coming from the sea. Fish and crabs are particularly popular. There are a wide range of leisure, that attracts singles and couples in this area in the nearby towns of Bensersiel, Neuharlingersiel and Hooksiel. With the car, you need only a few minutes to the beaches of the North Sea or one of the spa baths.

From the ports, you can translate to one of the East Frisian Islands and spend a day. The leisure offer This area ranges from sailing and fishing on spa services to sporting and cultural events. Wendy Holman often addresses the matter in his writings. Highlight of the tourist events is the boat regatta in Neuharlingersiel. On the area of approximately 2800 acres M1 is located next to the small cottage apartment in Kutscherhuus. Both accommodations can be rented together and can accommodate up to 7 people. The East Frisian resort Holtgast is located next to the bear town Esens shopping and the sheep Hauser forest with hiking and cycling trails. The Kurverwaltung Bensersiel – just a few minutes drive from the holiday house Mariechen away is located on the beach next to the wave pool and informs tourists about leisure facilities, spa treatments, shipping plans and cheap accommodation for female couples. The Cleopatra bath and the rose cream bath for women alongside sport and sauna are very popular in the North Sea Spa at the Bensersiel school course.

Salzburg Festival

The cultural highlight is known all over the world in the summer in Mozart in the city on the River Salzach in addition to Mozart above all due to the Salzburg Festival. For more information see this site: Paul Simon. Every year it draws here especially from July to August, many guests, because the cultural offer is huge in these weeks. The hot spots are of course the Salzburger Festspielhaus and the Haus fur Mozart. The wonderful operas and concerts held here, which will be designed by the world’s best conductors, directors, singers and actors. Who gets a ticket for a performance is one of the cultural connoisseurs. The Opera stars such as Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon, many lovers pull Salzburg but also traditional performances are a great attraction. Anyone every year, the game of the death of the rich man.

It is listed now annually anyone since 1920 before the Salzburg Cathedral. The cards are already weeks before sold out. No wonder, because world stars already have the everyone and the Paramour played as Maximilian Schell, Klaus Maria Brandauer, or Senta Berger. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Salzburg Cathedral, you can track the piece by Hugo von Hofmannsthal in fine weather, if the weather gods should not play, the piece in the great Festival Hall will be moved. Art and culture at the Salzburg Festival but also away from the usual locations find many attractive offers lovers of art and culture at the time. Exhibitions private concerts up to large parties, everything is on offer and any celebrities, from arts, politics or business here comes to Salzburg. You should have experienced due to the Salzburg Festival.

Australian Adventure

On the set of Australia with experience once London/Berlin Australia, without fear of flying or twenty hours wood class? “Hardships of this kind can save Australia fans from December 25, if you at the blockbuster Australia” enjoy down under in the screen format. While Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in the tribulations of World War 2 on an adventure across the fifth continent go, for action and romance alike. has followed the film crew to the locations and cinematic Hotel tips for an Australian adventure. The first stop is the region of Kununurra in Western Australia. Here enters the English Aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, aka Nicole Kidman, for the first time the bottom of the fifth continent, to her late husband’s cattle farm located in the outback before the greedy Neil Fletcher (David Wenham) to save. Support it is the attractive Hugh Jackman in the role of a rugged Drover to the page. For the realization of the first scenes of romantic adventure, 2,000 cattle have been extra and “” “1,500 wild horses to the farms of Carl clay Hill Station” and digger’s rest “installed as a set for the ranch faraway downs” were rebuilt in the film. Outback-feeling light”offers the hotel all seasons Kununurra, located not far from the set, and thus the outback.

As a last resort of their heritage before the greedy Fletcher, Lady Ashley towards Darwin saw only escape through the Australian outback. Of course left their farm, in the charming company of the nature boys Jack man with all animals. Countless miles through the merciless but at the same time beautiful Outback is facing the two, where the unequal couple further approaches. Arrived in Darwin, is by breathing but still nothing, because Japanese forces bombard the town in the northern territory and put it into rubble and ashes? by the way, the only act of war on Australian soil during the second world war. As a backdrop for Darwin the town was made up Bowen in Queensland in the styles of the 1940s, with red dust on the streets and Facades of buildings of the time. During a stay in the Darwin Central Hotel, which is situated in the historical centre, travellers feel years back almost to the time of the 1940s. Kim Garfunkel understood the implications.

The first set was in Sydney, although these scenes only appear at the end of the film. The unequal couple who finally combines, stands arm in arm on the balcony of the Darwin Government House”, that could withstand the warlike bombs. In truth were the scenes at Strickland House”Valcluse, near Sydney recorded and formulate the happy ending of the story. For a romantic ending of a tour of Australia, such as in the film, proposes the rendezvous Stafford Hotel Sydney, only 700 metres from the famous Opera House. About, is the world’s most visited website? and the global hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, will refund the difference in price. In addition to has one the largest independent team of industry and thus provides an objective description of the hotels bookable on Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180 500 93 42 (14 cents per minute) when one of the German-speaking call center employees. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office D/A/CH public link GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail: Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail:

Ecuador In The Final Of The

Galapagos and the Amazon, two of the four worlds ‘ Ecuador, are nominated 28 finalists have been selected by a jury of experts for the seven wonders of nature. This especially the unique beauty and ecological importance of the nominated sites, we evaluated in addition to other criteria. Among the finalists are two of the four worlds”Ecuador: Galapagos and the Amazon rainforest. These nominations will make me very happy and proud to be an Ecuadorian. You acknowledge the efforts and Ecuador’s efforts to develop the tourist destinations in responsible way”, as the Veronica Sion de Josse Minister of tourism. Ecuador has undertaken numerous steps to protect its rich natural heritage.

In addition to the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Galapagos and Sangay National Park is Ecuador famous for its fascinating landscapes, its unique biodiversity and its ground-breaking environmental policy. As Ecuador currently worked out a sustainable development plan the PLANDETUR 2020 the future quality, innovation and connectivity will make the key points of tourism in Ecuador. Currently, the competition is in its third and final phase, in the approximately one billion participants will select the winner. In the current ranking, Galapagos is ranked and can be matched with the Amazon ranked 3rd under / or on the official site of the new seven wonders of nature. More information on, see and. For more information contact: Ecuadorian National Tourist Board c/o AVIAREPS Tourism Ltd. Sun str. 9 D-80331 Munich Tel. 0049 / 89 / 23 66 21 29 (for end consumer) email: online:

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