Articles from: March 2012

Valuation Today

INTRODUCTION To keep the competitiveness in high today is a permanent challenge for all the companies. In the businesses of today, the true value of the organizations nor always keeps only relation with its physical patrimonial value, but also it is associated with its composed intellectual capital for the people who in them work. Thus, to deal with people as its true bank intelligence is, as if it could say, optimum and more income-producing of the investments. Perhaps the only investment that already comes with previsibility tax, that is, the company that will have optimum bank of intelligence and to use it as object of its strategical management, will have its guaranteed survival and its maturity. Any is known that is the branch, its size or its localization, the companies today is come across with great challenges in the businesses that, in set, they require that the organizations develop new capacities, end to win them as: globalization, profitability by means of the growth, technology, intellectual capital and constant change. Therefore, the present study it has the objective to demonstrate through the approach of some authors, the importance of the valuation of the people inside of the modern organizations and its effect taking itself in account the results gotten with this form of management.

It is also considered to show something complex and still very controversial how much to its recognition, but one does not add existing new facts to already and the boarded ones until the moment. One also reveals in this work through the searched authors, the results gotten in some companies who using this form of management of valuation of the people, had discovered that discovered occult values in common people exist, who arise with business-oriented strategies that are in accordance with the expectations of them. In such a way, it is possible to notice that the collaborators exert a basic paper for the success of the organizations, but this to happen is necessary to guarantee that these are in enough number, well trained, motivated and compromised with the intentions of the organization.

Union Intermunicipal

According to Vergara (2005, P. 47), the research descriptive displays characteristic of definitive population or of determined phenomenon. It can establish correlations between 0 variable and also define its nature. It does not have commitment to explain the phenomena that it describes, even so these serve of base for such explanation. How much to the used ways of inquiry, the research is bilbiogrfica and of field. Typically, the field study it focuses a community, that is not necessarily geographic, since it can be a community of work, study, leisure or directed toward any another activity human being.

In the field study, the researcher carries through most of the work personally, therefore a direct experience with the study situation is emphasized the importance of the researcher to have had he himself (GIL, 2007, P. 53). How much to the studied companies, these are part of the Polar region Moveleiro de Ub – MG, that started with small marcenarias that had had the initiative to manufacture furniture to supply the necessities of the home. In accordance with the INTERSIND – Union Intermunicipal of the Industries of Marcenaria de Ub and Region – (2002), the moveleiras industries of the Polar region had had its start have 8 decades more than. The city of Ub, together with others eight neighboring cities (Guiricema, Guidoval, Piraba, River Dove, Rodeiro, Are Geraldo, Tocantins and Visconde of the Rio Branco), form the main moveleiro polar region of Minas Gerais. This is formed, in its majority, for micron and small industries and makes of the sector the main economic activity of the region the most important collector of taxes. About 20 a thousand jobs indirect right-handers and they are generated in approximately 400 companies who are part of the polar region, however the number of companies of the sector, only in the city of Ub, is superior the 500 companies.

Peretz City

Shlomo then decided not to participate in these games, but returned in Bat Yam, with the intention to become mayor and turn the city into a flourishing garden. Its Lahiani revolution began with education. Many of the principals of the city then got pink slips as a teacher, did not correspond to the revolutionary plans. Visiting a school of Bat-Yam, Lahiani met with students, immigrants from the CIS countries. One day he met a boy who did not want to go to school – the teacher has banned talk out there in Russian.

The mayor immediately responded and said the Director to be open to all cultures and any language. So the guys from different communities to get to know Russian culture and people from Russia have become more deeply explore the local traditions. The integration process went well and quickly. From the Ministry of Education, from other cities came to learn from experience, wondered how quickly to raise achievement levels, make learning interesting for students. Computers in every classroom, hot lunches, extra classes for those in need – all the ingredients for success.

Lahiani believes that there are no bad students, but there are children who are ill. 'The problem of the city – to make sure that our children were good', – says Lahiani. Some parents have no money to clubs, and the City has established special program for them. Musically gifted children are invited to participate in a music school, and once home to one boy's car came from the municipality, has brought the piano – he could not believe my eyes … As a result, the city Ministry of Education, received the award for outstanding performance in the exams for bagrut (66 percent). 'Bulldozer' Shlomo Lahiani also believes in the power of collective effort. Most of his teammates – young, aspiring change the face of the city. Sigal Peretz, a beautiful and soulful 30-year-old woman who manages the municipality of the department of education. Every morning, she spends for the mayor 'tour' in the schools, fix the problem to be solved. Through this summer, all city schools have air conditioning. In the city rushed to young families, as well as tourists. Bat-Yam soon took his place on the tourist map of Israel. The plans – the construction of three hotels in 2-3 years on Main Street will be opened luxury hotel 'Hilton'. Russian tourists are discovering Israel after the abolition of visas, did not escape the attention of Bat Yam. Shlomo Lahiani dream – five years later to take first place on the academic performance of schoolchildren and satisfaction of citizens, to develop hotel infrastructure, catering business, the prosperity of industrial zone. But back to Barcelona. Municipality of Bat Yam Biennale decided to make this Catalan city, and on According to Shlomo Lahiani, it's just tremendous changes start waiting Bat Yam.


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