Articles from: November 2014

Cyberpreneur Marketing

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Administrator Knowledge

Carlos Mora Vanegas characteristics of the economic scenarios where businesses operate are dynamic, changing, competitive, threatening, in addition, Sue new challenges, a new management of management in order to ensure effective participation and achievements of targets. New administrative tools, administrative knowledge that have generated a new paradigm of management and which require that current managers are well identified with them, and certainly know them use is required. Recently Ben Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. In the Venezuelan case which concerns us, your scenario is very turbulent, product of the uncertainty that has been providing the current Government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has taken step to the so-called Bolivarian revolution with a stamp of socialist ideology. All this has caused quakes in the productive business sector to this new reality, leading to that many companies have withdrawn, closed its activities and others, are establishing strategic plans of action that allows them to successfully navigate according to the Government’s new economic programs. The truth, which all leads to determine how such preparations are managers to face the changes, challenges, give step actions that favor him and contribute to the development of the country. Since then, such a situation forces to diagnose, evaluate, what are doing the schools of administration of national universities at the level of pre and postgraduate that favours the companies and have a professional with consistent knowledge to the competitive demands of the present.

. Unfortunately, everything indicates that the vast majority schools, have been anchored in the past, with an academic culture not consistent with reality. The University authorities responsible for the management of schools at the undergraduate and graduate level, have not updated the Administrator profile modern according to the demands of the current scenarios, especially the Venezuelan, maintains a program with subjects that do not play a decisive role in the up-to-date knowledge of the present. There are absences of modern knowledge, yet many rest on old knowledge not according to current requirements, where competitiveness has generated new paradigms of management where already radical changes with regard given to finance, production, markets, human resources, products and services, and of course, in the leadership.

Motivated Person

As our dictionary the Meaning of Motivation is: ' ' Act or effect to motivate. Set of factors psychological, physiological, intellectual or affective, that determine a certain type of behavior in algum' '. Howard Schultz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Motivation is a popularly used word to explain why the people act in one definitive way. Some scientists see the motivation as factor that determines the behavior of somebody. The motivation involves recognition and growth, accomplishment feelings, that compose a system of necessities that takes care of to our personal development and our psychological matureness. Soon we perceive that motivation comes of reason, that is what it takes in them to make something, or justifies our behavior, being thus the motivation is entirely on our personal reasons, in that we very want in our life, is exactly for being personal that you only can interpret its proper reasons, because they have only meant solely for you.

All we are capable to motivate somebody if basing on the fact of that motivation comes of reason, that is what it takes in them to make something, that is, the way is to stimulate the people if to move better for something and that it comes to bring emotional satisfaction. I go to try to explain in the following example, let us say that I make an invitation so that click in the button to tan of facebook thus to obtain one better position before the social nets, and that the ten first people who to clicarem had gained the one book ' ' Problogger? Secrets will be Blogging Your Way you a Six-Figure' ' , with this the readers of ours blog if would move fastest possible to clicar in the button tanned of facebook, being thus I provoked action of these people (therefore I motivated them, I gave a reason to them). Also we are capable of if automotivar, the automotivao is a constant exercise of reflection on we ourselves, to perceive as we are and what we can make to improve. Our happiness, our enthusiasm is inside of us, therefore it does not wait that the things move, moves you. In such a way we find our true power plants and motivation to live and to make something of good that we want or we desire.