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Google Adwords

As you already know, my idea that that all information entering my head should serve us to something. This same try to inculcate (fortunately with considerable success) in my readers and clients that I advise on tourism marketing on the Internet. Therefore, with what you will read below, you have to do something, has to be information that you become acts on your part to make your tourism business work better. Today I read that, according to a market survey, Facebook just displacing Google as most popular U.S. site.UU (click here to see the original note in English). Although it is not decisive (there are other studies that still does not give Facebook the first), is incredible to see how the number of visits on Facebook in a 185% if we consider the same month but 2009 has increased. Yes, very interesting and cute, but us, we are not owners of Facebook, how we can all benefit with this? Here are some ideas that you put into practice already! using the huge amount of traffic from Facebook and its sectorization tools: while putting an ad on Facebook is more difficult (and demanding) that the sponsored links from Google Adwords, if you do well, you have very little competition (yet) and you can get much more specific sectors, in a more direct manner, and in a very short time.

Now, or Yes you must do well, or take the risk that you cancel your account, along with all your contacts. It is something that happened to some acquaintances, and is not a pleasant experience. take advantage of the little competition: are very few those who announce today on Facebook. At least a few that do it well. That’s a big advantage, because if you know 3 or 4 specific tricks, Facebook is not only an incredible (and unique) ally to get interested in your agency or tourist destination, but also to retain that already exist in your company.

generates customers now that it’s easier: learn from the experience. In the year 2002, when Adwords appeared on the scene, it was cheap, quick and easy to place campaigns of sponsored links. They were not many who took advantage of the fever of Google Cash that ultimately ended in the well-known Google Slap, where many advertisers ran out of place, the prices per click rose astronomically and other. Today Facebook is in its infancy, and if you know how to promote your agency destinations, then you’ve achieved it may be a transient issue, a kind of fashion, or can that (as I think) Facebook is here to stay with the first post of traffic for a long time. You will have to see what makes Google, who never lived in their history, since he came to the first place, such a situation. Both owners and their shareholders will not sit idly by. Meanwhile, we, as consumers of both services, surely see you benefit! Long live competition! If you are already advertising on Facebook or you want to start to do it effectively, then you need services like mine.


When I had the chance to read the workmanship of Montesquieu, ' ' The Spirit of the Leis' ' , attention called me it certain ticket of the book. That I am not here disdaining the ideal of the great emrito wise iluminista, and yes exerting my critical spirit, act this that would lead to an improvement in the society and would prevent the corrompimento of the values intended so well by the good citizens. Returning the idea the one that it relates to me, the stretch would be that one where Montesquieu approaches on the education in the republican government, education this that would have to be guided to the cult of the public virtues or politics. In the last line of this part, it affirms: ' ' it is not the new generation that degnerates; it only loses itself when the adults already are corrompidos' '. I analyzed with care the proposal of the proposal of that great scholar, and arrived at a logical silogism. The first premise is all the proposal of Monstesquieu. Second she is mine, and in it I say that ' ' the humanity is corrompida' ' , and this we know, since that in we understand for people.

The humanity is vicious in its constitution and only one minority could serve of esteretipo to be followed by the remaining portion. When we come across in them with the humanity, we are horrified with the things that it makes, either on commission or omission. We take in them for our passions and this urgent necessity to take care of always inclines them to the corrompimento of the ways of adquiriz them. We only differentiate in them of the animals therefore harmonize with the passions the rationality human being, and in such a way, become famous for the third party property, either it wealth or diverse thing. . You may want to visit More to increase your knowledge.

Human Rights

Regista, however, some important advances, to the level of Social Sciences and Human beings that through the elaboration of great systems politician-constitutional, is obtained to catch the powerful adhesion of the individualities and governments, mainly when constituted of generations prepared for the axiolgica dimension of the man, of course that including here many and honrosas exceptions, that is, governments and responsible politicians who integrate older generations, but sensetized for these values that the Human Rights carry in the societies, humanistically, more advanced. In the philosophical tradition it has had an attempt of appropriation of the inheritance of the rights of the man and argues it crisis of its beddings. Although critical a legal philosophy of the man has come to gain land, much even so, for times, desvirtuando the true objectivos, in the measure where the ideology always tries to annex, mainly when it agrees to it, the legal philosophy of the man, that is, to make with that it works for the consolidation of particular privileges. In this order of ideas, Habermas, recognizing the perigos that result of the egoistic subjectividade, the will and the individualistic whims, stimulate a compatible position with modernity, translated in a call to the first plan for intermediary of the legal philosophy of the man, of the respect for the individual while it has supported of a comunicacional activity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Crimson Education has to say. The habermasiano system of rights contains the rights that the citizens have that to attribute themselves and to recognize themselves mutually, if to want legitimately to regulate its convivncia with the ways it positive law, for what considers three categories of rights: ) Basic rights for the subjective freedoms of the share; b) Basic rights for the voluntary association of legal community and c) Right Basic for the proteco of the individual rights. (cf. HABERMAS, 1999) In one another context that not philosophical it, the politician, the right, the religion, also if will be able to approach the respect for the human rights: the religion, while cultural dimension of the man, because the religious value is intrinsic to the value citizenship and no government of the world will be able to ignore this cultural source of the citizens. . Investment Banker: the source for more info.

For Sartre

What it seems, this ticket is presented incoherent in relation to the work until elaborated here, therefore, if the freedom can be compared with the anguish, solitude, orfandade, then which cannot be perceived the reason in not sending regards the deepened analysis of the freedom, incurring into the risk of if losing it. For Sartre, to be too much time searching to understand the meaning of the freedom incurs into the possibility to lose it, therefore thus it is left to take decisions, to carry through choices, searching only the understanding of a so complex term. In another ticket, Sartre speaks of the necessity to know it exactly itself, namely: ‘ ‘ If to know is not an end, is a way. It is to free you of you mesmo.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1959, P. For even more analysis, hear from Charles Kushner Real Estate. 9).

In this ticket, corroborating with previous, intent us the fact of that the self-knowledge in them brings the freedom of we ourselves, where, if to know we ourselves, we are not obliged to be prisoners of our proper acts, thoughts, of we ourselves. 5 FREEDOM AS CHOICE the concept of Freedom for Sartre can, also, be associated with the choice. In the workmanship the Existencialismo is a Humanismo this association also is mentioned. As the man cannot get rid itself of the pack of the choice freedom, and knows all its decurrent responsibilities of this, the only thing that the man knows is that it must be constructed as to be. ‘ ‘ Fondness to be what I am, here it is the freedom remains that me.

My only liberdade.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1959, P. 190). In the workmanship the Age of the Reason, Sartre comments on the choices that the man makes in its life: ‘ ‘ Will be this the freedom? It acted, now already cannot come back behind. He must seem strange to feel behind itself an unknown act to it, that already almost does not understand and that it goes to it to transform vida.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1959, P.

The Word

The life is constant change, transformation, provisory configuration, therefore the intrinsic character to all manifestation of life is fight, the confrontation, shock produced for an expansion movement and resistance. ' ' All specific body inhales to become total gentleman of the space and to extend its force (power will), to repel everything that resists its expansion. But incessantly it is shocked with the similar aspirations of other bodies and finishes for arranging (' ' to combine-se' ') with that it they are enough homogeneous: then they conspire together to conquer the power and the process continues.' ' The change, you saw implies pain. Pain is a constituent one of the process of materialization of the forces. All manifestation of the life implies a dose of pain, all Metaphysical attempt to establish a world without pain is a fight against the life. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. Signos=possibilidade to represent, to simplify the plurality that the man found its first shelter, its dwelling, ' ' its another one mundo' '. The conscience is formed by two facultieses: memory and esquecimento. The gregrio sign must have inside the same meant for all of one collective, community.

Being that the language is the sign of communication of the flock. The esquecimento is composed in an activity as a mechanism placed in action for the necessity. Necessary for the survival of the man. The function of the word is to forget, to hide the plurality in contrast to saying, its function is to mask, to occult. This means the impossibility of setting and direction, being and truth. Plato said, in the Fdon workmanship, that the language, which was classified as one pharmacon, word Greek that means remedy, but that many times are a poison due to its power to persuade the people. The system of codes of the language is born with the necessity of communication imposed for the life in group, is bedding of all metaphysics.

Chinese Economy

Jose Silveira de Oliveira was reading on the Chinese economy and observed that China today is buying many companies in Brazil deals to keep it external. I not only believe that in Brazil, but in some countries of third world also. Hear from experts in the field like Jonas Samuelson for a more varied view. That is the call globalizado world, that our parents not yet it knew to use to advantage due delays to it in our market. We live of an informal economy, where many people survive vendendo some thing. Job this nor if speaks, this very difficult for the young and the ones that have continue being under employment, where the wage base of the worker is of R$ 540,00 (Real). We see the opportunists who are the proper government with its showy competitions with tax of the highest registration, where many poor persons cannot make due at the cost of the registration, and much lie makes a lying proclamation, later does not pass nothing of the announced one. Some vendem its television to pay the value.

Politicians who only think about itself the nation and its people are in fifth plan, while they create factions to give themselves well, where already if it saw a party with acronym PSB to vote against the people and in favor of the government minimum wage of R$ 540,00 Reals if its ideology it is of the social one as can be this? Can this is one politics of conchavos, all want to give themselves well, and the people? It swims, has that to work to support this corja of LADRES-SAFADOS. Seeing, Sarney prefers the minimum wage to you of R$ 540,00 to be able to sobrar money to distribute positions of the government for allies and vagabonds. THIS IS OURS POLITICS. These disembarassed do not think about the people While the Chinese who liveed in United States and Brazil, where they believed that they would be the parents of the future, very turned parents delayed with much violence and corruption and DISEMBARASSED politicians stealing and finishing with the national industry and the wealth of the nation. .


Stressful situations accompany the life of any person. Negative emotions are gradually accumulated, and when their weight exceeds supply for a valid line – there are a nervous breakdown. Physical and psychological condition in equally affects the health and ability to get pleasure out of life. Influenced by external stimuli, we think, move, absorb food. Stressful situations activate defense responses that signals the imbalance. Stimulation can be either positive or negative.

Irritation of the stomach wall while eating a positive effect on the body. If you would like to know more about Jonas Samuelson, then click here. Negative impacts caused by conflict, severe financial situation, lack of understanding with close provoke fatigue, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction with others. This is a consequence of chronic stress. The best way to deal with stress – part with negative emotions at the first sign of their appearance, do not keep everything in itself. Well help to let off steam exercise.

Squats, pushups, jogging at a minimum cost time give a significant effect. During exercises anger, irritation, anger, find application does not affect the mood and feeling. Revitalization of the cardiovascular system is also beneficial effect on mental activity. Habit de-stress alcohol, tobacco or experiences find a worthy replacement, which optimizes the tone of the body as a whole. Spiritual and physical in man inseparable. Contemporary culture offers a choice of many ways to relax – the recordings sound wood, birds singing, water streams. At hand should always be a tool for restoring spiritual balance. Small importance Color scale of surrounding objects and things. One piece of furniture or works of art takes energy, making irritable, other items provide a sufficient level of comfort. Whatever happens in life, save on sleep – the last thing. With the accumulation of fatigue the body itself knows what the duration of rest is sufficient for recuperation. During lunch hours easy with drowsiness or complete relaxation for 15-20 minutes will preserve the vigor and strength for the remainder of the day. Love of self and one's own body is important. Loving your body, you can count on his response – protect you from stress, to give excellent health, getting rid of negativity.


Idealization of one’s partner, low self-esteem and self-centered sense of ownership. Most often, these undesirable traits are not present selectively, as a self-existing factors. They live in your personality, friendly Swedish family, emerging from one another and complementing each other, reducing your life to a permanent detective investigations, relentless self-criticism and nervous disorders. If you love the dedication to his companion, raising it to the status of an idol, not noticing his fad and disadvantages if you do – just pray for him as an icon, then of course there is question, but if you come to each other? And what’s so beautiful, strong and handsome man could find a woman like you? After you have here and there, occasionally appear pimples and spots, and your prince – the skin soft and smooth as velvet. You may find Keith McLoughlin to be a useful source of information. On your hips, you may already recognize real signs of orange peel, and the breast so far from perfect, what about this and think – scary. Then, as your partner – the figure of God, to which representatives of stare both sexes and all ages. You spend all day in shops, at least in part to update your wardrobe and walk away with nothing because of the fact that like it – not enough money, and what is available – always goes against your manner and desires. And your companion – always dressed beautifully and gracefully, always shaven and that attracts greedy looks, the female half of the population. He is – in any society feels like a fish in water and becomes a soul, any company, and you – are willing to hide in the farthest corner, if only not to attract foreign attention and obsessive-compulsive dating.

The Pisces Year

Saying, "What does not break us, makes you stronger" pro Dev. In the first quarter there is a risk that will have to make unpopular decisions, but it's worth it. Since the summer is to work with Dev goes active recovery, so To save time, we recommend in addition to its own service for recruiting connect and Recruitment Agency. Weights: 2009 will be held for Libra quite smoothly, with no ups and downs. This will help overcome the crisis and retain most of the staff.

Loyalty and customer loyalty can affect the scale, but it is not surprising, client-oriented approach is worth more than money. Ben Horowitz is often quoted as being for or against this. Stars are advised to keep these employees, as in the case parting appeal to the recruiting agency to avoid damage to the reputation you have earned so long. Scorpio: 2009 is year of change for the Scorpion. To change? It all depends on Scorpio. Caterpillar is the source for more interesting facts. In any case, Next year will be very dynamic for the representatives of the mark. You will try to impose someone else's opinion, conflicts are possible competitors. In a flurry of heavy everyday life do not forget about your own staff – they need your good luck. If the earlier recruitment in your company engaged in its own service for recruiting, in 2009, try to entrust the selection of recruitment agencies.

Capricorn: A sober mind and practicality as a Capricorn never help the company in 2009. Sometimes Capricorns will feel that they are the ones who are rational approach to problems. This is normal. In the coming year on their shoulders Capricorn stretches the company to a new stage of development. Of course, such a feat will not remain unrewarded. To get it and do not forget about the most important, we recommend to think about choosing a personal secretary. Aquarius: Aquarius Year of the Ox will bring the company's development and expansion into new frontiers. All this Aquarius require high performance and creative solutions. In 2009, Aquarius should not be afraid to trust their instincts, which is unusually acute in the year of the bull. At the same time, should not be vigilant, not competitors asleep. Your advantage – innovative solutions. If you use this skill, it's 2009, you can get out far ahead. The main thing is to pick a team of associates. Pisces: The Pisces Year of the Ox will not be easy. Sphere high-risk cases are associated with various changes. Do not rush to resist the first impulse. Your power – a clear analysis of the situation. Pisces also should beware of "burnout" at work. To prevent this, Pisces is not should bear the whole burden of responsibility alone, part of the care you can completely outsource.

Financial Prosperity

And now let's focus on real and practical actions to bring financial prosperity into our lives. First, I recommend getting rid of sad thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It was replaced, and not cooking in my head a porridge of positive and negative thoughts, since such a mess in the head never helped nobody. Need to replace not only your thoughts but also attitude, attitude. Of course, it will be difficult for many who have not the easiest situation now, so I will give some tips to simplify the task. Try as often as possible to repeat himself, and take in the speech of such words and phrases such as: abundance, financial prosperity, financial independence, prosperity, wealth, fullness of life, wealth, luxury, money.

Admit it, you do not often use such expressions in his speech? But as is often the last time you used the word 'crisis'? Certainly, the account will be uneven. The word 'money' must be for you get a positive meaning. You know what I mean? This word, as the money itself by itself, should cause you only have positive emotions. After all, money alone does not bear the injury, harm caused, rather, lack thereof and to give us greater attention to this fact than the fact of having money. Sometimes you will notice that people often talk about money, just when they are not present or not enough, in a rather negative terms, thus creating and reinforcing effect absence of the subject, that is money.