For Sartre

What it seems, this ticket is presented incoherent in relation to the work until elaborated here, therefore, if the freedom can be compared with the anguish, solitude, orfandade, then which cannot be perceived the reason in not sending regards the deepened analysis of the freedom, incurring into the risk of if losing it. For Sartre, to be too much time searching to understand the meaning of the freedom incurs into the possibility to lose it, therefore thus it is left to take decisions, to carry through choices, searching only the understanding of a so complex term. In another ticket, Sartre speaks of the necessity to know it exactly itself, namely: ‘ ‘ If to know is not an end, is a way. It is to free you of you mesmo.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1959, P. For even more analysis, hear from Charles Kushner Real Estate. 9).

In this ticket, corroborating with previous, intent us the fact of that the self-knowledge in them brings the freedom of we ourselves, where, if to know we ourselves, we are not obliged to be prisoners of our proper acts, thoughts, of we ourselves. 5 FREEDOM AS CHOICE the concept of Freedom for Sartre can, also, be associated with the choice. In the workmanship the Existencialismo is a Humanismo this association also is mentioned. As the man cannot get rid itself of the pack of the choice freedom, and knows all its decurrent responsibilities of this, the only thing that the man knows is that it must be constructed as to be. ‘ ‘ Fondness to be what I am, here it is the freedom remains that me.

My only liberdade.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1959, P. 190). In the workmanship the Age of the Reason, Sartre comments on the choices that the man makes in its life: ‘ ‘ Will be this the freedom? It acted, now already cannot come back behind. He must seem strange to feel behind itself an unknown act to it, that already almost does not understand and that it goes to it to transform vida.’ ‘ (Sartre, 1959, P.

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