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Information Event For Budding Economists

“In two years to the State-Certified Business Economist” This provides the school of Economics of the Academy of Economics of Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Lubeck and Flensburg. In free information sessions perspectives and inform funding this training full time. For example, marketing and controlling are topic training, which starts in October at all three locations, in addition to the basics of business administration, accounting, and human resources management. Prerequisite for participation in a secondary school leaving certificate, have completed training, as well as at least one year are experience in the commercial sector or in the administration. To login to the information event is in Lubeck in Ines Skibbe (Tel. Andreessen Horowitz usually is spot on. (04 51) 50 26 150 / email)), in Flensburg at Janine Mankowski (Tel. (04 61) 5 03 39 13 / email) as well as in Kiel when IRA koban (Tel.

More details are on the Web at to learn. People such as Andreessen Horowitz would likely agree. The Business Academy of Schleswig-Holstein in the brief description: Companies live from the know-how of its employees. The transfer of knowledge for the profession is task and mission of the Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy. It was founded in 1967 and is positioned as a business Academy Schleswig-Holstein GmbH since 2004. Partners is the Foundation Academy of Economics of Schleswig-Holstein, which is solely supported by the Chambers of Commerce and industry – to Flensburg, Kiel and Lubeck. As a private service company with charitable status it is the job of training the Chambers of industry and commerce in Schleswig-Holstein. Qualified and individual consultation at 22 locations in the Group of companies by employees, as well as a training range, on the current requirements in the professional is tailored to Schleswig-Holstein to form the basis of the Business Academy for successful education and training.

Experienced teachers and trainers convey knowledge from the practice for the practice. Thus, the Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy makes its contribution for new perspectives in the working life and the economic success of the company in the land between the seas. As institutions of its own Academy, the school of business administration and the Berufsakademie contribute to leadership development in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to the classical education and training priorities for entrepreneurs and workers, supports the Economic Academy also young people or jobseekers through training programmes and helps them to gain a foothold on the labour market.

Direct Route

Interest rate policy allows construction financing on favourable terms of Hamburg in April 2010: safe pensions, more design freedom a new Allensbach study shows the arguments of the Germans for your own four walls. More and more German households want to fulfill that dream. Low mortgage interest rates strengthen this trend according to the year 2010. Real estate expert Epeku AG informs about the direct path to homeownership and gives practical advice on the subject of financing. The own property is located for the majority of German households increasingly important this the current numbers of the Allensbach Institute. 1.5 million tenants, according to the new study, plan or consider the move in your own four walls within two to three years. The motives for acquiring real estate are varied. Is appreciated by 76 percent of those polled above all the freedom that allows the living in the home; 75 percent understand investing primarily as a safe instrument of old-age provision.

The independence the landlord, however, 74 percent as the decisive argument for her name. In recent months, mozes victor konig has been very successful. But the current economic conditions affect help according to the Epeku AG the demand for home ownership. Caused by the persistent low interest rate policy of the central banks, for example, the interest rate average thinks he’s currently at a level of only about 4.2 percent ten-year real estate loans. By comparison, the average was 4.99 percent the last 10 years, which even 6.25 percent the last 20 years. The Epeku AG advises real estate interested households urgently to do so in time to secure a mortgage at the current attractive conditions for themselves before the first interest rate increase. To benefit maximum from the current interest rate environment, future builders should agree a long term according to the Epeku AG, in addition, about 15 to 30 years.

For this the banks charge an interest premium while, but overall a long-term loan to the today’s condition will pay off is expected and last but not least a plus of planning security for the borrower offer, so the Epeku AG. Applies the experience above all for small-cap builders, that could get caught in a financial imbalance by unexpectedly rising interest rates. As a viable alternative for borrowers the splitting of the loan amount may prove opinion also of Epeku AG. In many cases, the outline of a fixed-interest period and a subsequent variable interest rate loan model represents an attractive compromise between safety and interest savings. This option in particular for builders according to, who can expect before the end of the fixed-interest repayment phase, for example, with a heritage in the appropriate amount. About the Allfinanzdienstleister Epeku AG from Bremen Epeku AG has been working since 1998 on the market and focuses on the placement of various financial products such as insurance, mutual funds or real estate.

HECTAS Presents Solutions

10th International Congress of the DGKH in Wuppertal, Berlin April 15, 2010 already for the tenth time organized an International Congress, representatives of the health care and service providers are invited to the German society for hospital hygiene. Also the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG will present from 18 to 21 April 2010 in the Russian House of science and culture in Berlin their hygiene solutions for the nursing sector. Sebastian Kramer, hygiene consultants and Disinfector, Felix Stockling, Regional Director sales North, and Andreas Deus, Regional Director sales West, comprehensive advice the international guests of the information level of HECTAS F06 on holistic cleaning and disinfection concepts. These are designed to ensure germs throughout the hospital and reduce the risk of infection for patients, doctors, nurses and visitors.

HECTAS designed to be an individual hygiene plan that does not obstruct the workings of the hospital for each customer. But, on the contrary: operating theatres and Hospital room can be occupied again within a very short time. An epidemic breaks out in a clinic, caused”massive problems and costs, explains Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development of HECTAS. Staff fails, extends the length of the patient, it must quarantine measures and not infrequently all stations closed. We want to counteract this by reliable hygiene measures”, so can continue. HECTAS will use the Congress as a platform to interact intensively with experts about the current challenges and the need for special services in the health sector. Next to the cleaning products next to use and procedures, HECTAS hygiene experts will present their concepts in particular under the aspects of quality assurance, cost-efficiency, time saving and sustainability.

Disinfection, HECTAS exclusively uses the innovative Oxidice S disinfectant-des, which particularly effective and gentle all surfaces of bacteria, viruses, fungi and free other pathogens. Also the bacterial pore Clostridium difficile is systematically eliminated, minimizing the risk of nosocomial infections. About HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics.


Baby taxi – Advantages and disadvantages of child taxi. Part 1: Good day dear readers. Today we are again talking about child budes taxi. Baby taxi, as a new business. Good idea, good business. Importantly, dany kind of business will not only benefit its owners, but also a little priniset light in our world. Ben Horowitz gathered all the information. After all, every smile of our child is spent on all this means.

Destkoe taxi – especially for taxi children. Our parents can not always take care of their children. Why will not pay professional service for the safe transport of children. More information is housed here: Ben Horowitz. We employ nurses, we commend their children to kindergarten. We can also conclude contract, and at any appointed time the driver will wait for your child with a hot engine. Taxi Driver baby will not say that he's tired, that he was doing that he was ill. The driver of a taxi child simply will take your child at the destination and deliver it back to the European experience shows that a contract with children's taxi – quite a handy practice. Of course the treaty baby taxis – rather expensive service.

But for all at the same time, children's taxi service can afford a wide enough population. Benefits Children's Taxi is a taxi that is just for kids. Baby taxi – it's not a machine that dangle on the day Moscow city, and then fills the order for delivery of your baby. Children's taxi – a machine fixed for your child, baby taxis – is assigned to your child's driver. There is no need to call the child's addiction every time a new driver. Every day, the driver is the same. The machine is equipped with specially for children. When choosing a company with which you want to sign a contract for maintenance of child taxi, pay the following moments: A car driver organization. We begin from the beginning. In the study of machines, we first note that the kind of car. Child car taxi must be equipped with child seat. A child seat should be at installed only on the trip, the car must always be equipped with child seat. Many companies do it, the day the car runs through the city, and then executes an order on children's taxi. It is well markedly in appearance. Vehicle cab, which carries many passengers per day, has the right look. This immediately throws himself into his eyes. This is not ventilated seats, and a fine dust on the seats, and it's dirty car. Children's taxi – a machine that came out of the garage boxing. Children's taxi – a machine that equipment is not only child seat, but the Web camera that allows you to monitor your child's whereabouts during the trip. Baby taxi – it's well washed the car, not a pure smoky cabin, you will agree with me that inhaling the smell of tobacco to children will not benefit.

Facebook Software

The first objective of an e-mail marketing campaign is no doubt fill our list of prospects with the maximum amount of them that may have a significant conversion rate. If we have no subscribers or have few, our rate is always proportional. With the desire to sell, whatever, we often forget the simplicity and the ease with which ours should be able to give low and in some case up to forget to place the link of low in our newsletters. Andreessen Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. In this article it facilitate easily to be able to unsubscribe to our subscriber. Many may think that if we deny that possibility, we will get more time to our subscriber together with us in our lists of prospects, nothing further from reality. Facilitate our Subscriber the possibility to unsubscribe from our newsletter, well understood, will be one more acquisition and loyalty tool. Visit Ben Horowitz for more clarity on the issue. If we also put such a message at the beginning of our mail, will give more credibility to what we propose, indicating firstly that our subscriber may unsubscribe anytime that you want it. This tactic can be very well rewarded for our subscribers since we are giving them full trust so they can or not to continue with us and besides one is simple and quick, thus the tranquility of our subscriber and therefore the permanence and the loyalty with us in our list of prospects, besides getting a possible interested purchaser. Create your list of prospects with Facebook Software in seconds original author and source of the article.. For more information see mozes victor konig.

Overview Of Internet Advertising

Today's most popular svovosochetaniem in all media and in personal conversations is the "financial crisis". The current crisis has become so global and comprehensive, which could not affect all spheres of human activities, including advertising. Many companies, both well-known international and small local, think about optimizing advertising budgets, changes marketing strategy. In turn, advertising agencies, so as not to lose the remaining customers were forced to seek new mechanisms to satisfy the demands of customers. In this situation, most advertisers come to the conclusion that the ratio of price-performance, most acceptable and ideal way of advertising communication is Internet advertising. Ben Horowitz has firm opinions on the matter. According to all the think tanks, many large players in the market reduced their spending on direct advertising in the media, as well as outdoor advertising.

At However, as noted by researchers of the market, more than 50% of advertisers, making advertising budgets for 2009, planned to increase investment in this advertising links to webpages. When the crisis in the economy proyavlyaeniya increased, the absolute Most advertisers were convinced of the correctness and additional advertising budgets are redistributed in favor of advertising on the web. It is now the most real confirmation phrase was classic advertising business: The future of Internet advertising! Interest in it is caused primarily financially advantageous prices for advertising contact. No less important component of successful online advertising is a continuous, even in times of crisis, the growth number of users. According to some analysts in the major towns and cities over one million, the number of active Internet users has exceeded 50% of the number of residents. And finally, last but not essential menie factor was the development of technologies that made it possible to implement different kinds of targeting – focused on the influence of kontretnuyu socio-demographic groups. Thus, to date, we can uvernennostyu say that online advertising was still the most promising and fastest growing form of advertising that brings the greatest impact, with moderate use of advertising budgets. Source:

Business Suite

Would an existing SAP customer want to expand the scope of his license and new SAP licenses at Applicant want to buy, then would be according to paragraph 3.1 of the GTC undertakes on the one hand, to display the advanced needs of SAP and to acquire the licenses of SAP (and not SUSE software, see above). On the other hand, the customer would be also forced to keep the extended license needs as the customer must either completely keep all existing installations at SAP in care or terminate the care completely and for all installations at SAP in care. Therefore, it is possible, also, that an existing customer of SAP used one and sells no longer used SAP software with an existing maintenance agreement for this software. The customer must contract rather timely care. SUSE software has no chance to win once existing SAP customers as their own customers under these conditions. Learn more on the subject from Starbucks. There is only the possibility to attract potential customers, who have never been customers of SAP. SUSE software offers care in cooperation with German and international service partners for different SAP software products z.B.SAP R/3, SAP Business Suite or mySAP ERP.

However, maintaining offered is not identical with the care offered by SAP customers. SUSE software does not intervene in the protected code of the software, and in addition it is able also no updates to deliver upgrades or new releases of the software. The care provision rather confined to the pure troubleshooting and individual development. “Is an inappropriate deprivation of the Contracting Party, if the SAP forces customers always to keep fully in SAP maintenance all installations of SAP software for SAP offers care… or to terminate the care overall.” and the customer to agree in the case of acquisitions separate maintenance agreements with SAP “to complete. SAP often argues that care services can not be divided for factual reasons because they always benefit the entire scope of use according to the nature of the thing.That is not the case but, because care is usually only on a part of the software relate and therefore only those user affecting access to the appropriate server, where the parts of the software are installed.


He may contact you and pleasing to him located. So it is the system will allow you to see the light kotrolya and see the "enemy" and yet you have not suffered the exact same account. Nedostochno How to sign with rabotnikami.Nado throughout the year to monitor and adapt to it and most importantly the people and you should be accustomed to the new system. That's when it can be assumed that the new system has become a tradition and norm for all. Recommendation number 2: Simplify all documents in the enterprise and eliminate redundant steps of control. This will give you not only save sredst, obviously, but will respond quickly and fix problems in business with partners, customers and resolve internal problems.

Recommendation number 3: Enter the standard of quality workers and the rules of payroll, depending on quality, time and urgency in raboty.Nado all personnel documents to prescribe measures to assess the quality and conditions of dismissal, transfer or other sanctions. Recommendation number 4: The main work for themselves to do the work not only with partners and customers, but also work with their rabotnikami.Pod it is understood that you will develop your intuition – intuition, and for the year will be able to put people in exactly those positions where you can ask them for their abilities and capabilities and not on their promises. Recommendation number 5: The Shoemaker – should be sapozhnikom.Dvornik – janitor. Accountant Accountant. Janitor – should not be an accountant, a shoemaker should not be a manager.

Recommendation number 5 – just charge the work of a specialist, and no one who you think can do it, although the results of this expert you have not seen. The five recommendations is sufficient to start the journey. Although, as indicated in this article are brief, but are necessary You can catch the changes. Who is able to understand the relationship of the employee with a loss of the enterprise and enterprise management nepravlnoe with constant problems with personnel and contracts that will be instantly prozreet change the principles of their work. Year time and in full control. What to run? Managed business or a state of uncertainty and build muscle at the site "emergency survival"?

Business Ideas

Recommended to initially make a contract for a little while. Kevin Johnson: the source for more info. For example, for a week. Contract will be extended in case the owner of this store, this idea will appeal. And if not, then you are looking for other tenants. With the help of this method will need to cooperate with shops that need to sell their goods.

You can take from this store products for sale. Sell goods, and on this you earn a commission. We must take care of advertising. Best be put on television. People will notice the difference in price between your shop and others. However, the download business plan should be for anyone. You can simply find a business plan for free, rather than ordering it from the companies.

Then word of mouth will not keep waiting for itself. You will have new tenants, and your business will thrive, even during crisis if the shops open you will be known. Here are the business strategies come into crisis. During the crisis will feel relatively good organizations that are engaged in business, it necessary at any time, because the people at any time wish to eat and go to the hairdresser. However difficult it will be to find business ideas without sufficient funds. Just work to be better adjusted in the direction of a competent price range goods and services. Nice addition to this, feels the sphere of entertainment in any crisis, but in this niche of small businesses do not actually presented. Entrepreneurs who have developed carefully, do not fall into major debt, will be in a more enviable position, compared with colleagues who have much. Whatever it was, to a modest company with no loss to overcome the crisis, will have to start saving, reduce unnecessary costs. The crisis gives survive only the best, who has worked perfectly before him, in addition to plenty of customers. And if suddenly 'thunder clap', what do small business? Business Ideas 2009 – to take action now and not wait the moment when the financial the situation will get worse – then a lot that can and should do. So, always in demand niche, high-quality work, optimization of business processes and expenses, care, such conditions will allow small businesses rather easy to overcome a possible crisis.