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Johannes Vogel

The Hartz reforms has for the first time broken. the steady increase of base unemployment to observed since 1970″ The question of how to answer II long-term work can bring in working ALG recipients, of which there are currently 1.5 million in Germany, which permanently II ALG since 2005, both with the possibility of qualification. “This should be intended in the long term, however, so that the people remain in the labour market”, Brigitte Pothmer notes. The cost of such measures might be but solid, with correspondingly high costs would be expected to”Jochen Kluve adds. In the ERSONALDEBATTE breakfast discuss P Unter den Linden, about current positions once per month per two experts from politics, business and science, each the day before publication of the labour market figures, Cafe Einstein, under. Host group, a leading company in the field of personnel services is the PEAG. Attract the target: Current challenges in the German labour market, public lighting and result in a solution.

………………………………………….. Host: PEAG group the PEAG personnel and employment agency offers services related to the theme of employment for companies and their employees in a package. The Group’s portfolio include employment, temporary work, recruiting, personnel development and employee involvement. Their long-term and cross-industry experience, from over 3,000 projects such as for BenQ Mobile, ThyssenKrupp, Nokia and Karstadt, makes the PEAG group a reliable partner in all questions around the topic of human resources. Review: some guests and issues in the PERSONAL debate to breakfast shortage of drama or chance? Dr.

Gesine Lotzsch, Party Chairman the left and Karl Brenke, DIW retirement at 67 rescue or exploitation? CEM ozdemir, Bundnis 90 / Die Grunen and Prof. Michael Huther, IW Cologne minimum wage necessary or dangerous? Joachim Moller, IAB, and Johannes Vogel, Arbeitsmarktpolitischer spokesman for the FDP two months workers first results and conclusions Holger Schwannecke, Secretary-General of ZDH and Garrelt Duin, economic. Spokesman of the SPD supply gaps in health care which cure heals the system? Georg Baum, DKG and Dr. Rolf Koschorrek, CDU/CSU in the Health Committee Chairman pension: destitute young, poor old the end of generation contract? Prof. Dr. Bert Rurup, pension experts and Ottmar Schreiner, Chair the AG workers of the SPD of the financial crisis and the consequences: How it further with our labour market? Prof. Dr. Gert G. Wagner, Chairman of the DIW and Dr. Michael Meister, Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag integration on the labour market: potential of inner potential from the outside? Heinz Buschkowsky, district mayor of Berlin-Neukolln and Holger Schafer, Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln future of work the new flexibility: blessing or curse? Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe, parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs and Andrea Kocsis, ver.di Federal Vice-Chair for everyone a chance? Where begins the Division of the labour market?

Tax Consulting And Energy Efficiency Consulting – An Odd Couple?

Tax advisors from Munich shows new ways on new niche? In times of increasing competition in almost all industry segments, it is always necessary to specialize and to find new niches, to assert itself economically in the long term. In particular, the fact that a number of independent accountants, mostly makes it difficult the commandment of Economics individual entrepreneurs, on the press market and one of the core businesses of the tax advisor, accounting, can offer usually much cheaper, tremendously, because many clients are no longer willing, the cost as a tax consultant here for must calculate to wear. In addition, many tasks of tax consulting, which had to be edited manually time consuming until recently, resolve increasingly computer-based. Thorsten Ratzke, an accountant in Munich presents here, how you can compensate the amended sign and requirements of the market in the field of tax consulting and business trust to be interesting as a tax consultant for clients, have a clear added value be visible. R6 has recognized this, because in a classic profession such as the tax and economic trust, which is associated with a well-defined portfolio and range of services, it is difficult to draw up an expandable specialization. Many accountants do, or try to delineate colleagues of the tax consultants offer”, by they focus on specific client groups, such as target groups such as individual entrepreneurs or specific sectors. The accountant from Munich, has here struck a more interesting way: instead of the usual way to go and to specialize in, clients and clients of certain sectors of tax consultants in Munich expands just performance. R6 as additional performance now very successful energy consulting offers but the accountant from Munich here not even advises, but he builds on synergies.

The consultations in terms of energy efficiency are done by trained energy consultants. The tax advisor, himself a founding member, use the competence of the Association companies accompanying stb ev”, which covers all needs from consulting to managing funding opportunities. Many are now wondering what tax and energy consulting relating. At first glance seems to be given between the two areas not necessarily a correlation on second glance certainly indicates that the accountant can contribute a lot to an efficient energy consulting quite. The reason is mainly that the tax advisor on data can be accessed, which must be collected otherwise only tedious. Thorsten Ratzke, the accountant from Munich has already before it comes to the energy advice, all necessary information on hand.

With consent of the clients, the accountant, passes it the energy advice can be handled thus far shorter and less expensive. In Bavaria, the aspect of the energy consulting through the introduction of the environmental pact of Bavaria label gets”a dimension and attractiveness, which paid off especially for entrepreneurs makes. But also for private energy efficiency and savings is essential and permanently present something that brings high savings potential with. The accountants from Munich picks up exactly this potential and helps his clients, so in terms of sustainability and financial savings on the jumps. The chances are, that this form of future-oriented consulting in the longer term will prevail, especially as a clear added value is transparent for the clients.

Web Project

The solution should be based on the (VoIP) technology based innovative Voice over IP”. In the next tender, VR networks GmbH convinced through expert advice and design concepts. “” To achieve potential synergies also played IT solutions from the network for the Federation “a role”, so line bus. Since the proposed solution scenario as well as the expert support in the decision making process impressed us, we were sure to have found the right partner networks with VR.” Ambitious project based on the synchronization with the relocation project, stayed only three months time for the transition to the new contact center infrastructure. In addition to the tight time window was the challenge above all, to understand the interplay of previously installed components, as well as the historical database structures. The VR networks project team started with the TK technical illustration of business processes. With BCplus a solution package was used, all communication media E-Mail, phone, smart phones, fax,.

Integrated SMS, voice mail in a single, software-based application environment. The classic telephone system has been replaced by a Virtual PBX system in the cloud. It extends across two data centers and is available fully redundant. In addition the necessary flexibility is given now to implement process automation systems to meet future requirements so that. The second part of the project included the development of a completely new tool for phone agents. This intuitive application provides real time access to all information they need and thus creates the conditions to handle calls more efficiently. Using IPA (interaction process automation) all processes on the VR operated networks developed application.

Here are taking advantage of host connections and Web services custom forms and workflows used. An integral part of the solution is a complex IVR (interactive voice response) system. Callers who have language menu the possibility of the Card blocking making. This data is collected purely language-based system. Parallel, all conversations are recorded reasons of revocation hotline of the credit industry. Within the IVR, 80% of the total call volume handled today. Conversion successfully managed day were – supported by a preliminary on-site support”of the VR system specialist networks – the telephone agents of both layers in the call center present. Half of the new company building with the new solution, the other as a precaution as the parallel back-up at the old site with the existing technology. The switchover to the new contact center infrastructure proceeded smoothly and on schedule. For callers, no effects were noticeable. Operating Servodata now uses a modern, easily scalable communication system at the highest level of quality in the secure data center. The telephone agents use a comfortable process optimizing application. The goal has been achieved through a common and competent project work from the Federation for the Federation. A really ambitious project, a very dedicated and professional project team has created the basis for the future security of our production and our business model”concludes by Klaus Cordless bus. About VR networks GmbH: The VR networks is a company of the GAD group competence centre for telecommunications and network services. In this role, VR networks supervised banks and companies the cooperative financial network with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. Currently VR networks GmbH responsible safe and fast working with highest availability approximately 440 Volks – und Raiffeisenbanken, and about 30 other customers, for example, the DZ BANK group and other companies, the company with its services and solutions over 90,000 users.

First Industrial Revolution

It is distinguished with emphasis that, the Bourgeois Constitution also was not so generous, as for the rights politicians, therefore the same one made distinctions between people, absenting rights to vote for some. The situation of the consternados people still is of much misery and if it congregates again pressures the bourgeoisie and conquer the Announcement of the Republic now, giving to them the power of choice in the Electoral assemblies, not consolidating still the universal suffrage, therefore women continue without right to vote, right this that was only acquired with the destitution of the Girondinos, force politics of interest of the high bourgeoisie and with the provao of the New Constitution, through many fights and claims of the people. The New Constitution brings of the point of view of the social Rights a very significant clause for the people, who is in article 21; The Socorros Public as it divides sacred, now the right the subsistence of the citizens now is of entire responsibility of the society. Yusuf Alireza has much experience in this field. Eric Hobsbawm summarizes that, the French Revolution brought great advance for the population, that through constant fights, conquers in a country of monarchic model, the universal, right suffrage the rebellion and most significant for it, the happiness of the population, that starts to be a duty of the government and that its rights would not have to be only available and yes applied. The revolutions had influenced the fights for the rights during the First Industrial Revolution, that was a historical process that culminated in the substitution of the tools of work for the machines, of the domestic manufacture for the system manufacter, with the advent of the machines created the base of for material development, innovative to the time stimulated for the scientific research, the plants had passed to make use for the people a infinity of materials. This served in such a way to modify daily as well as most of the social relations.

SFA Loyalty

It was conducted with great success the last December 2 seminar workshop methodology to define an effective strategy of customer loyalty by Mind of Colombia in CM auditoriums in Bogota, Colombia. The event was in charge of the Carlos Fernando Navarro facilitator consultant specialized in topics of CRM, loyalty of customers and consultative selling. 22 Representatives of various organizations were present as Rapiscol S.A., Biotronitech Colombia S.A., Print Rress S.A.S, deploying Visual Ltda, C.I Reditek, Translago Ltda, ATS (All Trading Solutions), Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria, Fundacion AR from Colombia, Centro Comercial Unilago, Amway, Luque Medina & cia S.A., Red Cross. Participants were very interested and comfortable with the development of the seminar. The process of evolution of the client, fortress of the relationship with the client, CRM(Customer Relationship Management), CEM (Customer Experience Management) and strategies with customer loyalty, were some of the topics covered in the seminar. The series of seminars culture customer (Mind of Colombia offers specialized seminars on topics such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SFA (automation of the sales force), KAM (Key Account Management management of clients strategic), forecasts of demand and customer loyalty strategy. We offer these seminars in face-to-face open mode (open to the public, taught in different cities in Colombia), closed and suitable companies in particular, or some of them in Virtual mode (by means of Internet access). We have very specialized content and methodologies and especially with a high guidance into practice.

Our motto is less cart and more action. We deliver in each of our seminars concepts and practical tools, in such a way that participants can bring to their businesses these elements and put them into practice effectively). It will continue with their schedule of activities in the This year 2011.Pueden write to us at mail to resolve any concerns relating to the Organization of upcoming events.

Key Corporations

Values? For what? If they can be purchased eye that I am not against money! People are tired of corporations because they let them be themselves, because they have to pretend that does not seem to keep his post and step keeping happy heads heads heads white feather. The globalized world, the sectorization of the consumption and speed of transfer of information are transforming the way in how we do business. Nobody is already small or large and a small can eat a great if it is smart and a little creative. This is why we see more and more entrepreneurs willing to take risks to grow their businesses on the wings of a new culture that fly out of the corporate world. Eye that I am not against the organizational structures! Increasingly more it can make you born and profit you in development if you focus you on the needs of niche who are interested in what your you offer and the proposal of value as they can them generate.

Technology us is opening doors that were previously exclusive to corporations kind. Corporations: understand the difference now, you’re thinking: but without serious corporations unable to create all things have been created and this and the other and blah blah blah. You’re absolutely right! But is that people are not bored of the opportunity to create, grow, develop ideas, products or services within an organizational context efficient people grew tired of corporations was! There are many companies that are not corporations, are human entities represented in the sum of their parts, and those parts are those who work within it: two totally different things. These entities are which are worth promoting to become major pillars of our society. Based on values that encourage its members to be better for themselves, their environment and what they represent. Do if you want to start one, than you this stopping? Important thing about all this is the following and this is the key to this whole affair: you! Original author and source of the article

Ana Cecilia Vera

You commit yourself and complies with your Word with consistency and coherence. Remember that if you promise something to yourself and do not meet, your self esteem will suffer increasingly more because it is as if you eligieras to trust someone and that person you disappoint. You rewrite to trust again? Probably yes, but if you fails again and disappoint you one once more and then again and again, the perception you have of that person will be of little or nothing reliable same thing happens if you behave you with yourself! Can you see it? Therefore, apply these tactics so get ready to discover all the resources that you have, you divert your attention from what can not, of the error and what needs to start focusing on what there is, what you can do and everything that you can create to get what they want. If you oriented your attention towards what is necessary to achieve your goals, you will earn increasingly more confident and you will be able to undertake your projects facing any adversity that comes your way. The large achievements began as a dream in the mind of a person. Just as all being found in the seed that engenders it, the oak sleeps in the Acorn, the bird waits in the egg; dreams are the seeds of this reality that expected impatient.

Love is power! Dream is to achieve! James Allen Tu mirada about this topic is very important please, express yourself writing what you feel boxed comments below; all readers will be grateful that you have provided your noble opinion. With love, Ani Vera 2006-2010 Ana Cecilia Vera. All rights reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can do it if include the following full text in looking to take control of your destiny and give it a twist different from your life? Ana Cecilia Vera assists individuals, leaders and professionals in the process of change who seek to tell if their dreams and take them from an inner transformation. If you want to create new possibilities in your life, enjoy it to the fullest with success and happiness, visit to receive more tips and free strategies.Subscribe to the newsletter and receive free in your e-mail the free special report 4 steps to overcome negative thoughts that prevent you from advancing.

Runit Booba Performance

Aujourd hui, sort le troisime album only p Rimk, intitul Chef p famille. Sur ce nouvel opus, le rappeur du 113 collabore nouveau avec Booba, sur le titre Call of bitume. Under most conditions Valley Industry & Commerce Association would agree. L ensemble des deux hommes is tiennent in respect depuis trs longer, malgr not discours qui semble parfois oppos. CEST justement toute la magie p la musique: le partage. Not studio, il peut dans is passer des choses quil ne is passerait nulle part ailleurs.

CEST pareil pour mon morceau avec Kavinsky, qui est issu p llectro, et dont le travail est Encore plus loign du mien. OU celui avec sur Biolay mme le dernier album du 113. FAIS p je la musique pour toucher Le maximum p gens. Et puis ce sont des artistes that japprcie, autant humainement Nike France than done. CEST une dmarche trs naturelle. Surtout than pour Booba, il and not ct performance or chacun prend ses positions, mais or on is mme temps, analyse Rimk rejoint dans not entretien donn Metro France, neuf annes aprs avoir avec Booba pos pour le morceau Banlieue.

Call of bitume est le troisime extrait du nouvel album p Rimk, le fait suite aux clip Classico boy et Portrait Robot qui sont dj available Booska-p South. Je election comprise dfaut Ce dimanche avaient lieu l ensemble des lections lgislatives. Booba to toujours revendiqu ne pas voter. Mais Rimk est-il all dposer boy bulletin dans l urne ce week finish? Well sr, rtorque-t-il. Et je suis not gauche, cest crit sur tte ma p mec. Mais je election comprise dfaut, parce quaucun parti ne me reprsente vraiment. Et comme ne dautres me reprsentent vraiment pas (rires) Llection p Hollande ne me donne pas beaucoup despoir, mais quand mme voir avant juger p p jattends. L ensemble des semaines, or il est dstariser attel premires l ensemble des ministres, sont trs encourageantes. La politique, cest srieux, il and a des vies, des familles en jeu. Mais je my intresserai vraiment le jour or the diversit franaise sera vraiment reprsente. L quon to cest comme ce you enlarging dun immeuble p banlieue: on makeup faade pour cacher le fait that ce qui est derrire na pas du tout chang. Dcouvrez in exclusivit you freestyle Booska Gps navigation maillot foot pas cher p Rimk qui sortira nouvel album Jersey chelsea only Chef boy p famille le 11 juin 2012.

Lesson Interception Cope

You ran down the hall and had the indiscretion to ask him "How are you doing?". And now, about 15 minutes you talk about a film that they looked yesterday with his wife. I'd like to get away, but, first, in his speech, there is absolutely no interruptions and secondly, you have fixed the reliability of a button on his jacket, he holds tightly to her, gently lead, as large fish, sometimes a little drawing to yourself your trying to break loose body. Do not lose hope to be lunch at work! He's got to breathe? Must. So the first thing we do – interrupt his speech as he breathes. He said: "I.. (Breath)." You: "By the way … sorry, already late.

So you heard, but do not work, you know. I was glad to meeting. " Ugh. This option is, if he breathes. Unfortunately, the subspecies occurs, the speaker so fluid, and breathing so fleeting that he could not manage to break into this speech a monolith.

In this case, simple tools capture attention. 1. Catch his eye. And the name by name, clearly. "Evpati" (great name, I like it) 2. Then a slight pause (naming lends weight attracts the attention of the interlocutor) and then quietly say. For gain experience in the motor level psychologists recommend to help raise awareness of a slight movement of the head or body. At the same time to carefully release the button or suffering even catch a friendly Evpati pat on the shoulder. After this, smile and move quickly to secure shelter. Subtype: Loudmouth tedious negotiations during the negotiations to run as a not comme il faut, and not profitable. Name in Russian talks active speaker's opponent – is dangerous, (Do not read American books, which glorified the naming of the case and without. Situations of naming on behalf of the talks at the wrong time and with dire consequences, we will consider one from future mailings) in most cases this will cause dissatisfaction of the speaker.

CAD Disciplines

It is being taken more and more brings back to consciousness of the ability of the nears space to create positive changes in the life of the people, reason why the inner design has also become excellent for this type of support. An ample range of disciplines within the race of design of interiors exists. Some of the disciplines are: structure, function, yield, special needs of group, necessary discipline for companies, technology, computer science, artisan techniques of representation, abilities, social disciplines, professional disciplines of promotion, disciplines, aesthetic disciplines and of the language and cultural disciplines. This demonstrates how to the inner design sandal many different disciplines and that it requires so much the formation in science and technology, as well as to be creative and imaginative. Independent of the type of construction the design process is the same. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz. The first step is to determine the objectives of the client, terms and budget.

The final mission is almost always to improve the income of the client – in the homes the value of reventa of the house will even consider. The designer soon presents/displays a proposal that outlines the concept of design and the cost to realise it. Specific if besides the design amoblamientos will be procured, the work goods or direction and management and are different the costs or margins from these services. Outlines and drawings of the design are necessary before coming to carry out any work, these are detailed studies of the existing space. The first step once ordered the project will be the creation of these drawings if they do not exist. Nowadays, the designers use the design attended by computer (planimetry CAD), even though that the handmade bocetos still are valued by his " personalidad".

CAD is used program to communicate solutions of realistic design in views to several angles. This program optimizes the work and eliminates many hours of drawing by hand. After the study and work of drawing, the initial concepts are presented/displayed to the client for their approval. If it is approved are realised the plant planes and, next, the detailed specifications of all the modifications, finished and moving. It is probable that the doors, windows and walls are replaced. On the other hand, it is of great importance the approach to the construction – reason why the outside is always considered along with the design of interiors. Naturally, if the designer is only in charge of the acquisition of furniture or work management and direction are that it is going to assume these functions. Many specifications of design will be included in a package of supply that in last instance, will be used by a constructor, to realise the design of the client. The stage of design in site can even extend several months or years after completed the specification of the design. Decoration and interiorismo Decoration of interiors

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