Articles from: November 2012

Truck Mixer

Amongst the equipment used in the seedbeds of civil workmanships, the concrete truck mixer enters as an equipment that presents levels of considered noises high, when taken in consideration the legislation and the health human being. In this article the levels of noises had been characterized equivalents generated for the raised equipment concrete truck mixer in diverse articles carried through for Brazil. One searched in them the exposition of the workers, the dose of daily exposition, the corresponding sound pressure level to the limit of tolerance and the level of action. The risks then had been determined and compared with the levels of recommended performance. They had been observed that the measurements and evaluations had used norm NR-15 and NHO-01. In the results it was verified that the equipment concrete truck mixer inside generates levels of noise of the acceptable limits.

1. INTRODUCTION the civil construction possesss a paper of great importance in the national economy, being responsible for the construction of all the necessary infrastructure to the development of the country and for the generation of a significant number of job, more than 5 million workers (IBGE, 2000). Although the great importance the industry of the civil construction in Brazil is constantly white of hard critical, mainly related to the work conditions, where the field of the occupational health presents a preoccupying reality. The workers of the civil construction, in the majority of the activities, do not find adequate protection to its health and physical integrity and amongst the main problems told in the sector appears the effect caused for the extreme noise of the equipment that routinely is used in the workmanship seedbeds. The auditory loss can be cited, difficulty in the communication, estresse, lack of concentration and until physical and psychic clutters (MAYAN, 2001). It does not have you still doubt that the man esbarre with the problematic one of ' ' well estar' ' protection to the environment.


You will be a work of imagination (imagination = put the images in action). 2. Choose a comfortable, quiet place to do so. It may be somewhere in your house, perhaps somewhere else you know that nobody will bother you. Reserve 30 minutes to 1 hour to be with yourself to work in this design. The duration can vary from person to person. For some it will be hard to concentrate, start thinking for the first time in these questions, however for others it may be easier. Date time.

It all depends on your decision, choice, desire, focus and context in which you are. I recommend you take a few minutes before starting to write to breathe and relax your mind while listening to some soft background music. 3. For granted and part of the idea that you can have and achieve anything they want in this DESIGN YOUR IDEAL DAY. Have a thought that everything is easy and nothing is a problem.

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