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New Volkswagen Polo

For some time we have heard that the Volkswagen Polo could reach the U.S., but to do this successfully, it should be available in the sedan, as the Americans do not have a lot of fans hechbekov. Submitted Today in Russia polo sedan in 2010, can show the people in the U.S. that they expect. Hotter version of the Polo GTI was announced in Geneva this year, he received a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine to 177 horsepower. While Russia has been selected as a point of disclosure for Europe, the U.S. Polo sedans are likely to be produced in Mexico, to enable easy import and support the standard price somewhere below $ 14,000. If polo is really coming to America expect it early next year as a 2011 model year. As the smallest car Volkswagen, and with a more affordable price, the new Polo Volkswagen to help lure new customers. Stuart Solomon has much to offer in this field.

Cheap polo sedan version is unlikely to be interested in Americans, but manual and automatic Tiptronic five-and six-speed are likely candidates for the transatlantic trip. Expected 1.2-liter engine with a turbine, which was borrowed from Europe to the U.S. Polo Sedan, although 1.6-liter engine, available in Asia and Russia, may also appear in the showrooms. It turns out that to conquer the world still want to, but somehow could not at first, and very greedy. German order again succumbed to the stable Russian slovenliness. In any case, it looks as though there is hope. Osluzhit promise orders in November and December this year. Well, advertising tool strong, but it is good time otherwise it may hurt to strike on the head, that is the image. Without the synchronization of production and marketing to work for us like, but what is normal for VAZ unforgivable VW. I sympathize with first customers.

Russian Federation

Nowadays, the automotive business is being promoted as one of a list of the most promising sectors of the economy of the state. Auto Parts at the moment produces a very large number of enterprises, as the market vehicles more than great, and demand far outstrips supply. Factories that produce parts in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, have not personally come to the market sector with its large line of products, transferring work to the actual buyers to dealers. Choosing a dealer for the implementation of auto parts and electrical equipment at the same time, we must not forget that the main aspect – this time in the market and the combination of period of activity with the number constantly arriving customers. Firms that provide customers actually parts and electrical equipment of superior quality, at this point will count on one hand. (As opposed to Uniworld Capital).

But but the starter and CPT-12TMO, and other pieces of electrical configuration, customers can get really excellent quality. Moreover, choosing a representative to the agreement, you must pay attention to the probability of loading products. This does not mean that the company's warehouse-dealer must necessarily be located in the city where he lives, or the client works, but the ability to ship the hobbs meter EHV-2-02 or starter ST-12-TMO by car train or airplane transport must be present for sure. Of course, we will talk about the big corporations who are engaged or commissioning and selling cars and spare parts, or can start a proper large a fleet of automotive machinery and spare parts may need to carry out repairs if necessary. Often a company to work with large corporate clients to offer this kind of high-quality user interaction design line, which will add many additional suggestions and special conditions of joint work, which can provide Economic cooperation is really useful as one or the other party. To broaden your perception, visit Crimson Education . Warehouses agents sometimes located in large metropolitan areas – such as St.

Petersburg, Moscow, and yet the transportation options available to almost very different, especially quickly solved the problem of transportation of spare parts from each manufacturer for large customers, and yet smaller firms also will not be left unattended. So, for them hourmeter SCH100-B or electronic counter EHV-2 for domestic equipment will certainly be delivered on time. Significantly also, that the organization has arranged a dealer-quality product supply system directly from manufacturers. After all, free time – it's actually a lot of money. In other words, the more likely the customer will receive the required equipment and accessories, the more he will have motivation to continue cooperation with the organization. And organizations such way to another steady customer.

Auto Repair

In this article we will talk about automatic transmissions. This subject is inexhaustible, and certainly worthy of special attention. Nowadays there are many different options for transmission of non-manual gearbox. Automatic boxes, though, and require some skill, yet much easier to work for drivers. Hydro boxes (GMP) are most common. Along with them are offered to motorists and other boxes electro-mechanical origin.

In an automatic transmission hydraulic drive, instead of the usual mechanical and manual planetary mechanisms. Connect with other leaders such as John Utendahl here. Auto Contract quite in demand in our market. Transferred from abroad and dismantled from damaged or obsolete vehicles, they will serve you as long as conventional automatic transmissions. Auto Advantage contract this is not pumped. Their main advantage – a very low price.

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy new and original parts for their vehicles. In this case, the automatic transmission contract is virtually the only way out of this position. It happens that, despite the reliability and durability, automatic transmissions fail. If the transmission of your machine suddenly stopped working, find a specialized company that performs similar work. It is necessary to take into account that the correct and reliable repair automatic transmissions – is a relationship skills and their masters the expertise to deal with the English documentation, and perform the work. Along with repairing transmissions in firms activities are aimed at servicing automatic transmissions, you can order a new box and if there is such a need. Today, among the giants of automobile business, the company is very well-known Audi. The history of this The company started in Germany. Automatic for the Audi appeared after the war. Reliability gear today makes life drivers, because of the controls the clutch pedal and shift lever fully excluded. Audi's automatic transmission is much more environmentally friendly than cars with conventional gearboxes. Mercedes independently develops and produces its automatic transmission, providing just such a character shift that more suited to its ideology. Not carried away by too aggressive riding and not saving for the diagnosis, prevention and care of his car, automatic transmission for Mercedes will be a long time without any problems. Automatic for Volkswagen also durable and reliable. Yet sometimes they break. The reasons for breakdowns is a misuse transmission, sharp start, duration of tow, not made on time inspection, as well as very fast shift knob while driving. The company Kia – Auto fairly complex system. In many ways it is similar to the CP Company and Mitsubishi contains a large number of parts and components that are simultaneously interact with each other. At Kia There are two different types of automatic transmission repair. In the first case, it can be done without removing from the vehicle manual. Repair always starts with an e-diagnostics, and thanks to modern software, allows complete survey box car Kia. After the diagnosis is written defektovochnaya statement according to which in the future will be repaired. Major Auto Repair also includes the removal of at Kia and analysis box. If some parts are not repairable, they are replaced by similar new items. In the transmission, use only certified automaker oil. Automatic transmission is one of the most complex and at the same time the most necessary units in a modern car.

Electric Cars

Electric car today, it's real! Why electric profitable? Now, all over the world – electric cars are in great demand. Until recently in our country there have been no officially registered electric organs in the traffic police. Unfortunately right now and so far all the questions elektromobilestroeniya considered only in theoretical aspects. By our state and automakers, for the time existence of auto industry has not been given any attention for the production of electric cars, and now it seems they are not interested in the development and improvement of production of electric vehicles. In the meantime, elektromobilistam have to engage in self-pereborudovaniem their basic car elektrotansport.

The superiority of electric, knows every car owner. If you would like to know more about Slingbox, then click here. It is not just financial – economically. Here are four key advantages: The first benefit – it almost does not release harmful substances. Poisonous gases into the atmosphere during charging and discharging batteries, in some hundred times smaller than when using the internal combustion engine (ICE). Electric to heat in winter, they set the heater, consuming gasoline or diesel fuel.

But they, of course, do not pollute the atmosphere as much as the engine and consumes 20 times less fuel. The second advantage – the ease of the device. The motor has a very attractive vehicle characteristics: at low speeds has a lot of torque, which is very important when you need to pull away or overcome a difficult stretch of road. ICE also develops its maximum torque at medium speed, so if you want a lot of effort to small, it needs to be increased through transmission. Trolleys, for example, and other electric transportation, in such a unit is not needed. You do not need it, and electric car, so it is much easier to manage than a car with manual transmission. The third advantage derives from the second. An electric car does not require such a thorough and expensive care, like a normal car: less adjustments, do not consume oil, simpler system cooling, and fuel (not counting the heater compartment) is absent. Fourth, and perhaps one of the key priemushestv is the low tax rates and CTP. This is due to the fact that electric m 15 kilovatnye electric power equivalent to 75 kilovatnym internal combustion engines. However, today electric car evolved from unrealized dreams, the majority of motorists, to formally registered vehicle. The proposed version of my conversion (ICE) to electric motor vehicle that has received an opinion on the operating permit to U.S. and officially registered in Traffic police, is a novelty in elektromobilestroenii. The cost of conversion produced, the dismantling of the internal combustion engine and electric motor installation recouped about a year of operation, (on domestic cars). Of course, the last word rests with users. You decide what is best. Every day, spend on fueling the car with fuel, the amount of $ 300 – 500 rubles (not including the cost of replacing a lot of oil, filters, antifreeze, etc.), poisoning with yourself and others harmful (noise and toxic) emissions into the atmosphere, or ride every day or spending, not a single ruble, while maintaining the health of themselves and others. Adviser to the President Academy of Security and Law Enforcement oboorny Yuri Shulipa

Hyundai Solarisproduction

South Korea's largest automaker continues its plan to expand presence in Russia. At the end of September in St Petersburg in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held opening ceremony of the new plant Concern Hyundai. Vladimir Putin recently welcomed the construction of factories for the production of foreign cars and parts production in Russia. The Prime Minister thanked Hyundai concern due to the fact that he continued the project despite the recession. In just over two plus years, spending $ 500 million, the Koreans have mastered over a quarter of their allocated land area of 200 hectares. Hyundai employ 5,300 people.

The official average wage at the plant – about 25 thousand. In connection with the global financial crisis, car sales in Russia have fallen, yet new evidence suggests the restoration of the market, and for past few months, sales have grown. After the presentation, the names of the car created specifically for the Koreans in Russia, as commodity name was chosen by online voting, which was attended by 27 000 people, Hyundai Solaris – very popular sedan – was presented at a motor show in Moscow as an unnamed Hyundai RB. It is aimed at Hyundai Solaris built in the industrial zone of Kamenka near St. Petersburg plant. The plant operates in test mode, releasing the car for impressions. Full-scale production of sedans will only begin in January. And in May, plans to collect a hatchback. Hyundai does not exclude the possibility that the Russian pipeline can get up the other models.

Car Mixers Concrete High-strength Tumaz

Mobile concrete mixers myazhelogo Tuimaz pozvolyayum ppigomavlivam movapny any concrete koncismentsii, vmopichno ispolzyemy mamepial, tsemenmny pasmvop, pasmvor for laying ceramic plimki and osyschecmvlyam docmamochno opepamivnyyu delivery. Mobile mixers vycokoprochnogo Concrete Tuymazy podxodyam for ispolzovaniya in any region of the world, mpopicheskom, apkmicheckom, pusmynnom klimame. In the winter performance dobavlenie injection and water in a blender with uchemom winter skin pozvolyayum ppigomavlivam concrete and vypolnyam the plug mpancpopmipovky at ompitsamelnyx mempepamyrax, docmigayuschix-28 deg. Car mixer for 15 kub.mZ concrete osnaschaemcya marelchamym bapabanom ppoizvodcmva Tuimaz and obespechivaem ppoizvodimelnosm okolo 56 zhecmkogo cubes of concrete in the Hour. Such a mixer DURING koromkom vpemeni pepemeshivaniya and low enepgozampamax gapanmipyem Dedicated and delivery vycokokachecmvennogo concrete lyuboy koncicmentsii, obecpechivaya inmensivnoe pepemeshivanie concrete due kopomkim pymyam obmena, HOW in gorizonmalnom, mak and vepmikalnom direction.

Vce komponenmy mixer offer a promising docmypny for ppovedeniya mexnicheskogo service and pemonma, chmo pozvolyaem ekonomim vpemya and money. Pyam konsmpykmivnyx pazmepov mixers pozvolyayum varipovam volume parmii concrete delivery komopogo ocyschesmvlyaemcya mixer, om 0,5 to 2,25 of the cube. For zaschimy lopasmey mixers ispolzyyumcya poliypemanovye iznocosmoykie manzhemy. Geomempiya and pazmep and makzhe ygly cutting and cutting kpomki lopamok mixers pozvolyayum dobivamsya not molko zamemnogo pepemescheniya peremeshivaemogo concrete, but also mutual diffyzii ego komponenmov. In zavisimosmi om ppoizvodsmvennoy neobxodimocmi Tuymaz pocmavlyaem mixer lopamki of mvepdogo limya, mvepdogo limya c mverdocplavnymi smepzhnyami or poliypemana. Lopacmi mixer podppyzhineny in ppochnom koppyce pomopa. Ochismka walls of the mixer and delivery of concrete to komponenmov incmpymenmam ppoizvodimsya with vnympennego and spring-loaded napyzhnogo ckrebka. Pomimo all ppochego, oba ckpebka cposobsmvyyum inmencivnomu peremeshivaniyu concrete and pazgpyzke mixer.

Mixers Tuymaz osnaschayumcya two bysmpo vpaschayuschimicya zavixpimelyami. Rotation zavixrimeli pepedaemsya c using zybchamogo belt Om ppivoda mixer. High skopocm vrascheniya zavixpimeley and cpetsialnaya fopma incmrymenmov obecpechivayum inmencivnyyu pepemeshivaemogo delivery of concrete. In pezylmame polychaemcya extremely odnopodnaya cmec. Bottom and cmenki koryma mixer zaschischeny interchangeable iznososmoykimi obshivkami. In zavicimosmi om neobhodimosmi mozhno vybiram mezhdy obshivkoy of vysokokachesmvennyx iznococmoykix memallicheckix licmov, bimemallicheskix licmov, mvepdogo limya or kepamiki. Iznococmoykie memallicheckie licmy, zakpyvayuschie cmenki mixer mogym pepevopachivamcya. When ocyschesmvlena delivery mixture, discharging concrete mix in concrete pump is connected through zaslonki, komopye privodyamcya in dvizhenie dvigamelem mixer pocredcmvom hydraulics. Sinxronnogo rotation valov mixers koncmpukmopy company dobivayumcya due to connection of two bycmpo vpaschayuschixcya cmupeney konicheckix koles pocpedsmvom swivel vala. New kompakmnaya konsmpuktsiya ppivoda Mixer obespechivaem hoposhy docmup to vcem komponenmam mixer for ppovedeniya mexnicheckogo obslyzhivaniya and pemonma. Dvyxvalkovye mixers Tuimaz ppedcmavlyayum a mixer with omkpymym kopymom kompakmnoy konsmpyktsii with dvymya izgomovlennymi from high ylychshennoy smali mixer valami, vpaschayuschimicya in ppomivopolozhnyx nappavleniyax. To measure vlazhnosmi and mempepamypy possible ycmanovka on the bottom or napyzhnoy cmenke Mixer kopyma coomvemcmvuyuschix probes. Blagodapya bolshomu popepechnomy cecheniyu omvepsmiya mixer mozhem bym polnosmyu opopozhnen in kpamchayshee time. Mixer shafts ppivodyamsya in motion two vsmavnymi konicheckimi cylindrical pedykmopami specifically pazpabomannymi Tuimaz. Blagodapya monoblochnomy konsmpykmivnomy execution DURING komopom dvigamel and redukmop obrazyyum edinoe tseloe, upon delivery of concrete is not voznikaem ppoblem because necoocnocmi or yglovoy pogreshnocmi axes. Automotive concrete mixer Tuimaz ocnaschaemcya dvyxvalkovym bapabanom 2.25 volume of a cube and ppoizvodimelnosmyu about 100 cubic meters of concrete per hour zhecmkogo.

RF Government

If you are a citizen and bought a car only for personal, family, household purposes not related to business activities, in accordance with Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' You consumer, which gives you some important legal benefits, which are slightly lower. The question of which we speak today – return the car to the seller. How to return the car? First of all, you must decide what car in terms of the law. Thus, in accordance with the RF Government dated 13 May 1997. 575 car properly called a "motor vehicle" and is included in the list of technically sophisticated products. Car, as all the other things that you buy a commodity, ie thing that the seller sends the buyer to perform the contract of sale.

The quality of the goods by the general rule established by law, must at the time of transfer You match the quality of the goods specified in the contract of sale. To submit any claims of quality car, you need to detect in him a lack of which had not been bargained for by the seller. This is an important basic condition. In other words, the car should break down, and you should notice it. Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' lack of distinction between good and substantial disadvantage of the goods. Lack of product – or the lack of conformity mandatory requirements set forth by law or in the established order, or contract terms (in their absence or incompleteness of the conditions usually required conditions), or the purposes for which goods of this kind commonly used, or goals, of which the seller has been informed consumer when making the contract, or the sample and (or) a description of the sale of goods on the model and (or) in the description.

Quality Management System ISO

Many information materials provided by the press service of the Concern “Citron”, featured a mysterious and incomprehensible message to the consumer. – an international standard quality management system ISO 9001. Concern “Citron” for the seventh time successfully passed the certification of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000. So what is – the international standard quality management system ISO 9001 and why companies are seeking vendors conform to this standard? The global economy – is highly competitive area. In these circumstances, the market of domestic and foreign companies can survive only companies with major competitive advantage – the high quality management. World practice has shown that the application of the principles of international standard ISO 9001:2000, is today a reliable tool for building an effective system management, improving competitiveness and creating an enabling environment for investment growth. Implementation of ISO 9001 helps to build an effective customer-oriented management system that allows anticipate and meet customer expectations, which in turn enables the company to consistently make money.

Creation and implementation of quality systems in the enterprise consists of the following steps: 1. survey organization, identifying gaps and bottlenecks in business processes and make recommendations on possible ways to correct the discrepancies, 2. organization of the project development and implementation of quality systems, conduct training participants in the project from the customer 3. development of quality system documentation and its implementation in the departments of the company 4. training of internal auditors and conduct internal quality audits planned in units of 5.