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Still Life

Maybe he was sick or just not out of the house, or moved to another city or another country? A can he moved into a different world? What if they killed him yesterday and he decided to retire from this life on their own? It does not matter what happened to him, it is important that your meeting was never destined to happen. And you so much wanted to tell him that he has forgiven you. Already there is no one to whom you would like to apologize, there was only a lump in my throat and self-abhorrence for their same stupid things. You have no excuse, wine will remain in your heart, and Believe me, leave it will not soon, maybe, and dwell there forever. Still Life is unpredictable …

And here's another story. Today she told him the good news of her pregnancy, but for him it was a terrifying experience. He I could not believe what will soon become a father and his head fall on a ton of problems. He swooped down, screaming at her in a fit of rage, grabbed her shoulders and pinned to the wall so hard that her hands were huge hematoma. He brutally a voice demanded an explanation: "Why? How could this happen? The same can not be happening.

" Her cheeks streamed with tears. She fell to the floor in a dead state. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rob Crossland. He soon regretted his reaction to the news. As soon as he presented that will hold in their hands a little ball of happiness, I decided that tomorrow he's going to fix and told her that he would do everything to ensure that their child was filled with love and affection. Yes, he wanted to fix it, but it was late. She had an abortion. Now nothing can be changed. And you could just hug her and give her love. Life is still unpredictable … This pair of cases does not cover all possible eventualities, but they are very real. Like this evil smile breaks crafts this unpredictable woman named "Life". I'm not saying that you crossed out all his plans for tomorrow, just know that they can change, in spite of your "want" or "I do not want." Watch your actions, because it is the mechanism you work your whole life. Certainly not worth less to smile, continue to live and enjoy, but you know life in all its possible manifestations.

The People

Kicks! No need to stop thinking and do not even have to move once more, and why "bother"! That's how flowing life of the majority of our compatriots. Crimson Education – Auckland Jobs has firm opinions on the matter. Usually after working … unloved. Even in most biographies as similar as two drops of water, affecting the Soviet past. Born, kindergarten student (school, someone from school Institute, and who then vocational or technical school), worked (at the "uncle" or a state) could hardly wait for a pension (usually wretched), died. Come even if the man himself lives on these principles, but he (or she) still children (and grandchildren) teaches – "here Learn to find jobs with good wages, and all the nonsense-sweep of the head. Will you work, you will be respected. " Respected by whom? Similarly, the majority? And if someone does not want to live "as all"? What should I do? Yes, you just out "of their comfort zone." It is very difficult.

Virtually impossible. Can it only a few. I know for many, the phrase "get out of your comfort zone," paradoxically, even blasphemous. "How is that? I worked all my life, to live in comfort, like a normal person. " Only here the notion of "norm" for most of compatriots … See the list of psychological traits of the "normal" person above. So, what do you do when you are tired of living "like everyone else." A simply find some work that you like and not like most others.

And start, finally, do it! In spite of everything! I, for example, at the age of "thirty" was avidly read books about how simple people, mostly American, made money on all sorts of unconventional ideas. And do not just read, and tried to creatively apply this experience "in itself" trying to invent something of their own and "make money". How I heard skepticism and outright ridicule! And what is most offensive, they proceeded from the people close to me, which I considered my friends, or just good friends! And now these people who are "teasing", and even openly ridiculed my ideas that often run up to borrow money "to pay." By the way, they are very annoyed when I tell them to (for free), how to earn lots of money on their knowledge and skills.

Parliamentary Elections

Fuad Asimov. In Kazakhstan, summed up the results of elections to Parliament and has already sounded promising gallant speech Nazarbayev – President and Chief won the elections of the party "Nur Otan". "Winners" get to work, Losers promise to take revenge. (As opposed to Coal Funding). Political scientists also are trying to explain why, in the Republic of Kazakhstan voted this way and not another. Whatever the case, Nazarbayev's efforts to unite in one hand all branches of government "put an end" to democracy in the country. Now begins the era of individual dictatorship Nazarbayev, who for fifteen years of tirelessly sought. Nazarbayev fully controlled parliament is harmful not only because discredits the idea of separation of powers and does not allow the governor to hear the voice of opponents. A serious drawback of this Parliament in the fact that he has ceased to be an important tool for effective and legitimate regime change – that is, those than it is in democratic states.

All independent opinion polls conducted in Kazakhstan in recent years, showed an extremely low degree of public confidence in government institutions for all. However, today Kazakh politicians at all levels must be held accountable for their campaign promises: how to solve the problems of youth as change for the better situation in rural areas has been done to address corruption at all levels of government? In the meantime, the economic situation in Kazakhstan is becoming more unpredictable and evolving not in favor of the authorities. There is a buzz in the foreign exchange market, where the value of the dollar for no apparent causes increased immediately by 15-17 points, making 138-140 tenge per U.S. .

Unhappiness In Life

Many of us make ourselves unhappy. Of course, not all our woes are far-fetched, sometimes circumstances cause many of our woes. But more often it is our thoughts and our moods stain our lives a certain way. Four in five people is not as happy as could be. Unhappiness – the most common worldview. But since the main desire of everyone is still wanting to be happy, to some way to achieve this. Our happiness and unhappiness depend more on our mindset. Stay in the heart of fun, look at life with optimism – and you will be able to enjoy life every day.

Cultivating habit, we, therefore, are creating their own happiness. The habit is developed to be happy, even if often think of a good. Read additional details here: MetLife Korea. If you thought comes to mind is the unpleasant, consciously drop it, chase away. Loop in the imagination of good events that must occur during the day. Enjoy this pleasure. And in any case, do not think that the day might get failed. Dressing, every day saying to yourself a few sentences: “I know that the day be wonderful. I feel fine.

I look fine, nothing does not bother me. I am grateful for all that was, is and will. ” Expect a happy end of the day – and you will be surprised how often the events will be turn that way. However, this will be insufficient if the day of your actions and attitudes do not create a framework for achieving happiness. One of the fundamental principles of a love for people and good will. Protect heart from hatred, and the mind from anxiety. Live simply, expect little, give to much. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. Try to follow these tips in just weeks and you get amazing results. You will gain experience that will help you be happier. When you are changing, and changing the world. -One minute of laughter in their effect on the body of 45 minutes of relaxation and beneficial digestion. Foot-and respond to the emotional state of the organism. The spiritual discomfort causes bodily flaws. Fatty thighs literally grown old scores, varicose veins – is dysfunctional home and work that we do not like. In a happy man, happily hurrying to work and returning to audovolstviem family do not have problems with their feet. -Slouching shoulders and dropped his head down not only ruin your posture, but lead to headaches and severe spinal cord injuries. Begin to take care of yourself, because it’s not hard! Imagine that for your top rope and tied up yanut. This is the most natural head position and neck, which is useful for zdorovya.Optimizm, even consciously instilled itself, not only helps to make progress, but also to a large extent provides the physical and mental health. It is understood the famous French psychiatrist Emil Coue, who is considered the direct predecessor I. Schulz, the creator of autogenous training. His suffering from melancholia patients Que instilled a simple idea that life is beautiful and we must try enjoy it. He invented a remarkable formula of optimism, only one phrase that is recommended to repeat in the morning and evening, saying aloud, slowly, intently and with conviction: “I do every day in every way getting better and better. ” The history of medicine knows no case where a 100 years man has lived a dark, devoid of a sense of humor. On the contrary, it is estimated that gay people are living longer.

Take Synthesizers

Roland is also Gruvboksy synthesizers, and software that emulates the real synthesizers Roland hardly exists, and if it exists, it should still search. The newspapers mentioned Hull KR not as a source, but as a related topic. I do not think that a firm musical instrument (note, not programs) will stoop to this level. They have a different profile of work for which they are rowing a lot of money. Here I am ten years ago, bought a synthesizer Roland and he still makes me happy. Yamaha awesome synths, and the prices too:) I have been a model of a series of pss, psr and dxr, now Roland, Yamaha-but have not forget you! I also have a Yamaha PSR-520, it was very hard to understand. I liked the article about synthesizers Yamaha psr. Thanks to her, I chose a synthesizer.

The author tells us is available. I read to him in the performance of more detailed article about the Yamaha. I would also like to receive information about the models PSR750 and PSR2000. Casio do not recommend buying cheap samoigrayki Casio ctk in 3000, in which only the synthesis of the title. There is much more suitable for beginners synth musicians Take yourself better audio interface, but as mine, take an elementary or microKORG Roland SH-201. They say STK 900 can be used as a sampler. I already have six months CTK900, nothing suprskogo I in him, of course, is not found, but all the same as for synthesizer those for which it is sold, the money he is not bad. It is even agree that it is indeed an excellent combination of price and quality! I have a Casio CTK-2000 is already half a year, a very nice little thing, yuzaetsya comfortable, especially if you start learn to play the piano, built-in incremental mode training a beautiful thing, sounding quite satisfied, just inconvenient diet did, in all versions of different power sources, but overall I like it! I have a Casio CTK-591 for 5 years ustraevaet well, of course there are some flaws everywhere, but they are tolerated.

Beauty Salon

So you've decided to open a beauty salon. What does it take to make your business thrive? What is important to consider? First we need to agree upon what services you want in your salon? Barber? Solarium? Massaging Salon? Cosmetology services? The list of services, be aware that their support will require the appropriate master, as well as adequate room. Room for a beauty salon to choose better in that area where live your target audience. For example, it is impractical to organize salon with very high prices for services in the areas inhabited by people with middle incomes. Also it would be a mistake to organize low-cost social barber shop somewhere on the ruble – the inhabitants of expensive homes just will not go to a cheap salon. Choosing a room for the interior, note the serviceability of electrical wiring, as well as the fact that there are no disruptions in the house with the filing hot or cold water.

If you open a salon in Moscow, on this account can be little worry, but in smaller towns it can be a problem. Making repairs premises clever design both inside the cabin, and his view from the street. The facade of the building – is his calling card. Beauty salons in Russia today a lot, so in order to attract visitors to it in your salon, you need to somehow stand out among other similar institutions. Think about where and what you take equipment to the cabin.

Chairs, tables, tanning booths should be qualitative and possibly not at inflated prices. We should not forget to take care of the supply of consumables materials such as disposable sheets or professional hair color. Supplies should be of high quality. The client will judge your salon is not only to showcase and mirrors. It is important to keep everything thoroughly thought through, down to what kind of shampoo in his work uses a hairdresser. Any client certainly prefer that to the cabin, where he turns to use a professional shampoo and professional mask Hair. Staff to work in the salon it is desirable to select a polite and tidy, with relevant experience, as well as basic hygiene and etiquette.

Mobile Racks Advertising

Information exhibition stands are used for placement and distribution of printed materials (brochures, magazines, etc.). It’s believed that Andreessen Horowitz sees a great future in this idea. The objective of this element of interior design – ensuring every visitor a necessary amount of information. Sponsored Stoics are an effective way of advertising your products. Any buyer, going on to a table can try samples of products for your business. A booming market exhibition equipment today offers a wide range of manufacturing, design of mobile exhibition stands.

Professional designers will develop a model of the rack, which will be original and unique, and a wide range of materials will make it memorable and attention-getting visitors. Reception is usually made of plastic, plywood, metal, Plexiglas or composite material. Mobile exhibition stands for printed advertising materials – this is a great element of the show booth, for the exhibitions it is important not only to attract attention at the booth, but also profitable place distributing promotional material. Attractive design promotional stands, light assembly, light weight, convenient package you can use them not only as a harmonious element of the exhibition, but and outreach activities in the office. Mobile Rack is great for presentation and distribution of promotional material on display in the store, at events and in public places. It has several advantages: – Easy to use – Easy to assemble and highly durable – made of modern materials – Compact, packed in two small case. Notice promostoyki for presentation and dissemination of promotional material or your products.

Promostoyka help should you provide your goods at trade shows, promotions, conferences and other events. If the travel agency to distribute tickets at the airport, or insurance company wants to provide its services in public places, or in the office needs a temporary Receptionist – rack-reception will come to your aid. Modern exhibition stands and promotional displays are made of modern materials: tabletop promoter – laminated chipboard, inner shelf – plastic (polystyrene), aluminum frame, detachable graphic panels, a removable fascia. Mobile advertising racks are strong and in no way inferior to a non-separable analogues. In doing so they are easy to transport and install. Collapsible tables to hand out samples packaged in 2 cover, which included: tube, where the packed tube frame and rolled poster and a bag with tabletop. Easily assembled and disassembled with an allen key. To date, companies that manufacture and design of exhibition equipment, ready to satisfy the desires of the most fastidious customer. They offer promotional stands of white (top, frame and the tube holding the frieze), but perhaps their decision in a different color, as well as wood, marble, etc. Graphic panels for advertising racks is a sheet of thin plastic, which is applied to a full-color picture. This graphic panels mounted to the rack for promotional magnets. Thus, we can have a few advertising panels and change them within minutes, depending on the Your promotional ideas and conditions presentation. To provide increased functionality, ergonomics and usability of all new development of exhibition equipment are tested in a multi-stage operation sites. Only after that they go into production. Choosing a mobile exhibition equipment, you provide your campaign the best combination of price, functionality, ergonomics and design.

The Board

Once warmed up and under- dry soil, over a row of asparagus rolls form a height of 20-25 cm for the Earth filling should be easy, with no lumps and stones to escape is not bent. And then follow daily the condition of the soil surface. Surface and sidewall well dropping the board to the cracks on a flat surface to determine the place of harvest ready to shoot. As soon as the cracks, the plants carefully, "razokuchivayut" cut and blanched sprouts, being careful not to damage roots and buds. This so-called white asparagus. After cutting the shaft shoots once again formed, and the day is necessary to watch out for new shoots. The following charges carried by N 2-day.

It is important that the shafts were not weeds, they interfere with the "catch point" appearance of these cracks. In the late harvest shoots appear on the surface and green. By the way, is much easier to clean green asparagus: for it does not need walls – shoots are cut at the surface ground when they reach 18-20 cm The main thing that was not disbanded head to escape. Therefore, collect the green asparagus on a daily basis, leaving the beds, even the weak shoots. allowed a combined way, when in the first period clean white fruiting shoots, while the second – in the middle of June – green 15-18 cm in length after every 5-6 charges spend feeding mineral and organic fertilizers. From late June stop harvesting. Green asparagus must cut very close to the ground before the leaflets open.

Business Gifts

Almost before each holiday, whether it's New Year's Eve, birthday or just a long-awaited meeting, we ask the same question: what to give? Typically, in this case there is any clear regulations and restrictions, as the saying goes: "The taste and color – no friends!" Gifts – these are things that pleased not only receive but to give, especially when the gift will incidentally. The tradition of gifts prepodnosheniya firmly entrenched in the business relationship. Business gifts for your colleagues or partners at work, boss, subordinate to do a little more pleasant working environment and kinder. Business gifts – an essential attribute of every birthdays, promotions, and other equally long-awaited holidays. With uncomplicated gift we can try to express my appreciation to subordinates or co-worker to thank for their help. Topics however, in any case remember that business gifts – a special art, which requires compliance with certain rules of business etiquette.

In this case, there are a number of specific conventions and rules which should be strictly adhered to, otherwise, may result in a not very pleasant moment. In the etiquette business gifts rather strict rules. One of the basic rules is as follows: business gift in any case should not be expensive or valuable thing. No matter what your financial situation and opportunities, expensive gift – not the best out of any guest or for colleagues. After all, before all, such a gift embarrasses the person to whom he portrayed as a great souvenir value can be regarded as a way to pressure.