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They can congregate to be obtained, more ten men of the lineage of the GAL. Towers of Melo, Felix Maier and all the analysts on politicians to the army, to write thousand of lines, dispatch by post evidential documents and nothing of this it will make difference. A word of ' ' father of pobres' ' it will knock down everything in one to blink of eyes and this enlightening weapon will start to shoot fire friend. The hypnosis generated for the easy profit, will not be broken. We are as the legs; we have optimum, but the hen does not speak to the language of the people says to everybody what this making or finished to make, to the shouts. What has left of the people will read what this being written? But what already it has knowledge of the danger and them true intentions of corja. Others including array, offer their opinions as well.

Much worse is that the house poison this inside, in the nursery and of this if only can wait tragedy. I come putting this in mine blogs and commentaries have four years. The Generals of the EB, soon will be the dribbles that will take the children of the generals of the MST to the school. Accepted of critical, poke of ears or any another thing, but, if it charges not to come back to smoke or the ounce to leave the forest to drink water in plateaus, all sacrifice will have been goes. The native land breathes treason. all are livings creature, knowing and accepting. History will judge!

Bahia Serrinha

Municipal government of Serrinha this is of time. Who already saw as it is that he walks one I propagate outside of time is interrupting all hour, to the times excessively walks fast and to the times it walks to always devagar excessively and giving the pulls and giving to those bursts for the assuntado discharge all, therefore the administration of Osni Cardoso in Serrinha in the Bahia is as soon as this. The alevinos a beautiful program, however had been deliver before the correct date being placed in the watery ones, anticipated fifteen days the sufficient to give damages to the action. The Cashew changes that already would have this planted since April or May are being deliver when rains now already they are going even so, therefore after the certain time. A main rank of Health of the City of the Av.Lauro Mota, when the holiday falls in a thursday not April in sixth, however Sir mayor this Posto of Health has the obligation to function and very well every day, some workers exist who only can go exactly tie it in the days of its recess and health is thing would be, some units have the duty of Mayor of Serrinha in the o we choose with hope of better days for all in Serrinha, without descriminaes, regulates to place its administration in the certain time. SUCCESS! They are votes of the Syndical Regional Assessorship and too much ONGs that congregates in I benefit of the people. In 03 of July of 2009.

The Importance Of The Governmental Auditorship In The Control Of The Municipal Public Accounts

Present RESUMOO work has as intention to show to the governmental daauditoria contribution in the social control for the combat corrupono Brazil. Beyond demonstrating as the accounting and the auditoriagovernamental they influence the public transparency and the mtodosaplicveis in the evaluation of the administrative managements and resultadosnas action of the cities. to verify if the used tools public nacontabilidade constitute in efficient instruments of form to agerir the resources and to control the common wealth. Beyond enfatizarsobre the existing controls in the administration of the public administration and oscontroles exerted by a society in public dosrecursos search of the best allocation. Learn more on the subject from Richard Elman. The article is qualitative, of deductive matrix, contendouma amplitude of theoretical recitals.

This was developed to paraproporcionar bigger familiarity with the subject, presenting which positive osaspectos and which the negatives for an efficient management pblicatransparente and, being that the governmental auditorship still considerada a very recent tool in the public administration dosmunicpios. 1. INTRODUCTION the new global order for the administraopblica determined the necessity of the adjustment of the public charges, each vezmaiores, to the possibility accomplishes of collection of the State and, consequently, to the search of the financial balance of the governmental accounts. The State, thus, was compelled to demonstrate its capacity to it of management and to propitiate soluesque the society complains to keep and to alavancar the development. Thus, the public administration has to odever to give accounts before the society and this has the right to control aao of the government. Click Crimson Education to learn more. is accurately this the main objective of the auditoriagovernamental. To develop analysis techniques that allow identificardistores in the governmental action between what it was idealized and what is alcanadoem real terms, generating a bigger level of efficiency and effectiveness in the use dosrecursos public and effectiveness in its result. Being thus, the Governmental Auditorship considerada a tool that it aims at to correct wastefulnesses, improbity, recklessness and the omissions beyond making possible the best use of the recursospblicos.

Black River

It has accurate four years in Are Jose of the Black River, city in which I was born and liveed for much time, the scene politician if was not identical was very similar with the current one, although more than the two hundred kilometers of distance that separate to the cities the proposals politics were analogous. Candidates enrich its pasts with worthy facts, rare virtues and all these qualities that wait of one politician. The bad things, some shunting line of behavior until those errors that any simple mortal can commit are excluded from its pasts. At the time of elections I always admire. Ours! With he has good people in the world, I nor I perceived. In the last days the memory came me it an article of a journalist of the same country who considered a candidacy, at least, different. The presumption candidate alone said the truth, it did not make promises and it did not mold the past to be confused with a perfect being. After all, we must wait of one politician honesty and envolvement with its public office, having responsibility with what it belongs to community and managing the money well that does not belong to it; among others.

We do not imagine saints in the legislative and executive spheres, we want common, responsible e, mainly honest human beings, in amplest felt of this word. Remembering my countryman, who has four years already considered a candidacy of a person who only said the truth, also comes to consider a supposed candidacy. Where the fictitious candidate to have my vote would have that to say: ‘ ‘ Expensive voters! Necessary of the vote of vocs to improve my financial situation. Although to have been born in rich family and always to have many stewardships, that the majority does not have, I want to continue of this skill, therefore I do not imagine myself poor. I am married has twenty five years, I have two children and a son. One of my children if involved with drugs, my son already was married four times. For some time I had a conjugal extra relationship, she was a new woman, and they know as it is, is not easy to resist.

Later that my marriage entered in that monotony, equal to the one of many, always we fought, however later that my woman also arranged a loving one the things had improved. However, although these personal problems that I still had and I have, I did not leave to lack nothing for my family, I always worked and never I acquired some improper money. Richard Elman recognizes the significance of this. Therefore I ask for its vote. I did not hide nothing of my past, errei and can make a mistake, but if by chance I to earn will know to manage with much persistence and honesty what he belongs in them. Of this form, I insist. It votes in me. that God has mercy of ns.

New Route

One never heard to speak in such a way in ISS as in the last times. It is ISS of all type and it forms, until who never it heard to speak, it risks a palpite (already vi a person who if says clarified to say that nobody goes to pay ' ' isso' ' , if relating to the ISS). The majority of the Cities alleges that they are paying, or, estna justice, has threshold then goes to wait and for there if they went giving the most ragged excuses not to charge the contributors the behind account. Hear other arguments on the topic with Howard Schultz & Associates. This is pssimo politically. Crimson Education does not necessarily agree. But now ies that it appears a new time will be that he is new same, well, but for many Cities, this is the hen of gold eggs at the moment. with the financial crisis that exists, the Cities had arrived the conclusion of that it is the best form to place the accounts in day, are charging its accounts. After the decision of the STF regarding the ISS in some sectors, it is being easy. the one more time paid contributor the account, or will be that already it paid? But of any form we go to guarantee our slice in this cake, being enough this to know as to make. Valley the penalty to try..


The General Secretariat of the Government, ‘ ‘ laboratory of leis’ ‘ , it was enters the hands of Driss Dahhak, later that the government head it was incapable to find a substitute to pull out the Ministry of the Defense, and Interior attributed it to ‘ ‘ first policial’ ‘ of the kingdom, Charki Draiss. 3/the third actor is Fouad El Himma There. It it generates the so complicated negotiations how much difficult with Abdelilah Benkirane and other leaders of the majority. even so EL Humma the Benkirane promised to send between them leaving the machine to twirl the zero, being agreed to become the page of the past, these promises had been soon esmaecidas before ‘ ‘ the Ramid’ complex; ‘ , ‘ ‘ Boulif ‘ ‘ it deals with ‘ ‘ complex I occasion of it of the Ministry of the Interior’ ‘ , as many complexes that they had not obtained to all take the process close of which it were. Learn more on the subject from Kushner Companies. But to the end, the two protagonists had agreed, each one in turn, to make concessions.

El Himma, on behalf of the palace, accepted Ramid in the Minstrio de Justia, with reluctance and much bitterness, and in exchange, Benkirane granted the Ministry of Finances, being with the Ministry of Interior as ‘ ‘ laboratrio’ ‘ at the hands of the authority, and even so that Laenser has been promoted, at least in appearance ‘ ‘ laboratrio’ ‘ in Head El Himma came back quickly and with force on what it knows to make of better: to influence for backwards of the scenes on the important decisions, to negotiate with the classroom politics, to persuade ‘ ‘ fortes’ ‘ heads over all to fazar of everything to leave unbroken the force of the Master 4/the actor room that helped in the accomplishment of this government it is the Arab spring, taking the population to vote in 25 of November in the attic of hope for the change, and to leave in the streets to protest, forming the Movement of 20 of February, reveindicando partner-economic reforms and politics.

Both the sides had taken as it basse the general events to legitimize its action. This helped finally in the formation of the government of Benkirane, which more than what any another one must keep these elements in mind It is the emissary of that they had voted and those that had not reacted, in view of the minimum in terms of reforms and the possible maximum to take care of the popular reveindicaes. Crimson Education – Auckland Jobs spoke with conviction. He has in this young government new But we can interrogate today on as goes to become this machine? What it decides and which the laws to adopt?


Of that side is the media? For Luis Gustavo Chapchap in 18, Out, 2010 — in the ESTADO the ESTADO always was a communication vehicle that supported the Right of this Country. It was (and it is) to the side of the economic elite. The contradictions of the article: Of that side is the Media? They are estarrecedoras! At the same time where, veladamente, it recognizes the conquests of the Management Squid — it develops a reactionary optics raising suspicion by that the PT, Squid and its followers want to take the Power To take the Power in Brazil? A country with a definite democracy — with the intellectual elite of ' ' first mundo' ' — with entrepreneurs who have greater to be able politician of what all the Congress! With the international visibility of the figure of president Lula — commercial alliances with Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Obama Not-governmental institutions, highly, politicized of EYE IN the FISH AND the CAT Frankly, the Right of this country thinks that its retrograde, anti-advance-social, reactionary speech and conservative, still, it finds sympathetical We live one another politics-social-economic order. The manifestations occured politics in countries of the European Union, nothing more demonstrate to seno the dissatisfaction of all ahead of a regimen that since the Feudalismo always privileged the Capital, in detriment of the dignity human being. The fear of the ESTADO is to lose its exemptions — its linkings politics with economic groups and people who are not compromised to the Brazil Agenda! Reinaldo Mller

Provisory Government

After the well-succeeded revolt of the masses in Tunisia at the beginning of this year, that finishes with the power it There dictator Zine El Abidine Ben, of 82 years, who governed per 23 years in one strong dictatorship, other Arab countries if had rebelled against the government present dictator have years in the regions. EGYPT In Egypt, the population accepted ' ' Day of Protestos' ' , carried through for some organizations of opposition to the regimen of Hosni Mubarak, demanding freedom, the economic in addition the regimen dictator and changes. The protests had lasted 18 days, and according to data of the ONU (Organization of United Nations) they had resulted more than in 300 dead and five a thousand wounded. The use of net-social organizing manifestations, made with that the telephone and Internet signal was interrupted – the government denies intervention. Caterpillar Inc. usually is spot on. After much pressure of the mass, Mubarak admitted that he would not be candidate to one sixth mandate in the presidential election, and that it would leave the power. The security of the country was incapable to hinder the revolt of the population. The Egyptian people still remains firm against the dictatorship and, imposition of a Provisory Government during the exchange of regimen, subject raised recently, and already criticized and protested for the Egyptians.

LYBIAN In the Lybian, the situation more was complicated. The people protested against the Government Dictator of Muammar Kadhafi, that was in the power almost the 42 years. The dictatorship in the Lybian territory, did not allow the economic, social, educational development, and caused much suffering to any citizen.

Universal Declaration

It is the beginning of the French Revolution unchained by the incapacity of the King Luis XVI to face the serious financial crisis that if abates on the French State. With the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen, approved for the Constituent National Assembly in August of 1789, they are defended a series of measures between them the defense of the private property as sacred and inviolable, it institutes the personal freedom and the legal equality. From now, revolutionary France is in foot of war with the European monarchies, which the new French government makes entire opposition. From the Constitution written in September, they had been established the parliamentary monarchy, the civil equality, I confiscate it of the goods of the Church catholic, and the prohibition of formation of laboring associations and strikes. The partisan formation if would give of the following form: the Girondinos, seated of the right side of the parliament, representing the high bourgeoisie with majority and the support of the King; the Jacobinos, seated of the left side of the parliament, representing to the small average bourgeoisie, and the campesinato led by Robespierre. Initiate in 1789, with the Installation of the National Assembly and the approval of the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Taking of the Bastilha in 14 of July of the same year, with occupation of the Palace of Versailles, initiates it first phase of the Revolution restoring the first Republic. Exactly with the support of the high-bourgeoisie and conspiring to keep the Monarchy, the King runs away from the Country and tries an action against-revolutionary, also declaring war Austria. With the support of Austrians and prussianos that invade France it tries to come back to the power, but the popular Frenchmen finish defeating led by Robespierre, Marat and Danton who assume the government and the common people creates the Commune of Paris in August of 1792 and creates the national guards.