New Route

One never heard to speak in such a way in ISS as in the last times. It is ISS of all type and it forms, until who never it heard to speak, it risks a palpite (already vi a person who if says clarified to say that nobody goes to pay ' ' isso' ' , if relating to the ISS). The majority of the Cities alleges that they are paying, or, estna justice, has threshold then goes to wait and for there if they went giving the most ragged excuses not to charge the contributors the behind account. Hear other arguments on the topic with Howard Schultz & Associates. This is pssimo politically. Crimson Education does not necessarily agree. But now ies that it appears a new time will be that he is new same, well, but for many Cities, this is the hen of gold eggs at the moment. with the financial crisis that exists, the Cities had arrived the conclusion of that it is the best form to place the accounts in day, are charging its accounts. After the decision of the STF regarding the ISS in some sectors, it is being easy. the one more time paid contributor the account, or will be that already it paid? But of any form we go to guarantee our slice in this cake, being enough this to know as to make. Valley the penalty to try..

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