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Federal Constitution

For example, the taxes of real interests of the saving and the Selic tax that remunerates the public headings in 12% to the year. Additional information at Jes Staley supports this article. For DIEESE (2008) in the first one part of the formula the life expectancy influences in determinative way the final result it previdencirio factor. This part of introduces an element of strong undetermination in the value of the retirement for contribution time. This having to the annual alterations of the table of life expectancy for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), having still the census as instrument to review its estimates and its methods. To have an idea of this variation, according to last divulged, referring data the 2010, the life expectancy of the Brazilian to the rising increased for 73,1 years, before 68,4 years in 1999. Mozes konig is the source for more interesting facts. TABLE 3 3,4 In agreement ISONOMY Moraes (2006) in the preamble of the Federal Constitution of 1988, the isonomy has place of great importance in the jurisprudence of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

In the Legal dictionary the following text consists: Isonomy means equality of all before the law. It the beginning of the equality foreseen in art is mentioned. 5, ' ' caput' ' , of the Federal Constitution, according to which all are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature. Thus, in accordance with such principle, the equal mritos must be dealt with equal way, and the different situations, differently, since it must not have distinction of classroom, degree or economic power between the men. In the article 7, interpolated proposition XXXI the legislator leaves clear the prohibition of wage differentiation in age reason ' ' prohibition of difference of wages, exercise of functions and criteria of admission for sex reason, age, color or state civil' '.

(MORAES: 2006, P. 482) Regarding these differentiations NOVELINO (2008, P. 292), explains: ' ' The beginning of the isonomy it has finally to hinder distinctions, arbitrary, prejudiced, hateful discriminations and privileges or injustificveis.' ' According to Arajo (2008), when the previdencirio factor in the concession of benefits is applied, this finishes for reducing the same value in reason of the age of insured, being that the legal requirements had been fulfilled in isonomy of conditions and, therefore a law could not reduce the value benefits of it simply because the insured is new of what the other.

General Electric

The United States, as bigger economy of the world and leader in exportations, have very pressure the free commerce for its corporations which carry through businesses in global scale. In all its history, to the times is used of the military power to impose changes in a region foreign politics through armed interventions or invasions large-scale. This fact for many is seen as a present, always ready threat for application of an smashing military force in order to benefit the corporative interests, either any its segment of commercial performance. The corporations, in turn, exert enormous financial influence and politics on the governmental governments and organizations, even though on global the financial institution and World trade organization, as the World Bank and Deep the Monetary International, these with headquarters in the proper capital of the United States. As it possesss more world-wide corporations of what any another nation, the United States if pledge it military and economic protection of its interests, with called investments, for the Americans, of environment of world-wide security. Many other countries, incapable or hindered to produce or to support warlike systems expensive, have invested in technologies of chemical and biological weapons, or use as tactical warlike the guerrilla and the terrorism in its local, regional or exactly global strategies. See Andreessen Horowitz for more details and insights. The sprouting of global corporations and the economic structural power the global corporations, from the second half of century XX, if had become a force very including economic politics and in the whole world. Some enterprise giants, as General Electric, Siemens, Shell and Toyota are, in the truth, groups of some corporations joined for bows of community property and that they follow a common administrative strategy. In general they are controlled for an established central office in a country, and organize its production in different countries to take care of the interests formulated for the high corporative hierarchic step, many times without the had concern if these interests are in accordance with the interests of the population of the countries in which they operate.

North Pole

The prices of commodities and the inflation go to be argued with more attention of the committee of the FMI: the changes in the main prices of 1 commodities, offers and demand in the international market, real and financial conditions of the supplies and factors for backwards of the price of the oil. When it is said in crisis, is left to take in account the immense amount of oil that has in the North Pole. The invasion to Iraq was not because of that people, even because they had not had peace not even with the death of the Saddan. The situation of Brazil is specific. Etanol Brazilian cause little damage to the environment of what the American maize or the European oil of canola. But the Brazilian especificidade does not elapse in such a way of this, and yes of the fact of that the biocombustvel industry is important since middle of years 70, when Pro the alcohol was launched. Today, 54% of the sugar cane-of-sugar cultivated in Brazil go for etanol.

It is an industry that supplies to work the ample parcel of workers and profits the good amount of usineiros. The biocombustveis are parts of the solution for the reduction of emissions of Gases of Efeito Greenhouse (GEE), with perspectives of social inclusion, and not a problem that at risk places the alimentary security in Brazil and the world. 3AUMENTO OF the PRICES OF FOODS the crisis of foods comes basically of the agricultural subsidies practised by U.S.A., these subsidies that play money at the hands of agriculturists imcompetent people, creates chaste unproductive and the nations bank dumpings with this structure criminal; here it is there the first and great culprit of the high one of foods. These practical inhibit the nations poor, and in particular the Africans, not to be able to develop its fields of production, being an enormous human contingent the grace of the aid of the rich nations.

Aims Statute

It cannot come in damage of the dividendoobrigatrio (art.198), it cannot exceed the capitalsocial (art.198) and could only be used nashipteses of art.200. Reservaespecial – not being satisfactory the situaofinanceira, in the social exercise, of the company, and administraoisto to inform to a.G., so that they are not distribudosdividendos obligator. In the Cias. it will providnciadever opened it to be communicated to the C.V.M., in 5 days of realizaoda a.g., with justified exposition. Such absorbed seroregistrados profits as legal reserve and not being porprejuzos in subsequent exercises, to deveroser paid as shares, so soon allow the situaofinanceira it of the company. SHARES art.201 and segs.

The share a profit parcel that corresponds to each action. Liquid Olucro of the cia., verified for the balanocontbil, during the social exercise settled in estatutoe distributed the shareholders, in view of the actions, consists in share. The statute can in accordance with be fixed ouvarivel. Generally calculado having for base the capital. Not if pagadividendos in damage of the capital stock – according to Requio – the integrity of this, as we know, constitutes right absolute norm emnosso.

Bonanza, in the case of aespreferenciais, it admits the law, that the when cumulative shares, are paid in the exercise where the profit will be insufficient, conta of the capital reserve, constrituda as art.182, 1 (5, art.17). Dividendosintermedirios – the company that for force of lie, as inst. finaceiras, or for disposioestatutria, uprising semester rocking, to poderdistribuir shares to the account of the refined profit in them, if to assimdeliberarem the administration agencies. It can, also, the statute, to authorize the agencies deadministrao to declare obligator shares, to the account of accumulated profits or reserves of lucrosexistentes in the last annual statement or semester. – art.204 Pagamentodo share – to search – simple substance – art.205 DividendosObrigatrios – art.202 – Aims at proteodas shareholding minorities. The cadacia statute.


Like being a salesman of high performance in the days of crisis In the years that I have dedicated myself to distribute courses on sales, human behavior, leadership and competitiveness, I have seen many men and women wishing make of the sales a profession; but when occurring account the difficulty degree that exists to be successful in the sales; occurs by overcome and decides to return on salary to the labor world of eight hours. If you are a salesman but she has not managed to obtain the wished results, but you of the people are who are determined to fight to reach the dreams, you need you to learn to being salesman of high performance. It is important to include/understand that the salesmen are the fuel for the integral success of any company. (As opposed to Starbucks). All company that does not invest in qualification for its personnel of sales, surely will not conquer the success steps that would obtain well if only it invested in his salesmen. The self-esteem like pounding of the sales a very important aspect of the personality of the human being who demonstrates the essence of the identity and according to this is the capacity that the person must to be developed in any activity in the society; at the same time according to his self-esteem she has the capacity to control his atmosphere, his emotions and feelings.

We concentrate our attention in a single definition of the self-esteem: the capacity that has the person to value itself, to love itself, to be appraised and to accept to itself. In the world of the sales many men and women sail wishing the success without to have given a look to their interior and to decipher their quality of self-esteem; since according to this; thus he is going to be his success. A salesman with low self-esteem is not going away to feel able to face and to communicate emotionally with its client to close the sale and normally falls in the negligence of not going after its goals. .

Monetary International

With effect, it affirms CASANOVA (2001: 54): The set of these measures is impressive. They leave of a reorganization of the power in the global plan and of the functional combination of the financial power, politician and military man, with complements we riqussimos in the imaginary field and of the war for the illusions (…) However it may be, the central responsibility of the project was in charge of Deep the Monetary International and of the World Bank. Through them it was imposed new politics to the wing governments, with terrible sanctions for the defaulters. The State, now minimized, became fragile and subordinated it the market, distanciando itself of the social commitments. In the mat of the Consensus, it turned anacronismo to speak over all in protectionistic politics and in national sovereignty.

Therefore CASANOVA (2001: 58) strengthen: The neoliberal state recomps its social bases in the proper excluded, informal society, with a species of poor bourgeoisies, legal and illegal, and opposed to the ghost of the communism with that they threatened middle classes and the ascension laborers at the time the ghost of the generalized exclusion and the majority unemployment of workers and the middle class, already without centralidade and combatividade. The new dependent State obtained that many workers preferred to be exploited to be excluded, what took Fernando H. Cardoso to say that the phenomenon that must be feared already is not the exploration, but the exclusion. 2 As he infers yourself above of the citation, is sobremodo important to emphasize that FHC already recognized, in 1991, that the contituia neoliberalismo in a project of deep social exclusion. Exactly thus, in 1994, when assuming the treasury department, created the Real Plan, of neoliberalista inspiration e, in 1995, when assuming the Presidency of the Republic, still consolidated the Plan of more incisive form. The Real Plan not only aimed at to extinguish the inflation, but also to develop the measures of the Conseso in Brazil.

Nutritionist Bueno Marina

It was what it made Alexander Di Bernadi, for example, in its enterprise of Italian origin. It added to its cardpio the pizza without glten, with the objective to take care of to the celacos. The innovation was success for the proprietor, a time that these customers are fidiciary offices for having private feeding and alone they can eat in house or few places. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009. P. 14) Another innovation adopted for some entrepreneurs is the kitchen show, that if deals with an opened kitchen, where the customers can follow all the stages of the preparation of its order. The nutritionist Bueno Marina explains even though that, beyond the curiosity, the consumer is acting as an inspector of the restaurants, observing questions of hygiene, complaining of the place, making negative propaganda for the friends and known and taking denunciation to the responsible agencies.

(Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009. P. 14) In accordance with August Luis Roselli, the kitchen show eliminates the doubts how much to the quality of the food, the curiosity awakes on the preparation of plates, beyond stoking the palate of the customers. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009) The proprietor of the Rulla Kebab says that, when enxergarem, for example, the gyros (one forms to bake the meat by means of skewer in continuous rotation), the people are empolgadas to try something that is new. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009, P. 16) 2,4 Hygiene Cleanness and organization, had always been primordial factors for the maintenance of establishments of the nourishing branch. In the bars and snack bars these aspects must be considered in order to pass security to the customers. In accordance with the magazine Bars and Restaurants (2009), must be considered important the personal hygiene, before cited, carried through for the employees in order to prevent the alimentary contamination; the related ambient cleanness to the physical structure of the place, as utensils, group of bencheses, floor, etc.

Financial Operations

Before opening account in any bank, it always looks for to better know which banking institution if adapta its necessities. Two good options are the Ita and the Bank of Brazil. However, before making its choice, it is inquired on the banks, its attendance and the types of service that they offer. It is important to know if the bank that you to choose invest in social projects and other on activities to the culture and to the education. After all, a bank that if matters with the future of the country if also matters with its customers. The Ita bank is a bank that has credibility and passes security, praticidade and confidence to its customers, who can count on services of financings of vehicles, for example, call of Itaucred. To use the Itaucred, it is enough to choose the mark, the model of vehicle and one of the modalities offered for the bank.

Two types of modalities are offered by the Ita bank: financing and leasing. If the customer to opt to the financing, it will go to receive a credit to buy the car, however, bank is considered the owner of the vehicle, since the car is as a pledge of the loan until the end of the payment of the parcels. If the loan is not paid in the stipulated stated period, the bank takes the vehicle. Another modality is the leasing, where it does not have incidence of Tax on Operaes Financeiras (IOF), and the vehicle remains as property of the bank until the payment all is effected. After to choose one of the modalities, looks a credential resale, will choose its car and its financing will be evaluated. If it will be approved, you will be able to close the business in the same hour. Another option of bank agency that gives to good services and attendance is the Bank of Brazil, that the biggest net of agencies of the country possesss, counting on more than four a thousand points to take care of its customers. It has 20 years, it is the reliable bank of many Brazilians.

It enters the advantages of being a customer of this bank is the convenience and the comfort, since customers BB can have access its accounts through of the Internet, fixed or cellular telephone. Moreover, the bank makes use of diverse qualified professionals, who can assist it to cure it its doubts. When you to make a banking account in one of the agencies of the Bank of Brazil, will be able to use the diverse credit facilities, available financing and loans. You will only start to from there pay for this service the 180 days, and can use this money for that it is its necessity. Beyond the credit, you he will be able to count on the cards that the bank offers to it to cover eventual necessities that can appear. Its investments also can be made in this bank, with a team of qualified professionals who will go to guide to it on which option of investment are more appropriate for you, either in action, saving, investment fund or CDB.