North Pole

The prices of commodities and the inflation go to be argued with more attention of the committee of the FMI: the changes in the main prices of 1 commodities, offers and demand in the international market, real and financial conditions of the supplies and factors for backwards of the price of the oil. When it is said in crisis, is left to take in account the immense amount of oil that has in the North Pole. The invasion to Iraq was not because of that people, even because they had not had peace not even with the death of the Saddan. The situation of Brazil is specific. Etanol Brazilian cause little damage to the environment of what the American maize or the European oil of canola. But the Brazilian especificidade does not elapse in such a way of this, and yes of the fact of that the biocombustvel industry is important since middle of years 70, when Pro the alcohol was launched. Today, 54% of the sugar cane-of-sugar cultivated in Brazil go for etanol.

It is an industry that supplies to work the ample parcel of workers and profits the good amount of usineiros. The biocombustveis are parts of the solution for the reduction of emissions of Gases of Efeito Greenhouse (GEE), with perspectives of social inclusion, and not a problem that at risk places the alimentary security in Brazil and the world. 3AUMENTO OF the PRICES OF FOODS the crisis of foods comes basically of the agricultural subsidies practised by U.S.A., these subsidies that play money at the hands of agriculturists imcompetent people, creates chaste unproductive and the nations bank dumpings with this structure criminal; here it is there the first and great culprit of the high one of foods. These practical inhibit the nations poor, and in particular the Africans, not to be able to develop its fields of production, being an enormous human contingent the grace of the aid of the rich nations.

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