Articles from: August 2017

Field Marketing Strategies: Try Before You Buy

The "sampling" or "sampling" is a field marketing strategy that proposes an approach face to face with the consumer, and encourages him to try before you buy. In this type of field marketing, is the client who has the opportunity to explain the features and benefits of the product or service you're testing. On or marketing field offers sales and positioning resource for each product or service. It is for us to find out what that best fits our business. The "product sampling" or "product sampling, as we might translate it into Spanish, place the product in the hands and minds of potential consumers. What products does the sampling? The works for products that require more than just being placed on the shelves of the supermarket or store to be consumed.

Products that require a demonstration of their virtues that must be seen running to see what it is, to be tested to assess their quality. New products must compete with these "old friends" that consumers buy because they already know. That's what the sampling: to bring into play the senses and let consumers be their own sales. What are the benefits of sampling? Increased sales Opportunities to establish direct contact with the customer opportunity to measure the client's immediate reaction to the competitive product profile Increased brand show what and where? Any space is ripe for a "product sampling, supermarkets, shops in the street at the train station, some universities, pubs and bars, fairs and festivals, where there are crowds of people, wherever more appropriate for the brand. Where the target of the product is, where we find our audience, there is performed the sampling strategy. Just as there are no limits of place to go to do sampling, any product or service I can offer a face to face with the customer. From packaged goods to fresh produce, field marketing companies specializing in offer solutions for all types of product.

Director Market

Thanks to the wide range of offer and the favourable conditions Photovoltaikgeschafte could conveyed last Jahr international with a total volume of nearly 40 megawatts or 120 million euros. The customers appreciate in particular the service of more than 30 pvXchange employees who accompany each individual transaction personally and professional. In addition to trading the Photovoltaikspezialisten distributed in Europe, Asia and the United States offer technical and strategic consulting, market information and project realization their customers. In the new year, the domestic photovoltaic market comes slow in motion. At Kevin Johnson you will find additional information. The desire to buy the end customer was still very subdued in the first 2 months. Last but not least is the prices, which are not noticeably dropped since December 2007″, reports Martin Schachinger, Managing Director of pvXchange GmbH. is a price reduction on the part of the manufacturer at the moment, but an important prerequisite for the economic viability of a newly constructed PV installation. Like every year are stipulated in the EEG in 2008 Reimbursement rates has been reduced by 5% to 6.5%.

Stagnant prices the expected return for the operation of a solar plant on a minimum be evaporated but, so there is little incentive currently for German operator to invest in photovoltaic and to build its own facility.” The Germans, like the foreign suppliers of solar modules concentrate at the moment on the Spanish market, where it hopes for better returns and higher rates. PvXchange is of the opinion: “The prices are too high!”. It appeals urgently to manufacturers to disclose the production costs reduced by mass production and efficiency to the dealers and installers. Otherwise, a slump is the market, which has made large and financially strong many manufacturers international in the near future in Germany – to expect. Martin Schachinger rejects to pull back on the part of the provider to higher energy costs and higher spending on sales and marketing. There is very innovative and sleek forms in the Internet age Merchandise distribution, which eliminate the need for high staff, travel costs and other expenses of marketing.” One of these options a slim sales provides pvXchange with its vendor-independent online trading platform. pvXchange brings together vendors and prospective purchasers of the solar industry since early 2005. Only professional companies, such as manufacturers, distributors and installers will be addressed. Thereby the pvXchange GmbH itself offers no goods, but acts as an intermediary between the over 1500 participants of the Internet portal.

Chinese Economy

Jose Silveira de Oliveira was reading on the Chinese economy and observed that China today is buying many companies in Brazil deals to keep it external. I not only believe that in Brazil, but in some countries of third world also. Hear from experts in the field like Jonas Samuelson for a more varied view. That is the call globalizado world, that our parents not yet it knew to use to advantage due delays to it in our market. We live of an informal economy, where many people survive vendendo some thing. Job this nor if speaks, this very difficult for the young and the ones that have continue being under employment, where the wage base of the worker is of R$ 540,00 (Real). We see the opportunists who are the proper government with its showy competitions with tax of the highest registration, where many poor persons cannot make due at the cost of the registration, and much lie makes a lying proclamation, later does not pass nothing of the announced one. Some vendem its television to pay the value.

Politicians who only think about itself the nation and its people are in fifth plan, while they create factions to give themselves well, where already if it saw a party with acronym PSB to vote against the people and in favor of the government minimum wage of R$ 540,00 Reals if its ideology it is of the social one as can be this? Can this is one politics of conchavos, all want to give themselves well, and the people? It swims, has that to work to support this corja of LADRES-SAFADOS. Seeing, Sarney prefers the minimum wage to you of R$ 540,00 to be able to sobrar money to distribute positions of the government for allies and vagabonds. THIS IS OURS POLITICS. These disembarassed do not think about the people While the Chinese who liveed in United States and Brazil, where they believed that they would be the parents of the future, very turned parents delayed with much violence and corruption and DISEMBARASSED politicians stealing and finishing with the national industry and the wealth of the nation. .

PDCA Quality

We notice then that the quality is a constant evolution, a continuous improvement and that it passes for all the processes of a company, an evolution also of the products, each time better and that it has little imperfections, an evolution also of the systems of management of the quality and other systems beyond this, and finally, an evolution of the proper one human being, therefore the continuous improvement passes first for the treunamento, as well as already paraphrased Deming: ' ' To get Quality she is necessary to train, to train and to continue treinando.' ' The human being became it main tool them companies to get quality! To plan is the current word, to get quality in everything is necessary to learn to plan! Now we are emphatical in saying that the quality is a cost when we produce without planning, when we have haste in making and later we have that to remake. quality is also a prescription, when we work with the prevention, with the planning and management inside of a cycle PDCA and for we obtain to reach the objectives of organization, but what this, more than consegumos the full satisfaction of the customer. Now I come back the eyes again mine plaquinha in my table. I more than think that, what a cost or a prescription, still I have much, much to help in this constant way in search of the continuous improvement of my company, partners, customers and employees..