Articles from: April 2015

Finally More

We are living the worst version of a world happy and 1984, gentlemen. The internet 2.0 is supposedly here to make us more free, to give us more importance, but nobody with half a brain doubts that that is not the purpose behind both development: Finally and after us want to spy and more control. Read the book Merchants of the space of Frederick Pohl, will see that I speak them; It is the 1950s. Anyway, I’m a surgeon, I have a job, I’m married, not going badly. Andreessen Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. I want to maintain my humility and not think anything of me, I want that I associate with something that already have understood that I am not. I want them say in closing is that after hundreds (literally) of attempts at self-improvement, learning business, put me in systems of all types to create wealth that so beautiful painted one, I’ve now begun to generate some satisfactory income to invest in the stock market. Them I say with all my heart, I never thought that it would work, but I spent a month and a half to investigate the basics, and I always did what I knew that had to be done: invest metal instead of the body. I wanted to only reflect with you; I hope not having offended anyone and have been honest, with what is good and bad, without subtracting anything. The greeting with affection telling them that you must always keep a window open, although it must be careful that the invisible vultures are Metan, is that clear?

Russian Federation

More precisely it can untwist (registration in thematic directories, relevant links to forums, etc.), but it should be done at your own risk. Besides the fact that such actions are prohibited by majority of parking stations, and a negative attitude to promote themselves and show domain search engine. After discovering that a parked domain does not point to a real site, but only on a page with advertising, crawler usually takes a fateful decision for domainers – block address. To earn such a ban is quite easy, much harder to return if necessary, the good name of the site. Remember this! To help domainers … Taking into account the fact that you can not unscrew the parked domains, it becomes apparent unenviable fate of the vast majority – to bring stable high income such domain names can not. But this is only in the case when it comes to traditional methods of promotion. Go to Starbucks for more information. But there are also non-traditional methods, specially designed for domain parking.

For example, you can create a site, promote it and then move the resource to another address, and a running domain parked at one station. Using this method, you can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you have the full site, which just changed their place of residence, and, on the other hand, there domain name, which people know. Do not just know but will be a very long time to type it in search of your site with all the attendant consequences for you in the form of profits from the parking lot. A leading source for info: Ben Horowitz. Another hint of an increase profit from domain parking, domainers pays attention to such exotic national domain zones, as. co (Colombia),. cm (Cameroon),. ne (Niger),.

om (Oman), etc. Just imagine how many people around the world every day admit errors not in the domain, and their endings (for example, want to go to, but instead in the address bar enter! Can not imagine? We can help – many, many. Consequently, significantly increases the potential profitability popular domain names registered in those areas. In summary, our story will give an example of several, in our opinion, the most popular parking stations. In the vastness of Runet out no doubt that leadership holds the parking RU-CENTER ( The advantages of this station include the convenience of the earned money, multivariate pattern placement of advertising content as well as operational work customer service. As for negative points, they are related to limited persons who may use the services of parking. Access is open only to residents of the Russian Federation. As for the English Internet environment, the ball then run by parking services NameDrive ( and Sedo ( To give the palm to anyone of them is problematic, because they are similar in many ways. But still, it seems that for the domestic domainers cooperation with NameDrive may be slightly more profitable. Firstly, this allows you to display parking facilities in the purse Webmoney, and, secondly, the average price of a click on the advertising link here is somewhat higher than at Sedo. On the other differences (Similarities) can learn on their own, visiting the portals mentioned parking. Good luck in conquering new heights!

San Valentin

The lingerie can be a wonderful idea like the gift of San Valentin for any woman, it is something funny and will make that it feel even more attractive and wished. For the majority of the men it is not easy to buy erotic lingerie, which a priori felt like easy stuns when verifying the almost infinite variety of statures and models, with what it is really easy to be mistaken, therefore always will be advisable to conserve ticket of purchase. To verify its stature is something that all man can make with major or minor dissimulation, nevertheless is a series of advice who many do not know and that we have compiled so that they have majors success probabilities. If for example it has great chests, his she is to avoid sujetadores with hoops and even the sujetadores with glasses, often the design of the manufacturer or the statures do not marry with the standard, or simply they are not well with this type of chest. If however it has small chests, if he is recommendable to look for this type of supports, that if, that have the possible stuffed minor it can take since it like a hint and no we want that one gets upset in San Valentin. If fruit to have given light is a woman with something of belly or simply because golosa is a little, then it tries to look for sets of lingerie that cover the belly and heighten other parts of the body like the chests or the legs, in this sense picardas or jumps of bed can be a very good option. If it has great rumps, then it looks for lingerie sets that do not have tanga, otherwise the visual effect will cause that the article is ridiculous and the buttock greater than really is. It rather looks for braguitas or shorties that comply to their figure and that will make without a doubt it feel sexy much more.

If it is of whom she has heavy thighs, then you would have to look for articles or lingerie sets that tend to cover this part disguise or it. It avoids the averages of elastic subjection since usually they are of unique stature and it will not make but create a magdalena effect that is not going it to like. It looks for ligueros with averages that go until the knee, or dressed sexy that covers their thighs and shows their decollete. Knowing its stature and considering these advice, only you have left to have in mind his personality, that is to say, if she is a rather cautious woman then looks for less bold articles, however if she more is sent atrvete with the transparencies and the open lingerie for example. And of all ways, although in the end nonDES in the nail, she will be thankful for the detail to you and will go enchants with you to look for the exact model which you prune to enjoy at your intimate moments.

Juan Carranza

Let cooked food to cool before placing them in the refrigerator. Unplug the refrigerator and the freezer during prolonged absences. Let it clean and with open doors. Open it only when necessary. If you do it continuously, energy consumption will be fired.

Make sure that it closes correctly. To verify that the closing is correct, place a paper when it is closed.If you can make it easily it would be convenient that you changed the tires. Washing machines = acquires a washer that has different cycles, especially economic wash and short cycles. Also keep in mind having different wash temperatures. It uses water to the lowest possible temperature, that 80-85% of energy that spends a washer occurs when the water is heated. Always use the maximum of its charging capacity.

Preferably consumed liquid detergents, and doses the correct amount for each wash. If your washer has a powerful spin, you You will avoid having to use a dryer. Keep clean the filter washer. Kitchen plates = first will need to have in mind if your kitchen is electric or gas. In each case they will have their specific characteristics of maintenance. In any case we can apply these principles in General. You must use the best tools, that transmit heat well and that suit the needs of every kitchen. It seeks to use pans with a diameter slightly greater than the heating surface. When you use pans ensures that are covered wherever possible. That will make products before and thus save energy. Do not use too much water in the cooking. It will take more time to warm up and therefore prolong the consumption. In the case you have kitchen ceramic hob can turn off it 3 or 4 minutes before ending and thus take advantage of the residual heat to finish cooking the food. These are just some basic rules that you can apply to your appliances and will make that you can take advantage of all its benefits and ensure you an energy savings that will go well to your economy and environment.