Articles from: February 2012

The Board

Once warmed up and under- dry soil, over a row of asparagus rolls form a height of 20-25 cm for the Earth filling should be easy, with no lumps and stones to escape is not bent. And then follow daily the condition of the soil surface. Surface and sidewall well dropping the board to the cracks on a flat surface to determine the place of harvest ready to shoot. As soon as the cracks, the plants carefully, "razokuchivayut" cut and blanched sprouts, being careful not to damage roots and buds. This so-called white asparagus. After cutting the shaft shoots once again formed, and the day is necessary to watch out for new shoots. The following charges carried by N 2-day.

It is important that the shafts were not weeds, they interfere with the "catch point" appearance of these cracks. In the late harvest shoots appear on the surface and green. By the way, is much easier to clean green asparagus: for it does not need walls – shoots are cut at the surface ground when they reach 18-20 cm The main thing that was not disbanded head to escape. Therefore, collect the green asparagus on a daily basis, leaving the beds, even the weak shoots. allowed a combined way, when in the first period clean white fruiting shoots, while the second – in the middle of June – green 15-18 cm in length after every 5-6 charges spend feeding mineral and organic fertilizers. From late June stop harvesting. Green asparagus must cut very close to the ground before the leaflets open.

Paint: Oil, Enamel, Latex

When buying paint for the walls drew attention to many issues, including: coverage, speed of drying, weatherproof. Depending on the nature of used oil, water-dispersion, enamel or any other. Each has its pluses and minuses. Oil paint for the walls – it is a suspension of pigment and binder. Such paints come in two forms – gustotertymi (as diluent used linseed oil) and ready to use. The basis of oil paints is linseed oil – combined, natural or Oksol. Natural linseed oil, used for gustotertyh paints.

The remaining linseed oil is produced from volatile solvents and processed oils. On the bank of paint indicate what type of varnish was used. Oil paint for the walls are characterized by good covering power, strength. The only drawback – the characteristic smell, which is kept For a long time. They recommend that you use to paint the exterior walls. Enamel paints are made on the basis of the varnish.

It is composed of different pigments and solvents. Produced several varieties enamel paints: nitroemali, alkyd enamel. After drying, they form a solid shiny glossy or matte layer. Such paint is fast drying – 15 to 45 minutes. Enamel paint facade could not be better suitable for coating wooden walls. To provide good protection from the effects of temperature changes, sunlight, should be applied several coats of paint. Enamels are also used in areas with high humidity. Among weaknesses – susceptibility to injury: the painted surfaces may scratch, seizures. Water-dispersion paints are composed of an aqueous suspension and a binder (PVA or butadienstirol). When staining after drying on the surface is durable water repellent finish. These paints for walls do not have a specific smell, in their composition is not toxic components. Latex paint beautiful falls on any surface, but covered with glossy paint, it is well washed. Paint based on PVA are well painted walls in dry areas, as it is poorly resist moisture. Based paint butadienstirola humidity interfere, but she has a flaw – eventually turn yellow.

Winter Forest

Advantages of construction of the winter forest known Russian masters from the ancient times. For houses and baths preferred to use the trees felled in winter, and not without good reason. At this time, the tree almost grows therefore, the trunk contains a minimal amount of juice and resin. There is also insects and parasites that can reduce the quality of the material. Wood Land and stronger. Significantly, and features of the workpiece. Frosty weather creates like a natural refrigerator, allowing the tree slowly change their properties. The process of drying wood is not as fast, respectively, no cracks.

Thus, the timber made of felled trees in winter, slowly decaying as the transport and storage, and during subsequent use in the service process. Handling them is easier, that affects the quality of production. Like a log and timber, made of the winter forest, differs best properties for construction. If you do log cabin home or a bath in this time of year, it settles evenly, the material as a result of tighter lies, no cracks. Likewise, the edged board, made of the winter forest, more dry, durable, no tar and no deformation, long maintained a light color. Lumber made from the winter logs, better sediment transport, long are your best qualities. In addition, they buy – more reliable, because there is no winter rains, which can damage the storage timber. Water contained in the tree is in a frozen state, and its significantly less than the summer.

Understand the winter wood or summer is not so easy, just like the quality wood from second-rate. By virtue of this is just a professional, so it makes sense to entrust the choice of building materials proven professionals. According to some telltale signs you can determine whether the proposed timber for winter working. The first is the current time of year. As a rule, By July the entire winter wood sold out, and the proposed timber or cut down in the summer, or subjected to long-term storage, due to conditions which are not so easy to achieve. It can only do this with a big clicker large warehouses. In addition, the freshly cut tree loses its quality rapidly if it is not oshkurit. The most suitable lumber for construction in the central part of Russia is a pine tree. And, applying high-tech processing of timber, the quality of all types of wood can be changed for the better.


Batteries – a source of electrical energy required to produce a spark when the engine plant, or in those rare cases, not when your generator does not produce sufficient power. Its principle is simple: Electrical energy is generated by a chemical reaction of two reagents, with the possibility of repeated recharging. When the battery is charged it to sit on the external circuit, while the reaction products recovered starting materials. The new or fully charged battery electrolyte density should be 1.24 g / cm in the summer and 1.28 g / cm in the winter. Do not forget that when the electrolyte level drops, there might be 2 reasons: 1) if the electrolyte is spilled, it is necessary to replenish the electrolyte, 2) if boiled away – it is better to add distilled water. For safety, never allow a strong reduction of the electrolyte in the battery, because under the covers cans accumulate a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, which is extremely explosive and can be ignited by the slightest spark, and it is dangerous. Nor can we strongly supercool battery, while inside active material of electrodes formed ice crystals, which are squeezing it out of the lattices, and it crumbles at the bottom of the battery.

Also be that the battery is completely discharged. If the battery does not charge for a long time, then to restore its performance will be. Causes a complete discharge may be operating with a faulty electrical (starter, alternator, etc.) or a long parking lot with lights on, tape, etc. To long time not to buy a new battery must be periodically cleaned of its upper surface, grease the pole of the battery with petroleum jelly, pull the wires on the terminals of the battery. The average lifetime for its correct maintenance for 5 years.