Winter Forest

Advantages of construction of the winter forest known Russian masters from the ancient times. For houses and baths preferred to use the trees felled in winter, and not without good reason. At this time, the tree almost grows therefore, the trunk contains a minimal amount of juice and resin. There is also insects and parasites that can reduce the quality of the material. Wood Land and stronger. Significantly, and features of the workpiece. Frosty weather creates like a natural refrigerator, allowing the tree slowly change their properties. The process of drying wood is not as fast, respectively, no cracks.

Thus, the timber made of felled trees in winter, slowly decaying as the transport and storage, and during subsequent use in the service process. Handling them is easier, that affects the quality of production. Like a log and timber, made of the winter forest, differs best properties for construction. If you do log cabin home or a bath in this time of year, it settles evenly, the material as a result of tighter lies, no cracks. Likewise, the edged board, made of the winter forest, more dry, durable, no tar and no deformation, long maintained a light color. Lumber made from the winter logs, better sediment transport, long are your best qualities. In addition, they buy – more reliable, because there is no winter rains, which can damage the storage timber. Water contained in the tree is in a frozen state, and its significantly less than the summer.

Understand the winter wood or summer is not so easy, just like the quality wood from second-rate. By virtue of this is just a professional, so it makes sense to entrust the choice of building materials proven professionals. According to some telltale signs you can determine whether the proposed timber for winter working. The first is the current time of year. As a rule, By July the entire winter wood sold out, and the proposed timber or cut down in the summer, or subjected to long-term storage, due to conditions which are not so easy to achieve. It can only do this with a big clicker large warehouses. In addition, the freshly cut tree loses its quality rapidly if it is not oshkurit. The most suitable lumber for construction in the central part of Russia is a pine tree. And, applying high-tech processing of timber, the quality of all types of wood can be changed for the better.

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