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Celebrate The First Of May In The Hostels In Rome

Another long weekend! Off to Rome! As you know, is the first of May is an important date in the labour movement. That is a statutory holiday and the work is called also day. So we treat ourselves is not studied and just celebrated this day of the year, not being worked on! If you want to spend this day not on the couch, you come to Rome. No other city celebrates the first of may as Rome – with thousands of people accompanied by good music on the Piazza San Giovanni in Rome! If you want to take advantage of the long weekend and plan to visit Rome, you will find no better date, and you can always count on our hostels in Rome. Add to your understanding with Djimon Hounsou. After the long party night you can enjoy really cozy accommodations or continue celebrating with other guests! It is a tradition to go to Rome on the first of may for many Italy and this year many surprises are expected on the Piazza San Giovanni. As you know, Italians to celebrate it. If you like Italian music and if you appreciate Italian mood, should This free concert don’t miss out, where to see the best artists. For them, this is a real counters fixture and the Festival, where the friends.

On the first of may, Piazza San Giovanni definitely has a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. The concert starts at three o’clock in the afternoon and lasts until deep into the night. Who have not managed to place can watch it live on TV. Saoirse Ronan often says this. It is also a tradition – all bars and cafes show concert in solidarity. Come to Rome and be incredible shows, in the first ranks during this it is worth! This year will be the concert of the famous Italian actor Sergio Castellitto (the family, the man who is looking for the star, Bella Martha, don’t move) moderated, which is very popular for his experience and his talent. Among the big names, the to the counters expected, one of the most famous is of course Vasco Rossi, symbol of Italy, who is back after a decade on the Piazza San Giovanni. Also there: Caparezza, the best Italian Rap artist, Irene Grandi, Stefano Bollani with his band, Nomad, Edoardo Bennato, motel connection, and many other famous Italian artists. It is also an unusual rock formation, composed by Manuel Agnelli by Afterhours Godano and Cristiano Gianni Moroccan by Marlene Kuntz, which present the new project ‘The country is real’.

The first of May is not only music and fun, but also a day of reflection and solidarity, and it be thought also of many victims – a highly topical theme – donations will be collected for this purpose. Would you like to spend an unforgettable day in Rome? The beautiful Italian music and real Italian soul is waiting for you – come to Rome. is still free places at the hostel in Rome. Spend a beautiful day with the feast of music! And visit the eternal city on this occasion. Book a B & B and budget hostels in Rome on our website! The weary backpackers will have it to appreciate, in the comfortable beds to recover camping Village Roma offers beds from Euro 15,00! Have fun wishes the!

Landsberger Strasse

Capitalized Internet portal of the 1 is Munich week for mental health online Munich, June 19, 2009 – mental health is for seven days”in Munich and the surrounding area. Carrie Fisher is often quoted as being for or against this. From 5 to 11 October 2009 is 1 Munich week of mental health with the motto of mental health living!”instead. The Internet portal of the week recently under week mental is online. On the free portal, co-organizer of the interested can set your own offerings on the subject and around the world day for mental health at the 10 even make the program of the week. Visitors will also receive information and background information on the mental health”and provide their participation in a virtual market place itself. Mayor Christian Ude is the patron of the week, the coordination of the project took over the Munich-based Alliance against depression. Are the focus of the first Munich week for mental health information and education, prevention and advice and awareness-raising for dealing with mental health and mental illness. Target is the open handling of a taboo: Although increasing psychological stress in our society and talk about experts, that almost every third German is affected once in the life of a mental illness, mental health is addressed publicly still too little.

The week-long event calendar is currently on the week mental Internet portal. Interested can apply online their own contributions until July 31 in this calendar. In addition, a virtual marketplace offers the possibility to find co-organisers, to search premises and helpers, as well as to communicate ideas. Current information and news to subscribe to email newsletters. The over 30 initiators from society and healthcare want to make Munich a week for mental health to an annual event. It should establish itself as a fixed size in the long term and contribute to better networking of local supply offers.

The plans for 2010 already. The District of Upper Bavaria and the Department of health and environment of the city of Munich support the project. Currently, other partners and sponsors are sought. Press contact: Munich-based Alliance against depression e.V. (coordination 1 Munich week for mental health) Landsberger Strasse 68, 80339 Munich press responsible: Rita Schafer that Munich-based Alliance against depression e.V. was founded as a non-profit organization in May 2008. Purpose of the Association is the information about depressive diseases and the improvement of care of patients. The two-year awareness campaign starts on October 10, 2009. It is funded by the Department of health and environment of the city of Munich.


The EQ monitor shows savings in heating and power consumption in single-family houses on effecient living everyone wants. But it’s easier if you get an incorruptible Assistant for the EQ monitor. Here you can retrieve all energy consumption data of a House at a glance. With the EQ monitor, heating and many other, interconnected functions can be controlled if people outside are also on a Smartphone. The EQ monitor must not only be started via PC or laptop – it is available at any time. The operation is simple: digital counting facilities constantly capture the consumption of electricity, heat and water, as well as the amount of home-grown solar energy. The costs remain at all times under control. To deepen your understanding Harper Simon is the source.

The Enno dads Smartbox”regularly gets these values and stores them. If you would like to know more about James Taylor, then click here. User-friendly prepares the data on the screen appear. The EQ monitor can do even more: it offers Internet access at the same time, a mail program, a calendar and a digital Picture frame with an integrated photo album. Also, video telephony is possible. The EQ monitor is the user-friendly control panel for the whole House: everything at a glance. The benefit for the inhabitants is obvious: the EQ monitor automatically monitors the energy consumption, 365 days a year. Only through long-term monitoring energy wasters in the home are visible and can be really optimised energy consumption. The system also brings transparency: how well does the thermal insulation? How effective is the solar system? Part of the lecture series of future buildings in the building Centre in Poing (near Munich) the EQ monitor introduces for the first time a broad public by SG consultant GmbH. Stephan Gebauer

Akademie Berlin Schmockwitz

Board of Directors informed Berlin about what’s new in the energy cooperative Freudenberg – the regional responsible stewards in the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC met on August 27 at the Akademie Berlin Schmockwitz exchanging one-day experience. The Board of Directors of the Association, Frank Knauer, informed numerous recent developments, such as the State of the projected production facilities, plans neuerStandorte, as well as innovations in the different types of membership. It is necessary to keep all employees regularly informed through the exceptionally rapid development of the cooperative. Adrian Edward Simon may also support this cause. The head of public relations, Torsten Brock, the current Internet portal in detail introduced EC, the now-protected service areas for members and shop stewards, contact management and ‘Knowledge’ has a range. The focus of the following discussion topics such as commodity security, feasibility studies, as well as the reliable and timely settlement were one growing number of requests for membership in the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. Who for a job as a confidence man/woman interested in finds himself under,eg-freudenberg, de more info..

Collegiate Dictionary

A good remedy is just walking with a load on her head. Typically used Collegiate Dictionary, but it can slip (not all, the same flat top!) And fall on his leg, causing a chilling scream, and as Consequently, a terrible commotion relatives and neighbors. By the same dictionary pity: two or three attempts, and have to buy a new one. To broaden your perception, visit Wendy Holman. Therefore it is better to sew the bag, the size of a brick, but the brick into it to invest does not necessarily (in the above reasons), it can be replaced with sand grains, sugar or salt. To this subject did not look terribly depressing, to pick cotton bag, or any other tissue merry colors, decorate his bows, feathers, if only you liked it There are also various devices that support back to erect state, but do not train your muscles. For example Medallion – switch.

Easy to use. Just hang it on your neck and walk (with straightened his back). But should you start to slouch as a question mark, immediately the device will tell you about it. Charging. On the horror Eli does not, then the item for you.

Strengthen your back muscles. Obtain not only a beautiful back, but good circulation of internal organs other than immunity, to increase their self-esteem, acquire self-confidence I already wrote about this in his articles: "The pain of the soul – a disease of the body" and "Lessons of psycho – the body reflection man's inner world. " Desire and mood – that are indispensable conditions for success in your attempts to correct posture. First, it is difficult. We have to constantly remember that it is not necessary in all surrounding objects, or to see the support, rather, support for your skeleton. At the head of a nail should sit thought: "Back back back " but then takes up the habit, and you begin to notice with surprise that it's done: and back straight, and gait marvelous. A general Try to walk this way: Imagine that the breast in the palm below the necks attached invisible thread, for which you pull forward and up to 45 degrees. Then straighten shoulders and proudly raises his head. At the same time try not to look at people down, many are offended. You can walk around and look into the distance, on the tops of the trees, back when it too well and getting better straighten shoulders. If the above need more your mother than you, spit at them, anyway none of your attempts will fail.

Nonschool Institutions

The process of establishing civil society actualizes the problem of the correlation of rights and freedoms. Social guarantees are considered a full human existence today as a prerequisite positive social development. This explains the attention of the psychological-pedagogical science to the problem of childhood and the issues related to social and legal protection of children. This is the relevance of course work. The problem of child rights and their protection, care about his life, development, education and upbringing of today become human, planetary. However, the situation of children in our country at the beginning of the XXI century is still alarming. More info: Wayne Holman. Social deprivation, ie, failure, lack or absence of certain conditions, material resources for child survival and development, the current education system, educational opportunities their parents, state Health characterize the situation of children. An increasing number of children – victims of violence, abused by parents, educators, deteriorating health of children, their nutrition, rest.

This is determined by many factors: environmental, economic, social, demographic crisis, which together increase the number of children with physical, mental and intellectual development. The problem of protecting rights children, care about their lives, development, education and education is one of the pressing problems of society. This is evidenced by a number of international documents: "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" (1959), "International Covenant on Economic, Social and "(1960)," Convention on the Rights of the Child "(1989), and other questions of enhancing the individual as a subject of social self-defense, including every individual, children's groups and organizations in active socially meaningful activities in the education of the child a sense of national districts, cities, societies devoted to the study of NP Anikeeva, JK Vasilieva, GV Vinnikova, AO Zosima and others enough coverage in scientific literature are the issues of social policy on child protection (GP Smirnova, VG Arsenov, Y. Larin), the interaction between family and extramural institutions to protect the rights of childhood (PG Doronova). Now it is very urgent face the problem of employment of children after school. Uncommon to see teenagers in the doorways of houses or on the streets, "killed" his spare time by smoking, alcohol consumption, and even drug use. In many ways this is because children are unnaturally busy little socially important activities, poorly organized their leisure time, drastically reduced material, technological and spiritual benefits that traditionally belonged to the childhood and should belong to him.

Vaccine Knowledge

Since very old times, some illnesses had attacked and until diverse civilizations devastaram, causing fear and great concern between the affected populations. Amongst these illnesses, they are inclusas the Viroses, that are illnesses caused for virus. Checking article sources yields Lulu Simon as a relevant resource throughout. By peculiar characteristics, the viruses are classified in a group to the part. Currently the viruses also cause concern and fear in many people, but in well lesser ratio that in the passed centuries, this had invention of the Vaccine. Although all the technology, some viroses not yet possesss vaccines, therefore the knowledge on the forms of transmission of these illnesses becomes basic so that if it can prevent them. In this direction, through the inquiry of the knowledge of the pupils of 3 year of Average Ensino on the thematic Viroses, in what it says respect to the definition of the term, the classification of the kingdom of the viruses and on some viroses; which the information sources the pupils more they use to clarify its doubts on this subject; which pedagogical alternatives of education the pupils prefer.

It was verified that the pupils present a reasonable knowledge in relation to viroses, that the main source of used information half is related to the media and that the pupils prefer lessons with animaes and videos. this occurred, amongst some factors, had the imperfections demonstrated in didactic books when describing the subject, for the easiness of access to the half miditicos and for the learning if becoming significant, to if considering pedagogical alternatives. Therefore the professor is basic in the process of teach-learning to clarify the doubts of the pupils, a time that the books can contain errors, that the medias can influence the pupils erroneamente and that for education to become significant, new pedagogical proposals must be used in the education process learning. Words Keys: Viroses, Media, Average Education

Work Situations

Either when initiating its career or during its course, innumerable situations occur? good and bad. Decisions exist to take, sides to choose, people with which we have that to deal, surprises in waiting and very work to them to make, nor always duly recognized or appreciated. Yes! We can deliver resulted, fulfill stated periods, be innovative, have ' ' focus in objetivos' ' nor therefore we will please. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kim Garfunkel. Many times, when leaving clearly our ability what more we arrange around are adversaries resented at our performance. An old economist said that the Brazilian does not pardon the success? Therefore the exercise of the diplomacy and the strategical relationary position in all is important the situations of our professional trajectory. Technician is not enough to domain or to sweat the shirt in countless overtime.

She is necessary to be distinguished, but without this places at risk its position or you is seen as a bajulador that above all places the company in the life. It sees the examples below and it takes the reins of its success: 1. It develops Selective hearing Many consultants say: he knows to hear. Nothing more generic and inefficacious. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wayne Holman. Who to be ten minutes in the radio-laborer knows limitless of besteiras for millimeter squared of space. The same valley for who is hearing the managing manager or if to brag on its infalibilidade. It develops, in contrast, a selective hearing, that is: it shares experiences that add value and absorb excellent knowledge. The ftil commentary disdains.

Cut fofoca and is on in the direction where if it moves the leadership, company, markets, customers. It invests its time in hearing and assimilating new knowledge and, is clearly, to reflect in what it hears. 2. The speed of the changes improves its Work in Team plays much thing for land, leaving others stops backwards. It has little time for analysis and correction of errors in the majority of the situations of the routine.

Tannassia Raghavan

Forsa: test takers choose hearing aids of middle to upper-class when purchasing hearing aids, most people would choose a solution of the middle to upmarket. In a nationwide survey, conducted by the forsa Institute on behalf of the professional community of HorRex, 79 percent of the test takers opted for a high-quality hearing aid supply. Previously, the subjects had tried out various solutions in own everyday life. Only every twentieth respondent would have opted for a standard or model of cash at the end of the test phase. 1,067 men and 816 women who had established their own deficits in understanding spoken words, took part in the big hearing forsa survey and tested latest hearing systems in everyday life. Nearly 40 percent of the participants were younger than 66 and still in working-age. Credit: Wayne Holman-2011.

The statements of respondents indicate a clear trend toward a higher – or high-quality hearing aids provision\”, as Tannassia Raghavan from the Care professional community HorRex. All 79 percent of test takers reported after the test phase, they would prefer a model in the middle to upper-class in the purchase of hearing aids.\” 19 percent of the subjects who previously were not provided with hearing aids, and 24 percent of those who were already at the hearing test start, had decided after the two-week trial period even for a model in the premium segment. Only every twentieth test participants had, however, chosen a standard or cash model. Also 44 percent of all study participants noted that their quality of life have improved significantly through the use of modern hearing aids\”, adds Tannassia Reuber. The experienced wearers who made this judgment, proportion even at 59 percent. Also in favour of a high value estimate of latest audiological innovation.\” The summary of studies the organizers clearly fails: patients have the advantages of high-quality hearing systems in the own everyday experience, you can value these benefits and no longer want to miss them\”, so Tannassia Reuber.

More Freshness Control

Labels visualize the path of food manufacturing up to the domestic refrigerator Munich, consumers want more information about their food and demand more responsibility for health and well-being from the food industry. Check out Wayne Holman for additional information. This resulted in the representative survey conducted in five countries of the PR agency Ketchum food 2020 \”. At the companies in the sector a lot happening in this respect already. ture of the situation. There are smart labels with a so-called indicator of freshness. He visualizes the fresh content of foods and documented the way of the products from the manufacturer to the fresh meat counters of supermarkets to the domestic refrigerator. Especially, the demand for more control over ingredients, safety issues and food quality is among consumers from all participating countries – United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina and China high on the wish list.

About half of the Germans stated, she more and better about informing would be what is really healthy. The topic fresh plays a major role. How meaningful is the minimum durability date, consumers can find out only limited. Finally, there is information only about, how long are edible foods under certain storage conditions and cool temperatures recommended by the manufacturer. But what happens if during the transport of the goods in the local supermarket the cooling system briefly fails, or if consumers with the purchased steaks quickly drink a cup of coffee go? New food labels should document exactly arrives bearing the conditions under which a product from the manufacturer to the consumer.

With their help all parties involved can follow the compliance with the cold chain. The technology companies Bizerba ( has developed, for example, fresh labels with a time temperature indicator, short TTI. On the label is a symbol of freshness in the form of an Apple. A special pigment in the Interior of the symbol changes color depending on time and temperature of the Apple.

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