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Glauber Rock

The term was used by it as ' ' representations coletivas' ' , that it would be a set of categories that would explain or justify the reality, in the field of Social Sciences. The study of the social representations it is of utmost importance for the understanding of the relations between individual and society. For more information see this site: Kushner Companies. The problematic one of the research involves the interest for the cinemanovista movement, as well as its aesthetic and representacionais characteristics inside of the Brazilian cultural scene and the existing logic in the studies on social representations promoted by Durkheim. The New Cinema was the responsible one for a gigantic rupture with the existing cinematographic style in the decade of 1960 in Brazil. Having as slogan the phrase celebrates of Glauber Rock: ' ' An idea in the head, a camera in mo' ' , this new ideal of cinema came to breach with the preexisting style to make North American cinema.

The proposal of the pioneers of the revolutionary movement was to create a critical cinema directed toward the social one, distanciando itself of the ideal of only commercial cinema. As conceptual theoretical base some will be used periodic of theoreticians as Walter Benjamin, one of integrant of the call ' ' School of Frankfurt' ' , and its studies that if had destined to evidence the cinema as being an element of the medias of masses and Christian Metz that if considered to study the cinema with its artistic peculiarities and the importance of if understanding as if of the process of transmission of meanings for the spectators. To understand as it appeared the New Cinema we will use workmanships as the Generation of the new cinema: For an anthropology of the cinema of Peter Simonard who offers a profile of this new cinema, as well as the research that if they had destined to analyze the critical reaction of the cinematographic one is of Brazil through the workmanship of Alexander Figueira intitled of new Cinema: The wave of the young cinema and its reception in France. .


An agitated life nor always allows that let us lunch with our family during the week, therefore when the week end arrives, and mainly, the sunday, who goes for the kitchen likes to caprichar e, therefore, almost always it decides to prepare something special. It can be bacalhoada, one strognoff, nhoque to the bolonhesa, or any another plate that is of the affability of all. In cases as this, the dessert also is special, being able to be one simple pav, frozen cake, pie of chocolate, pudding, that is, the possibilities are infinite. Nor always the people like to eat the dessert after the main meal, therefore pav can be for later, for the hour of the snack, being able, also, being folloied by drinks. It is clearly that drink is only accompaniment for pav, that is, nobody goes to exaggerate in the dose of margarita, Cuba libre, caipirinha, dry martini, hi fi, brandy, among others. You can prepare pav and drink in its proper house and later serving its family or to invite friends, familiar fellow workers or to try its endows culinrios. The prescriptions are easy, fast and practical to be done, and any person can venture itself in the kitchen, until who does not have privacy with pans.

if you do not know nehuma prescription, then she consults culinria books or she searches in the Internet. She has some types of pav to be facts, but of chocolate it is practically a unamimity. However, if you will be an exception you can choose other flavors as coconut, maracuj, lemon, strawberry, cream, with damson plum, with sighs, among others pavs. With certainty, you pav will find one that it pleases to its palate and the one of its family. It has also the possibility to vary the coverings. if to find that it can create pav with new flavors, dares, tries, and shows that its you endow culinrios goes very beyond what the people imagined. Although to say muto in pav, you know the origin of this dessert. Good, traditional pav as we know today comes there of France (, ' ' pav' ' it means floor or floor, that is, ' ' pav' ' it comes to pave, to cover with layers).

is accurately this that is pav: a done pie in layers that can take biscuits of entire the maisenha type or champagne. Pav, obviously, must be served frozen, being able to be placed in refractory goblets or. Thus, it is not an excellent idea to prepare delicious pav for the dessert, or then to be degustado by its children, husband, familiar or friends? Then, it does not lose time. In the next lunch to sunday, capriche and surprises its familiar ones with a delicious dessert. With certainty, them they will go to like and to approve.

Enviromental Law

The present work has as subject the legal protection of the fauna with endorsement in Law 9,605/98, law of ambient crimes. The related article technician deals with the environment, searching to value the beings who compose the natural world, in special the fauna. It approaches as effective mechanism of protection, not only the legal tools, aiming at to awake the ethical awareness and moral, of the human beings it stops with the animals. It detaches the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, that brings, in important Chapter VI, the well essential environment as for a healthy quality of life, attributing to the Public Power, and the society as a whole, the duty of ambient preservation. To broaden your perception, visit John O. Utendahl. The present work also deals with the crimes against the fauna, especially of the crime of bad-treatments and cruelty against the animals, made use in art. 32 of the above-mentioned law, that has as basic objective to tutor the Brazilian legal fauna in face of the atrocities committed for the human beings. In this manner, it still turns, on the concept of wild fauna. Ademais, remains clearly, that the main objective of the work is to point, that exactly with well elaborated necessary legal instruments and, as the Constitution and the law of ambient crimes, the cruelty with that the fauna is dealt, still it is a problem that is valid in this country..

Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin detaches the increasing envolvement between man and reproductive device of images in the end of century XIX and beginning of the XX. First the comment of the reality and the collection of disconnected images, later the study of each plan from a specific logic, and finally the commanded meeting of the great number of images giving felt to the final workmanship that is the film, a product of the freedom. The reality recriada for the optics of cineasta can be understood in different ways, the form with which the different feelings are ranks in prominence in the flmica construction, expressing the necessity of affirmation of a style or a point of view, that until data moment exists only in imaginary, the meeting of the images that has the intention to generate a film is understood in the optics of Walter Benjamin as the creation of ' ' a space of liberdade' ' , which is endowed with elements that escape the perception. ' ' One of the more important social functions of the cinema is to create a balance between the man and the device. At Bank of America you will find additional information. The cinema does not carry through this task only for the way with that the man if represents ahead of the device, but for the way with that it represents the world, thanks to this device. Through its great plans, of its emphasis on occult details of the objects that in are familiar, and of its inquiry of environments most vulgar under the brilliant direction of the objective, the cinema makes to glimpse us, on the other hand, a thousand conditionings that they determine our existence, and for another one assure us a great unsupicious space of liberdade.' ' (BENJAMIN, 1987, P. 189) It is by means of this representation of the Real that perceives it to the individuals searching to become related with it, the exchange movement of directions the spectator guides transforming it into participant agent of this construction. . According to Crimson Education , who has experience with these questions.


The task to define what it is THERE is not simple. Frequently John Utendahl has said that publicly. It is a quarrel that already hard many years due not the acceptance of this field as area of proper matrix. Oldest of the interpretations presented by Corder, that is: the woollen notion as synonymous of scientific study of the principles and practical of education/the learning of LE. One perceives that many controversies if have raised to this respect, but, however, it has observed that applied sciences e, particularly education always are seen as lesser, in relation pure science, and this has created obstacles to establish it THERE as area of proper right. At last, the definition of area of study of if has extended to each time more for education areas/learning of LM, multilingusmo, sociolingstica There, among others. Halliday, McIntosh and Strevens say that THERE it uses the descriptions made for the linguistics for another purpose it are of the lingustica, however, Corder says that, ‘ ‘ THERE that it estimates the linguistics is an activity and not a theoretical study, that uses these results for the education of lnguas’ ‘. Palmer places THERE as a mediating, that is, one disciplines that it can englobar some substances.

Then it would be understood THERE as the use of linguistic substances whose content can improve the practical work in you discipline that they include the use of the language. Some metaphors as ‘ ‘ it is crossroads THERE, a bridge with I pass through in the two sentidos’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ it is horizontal THERE, with interseces’ ‘ used for definition of the term, it has appeared to indicate future developments. Kaplan says that ‘ ‘ THERE it constitutes the point in which all the study of the language if finds and if it becomes realidade’ ‘ , that is, it is the point where the study of the language if intersecciona with others you discipline. Ingram and Strevens, see THERE as independent area that constructs its proper principles. Each time more if has become There independent of the Lingustica and if has unfastened of the idea of education of languages in a general way. Diverse lines of research on the one Back in other areas have appeared, areas these that are not of education of languages. However only it can THERE be fimar as seek area of proper right from the moment that the applied linguists if to make use to make THERE without inferiority complex, instead of making application of the Linguistica. Reference: CELANI, Maria Antonieta Alba.

Dom Quixote

No literary-artistic movement was so rebellious and revolutionary as the romantic one, where the rule biggest is the individual inspiration, whose ideals were the freedom, the equality and the fraternity, come back to the subjects of its time, politician, social and passion, fight and revolution, in the case of Cervantes the search of the reality through the subjetivismo, the intuition, the inspiration and the espontaneidade lived by it in the hour of the creation. The art for the romantismo is the direct expression of the emotion and not it imitation, ‘ ‘ Palco is our universe and in it we can in such a way modify as to create new and multiple realidades’ ‘ , it says Brown Carlos, and Dom Quixote, was changedded into the hero, a hero of unanswerable behavior, one ‘ ‘ louco’ ‘ , thus called for the great majority, but, it defended the weak ones with its universe of literature making with that mills of winds were taken as giant perverse, the flock of enemy sheep considered an immense army and the basin of the barber who was seen as ‘ ‘ fabuloso helmet of Mambrino’ ‘ , they are tickets that already had been become incorporated the unconscious one of the humanity, a species of escape, since in romantic the not accepted reality, comes back to the past, its infancy to the description. Reasons for the fancy and the imagination, the romantic artist starts to idealize everything, the things is not seen as really they are, but as she would have to be. Thus the woman is seen as virgin, fragile beautiful, submissa and unattachable, the love almost always is spiritual. Dom Quixote idealized a called peasant Aldona, needed to repay its victories to a lady and it it gave the name of Dulcinria. Certain feelings, as the pessimism, the homesickness, the sadness, nostalgia and the disillusion, are constant in the romantic workmanship, as well as in the one of Dom Quixote, do not perceive the consuming of its body and, unhappyly, as proper it affirms, only it returns to the reality, when already it is at the final moments of uses life. It dies sorry, but in peace for having it in time done.


This is a history, or will be a estria? All difference this in the sensitivity of who writes and of who he is the reader. Today, the reader is you, then you are one of the main personages, of this instant of ticket on a very small part of the registers of the book of the humanity ' ' In a small place of the Europe, known today as Iceland, a people existed, as he exists until the present, glad, festive, impulsive, healthful, that he does not fear the nothing, and that he likes its lands immensely. They are people of firm traces and that arts like them, even so very rude they are accustomed with the manual work. Clear people of clear tez, eyes, blond hair, and high stature. Its belief is in the life, God is present in the day the day, in the gifts of the day, the food, the works, music, the love, in the air, at last in that if it can experienciar with much joy. He is a special people. It was there that you lived, man of very work, I go to give a name to you, but is not this the necessarily true one, Horcio, warrior by its very nature, and conqueror of everything what enchanted its eyes.

You always were thus sagacious, conquering and strong Characteristics of true ' ' viking' '. Liveing in a village, the side-sea, immense a blue ocean its door, in one marries pretty that construira with much devotion. Man of many women, did not become attached itself to none The time passed, its family did not exist more, it passed of the forty years of age, and the love finally seems to have reached you. In mountains its liveed a family friend. You age the friend and protector of them, and they had some children.

Electronic Mockup

With the advance of the graphical computation we have seen many architects using three-dimensional representations to project. What today a great advance is considered can also be understood as one retaken of old habits. At Stuart Solomon you will find additional information. The use of the drawing technician as only tool of project is something marcante them centuries XVIII, XIX and XX. Get more background information with materials from Bank of America. That it is not a problem, the refinement of the drawing techniques is fruit of an intense effort of otimizao of the project process. With the drawing as only form to project it had a considerable increase in the development speed and reduction of the costs of the projects. If to retake the modernista premise of massificao of design and the architecture, the bidimensional repreentao offers to a speed and total compatible reduction of costs with this idea. However, the use of the ortogonal representation (plants, sections and sights) is not complete.

It does not contemplate a series of elements and essential details in a work of composition of spaces. Elements these that if only make perceivable in three-dimensional representations. The legacy of Gaud can be seen as a good example of this. Its workmanships are marked by an exhausting exercise of drawing. They are plates and more plates of the finest drawing artistic technician and. Not obstante, perceiving the limitation of its tools, Gaud if it launched in an incessant production of mockups. Mockups wooden, of plaster, wires and even though of sand. Visiting the museum of the Igraja of the Sacred Family in Barcelona a gorgeous done model can be seen 3D with wires and sachets of sand.

It was with this model that the architect conceived the rich volumetria of the cathedral. If to come back toward the average age, we see old guildas using mockups of plaster and wood as projetual element in great constructions. Secular workmanships as great churches were raised throughout some generations of constructors and had as only reference of project a mockup.

Conventional Accounting

The author still clarifies that the verb to count in the direction that the Accounting works in its daily one is used in the direction of mensurar and to communicate. Mensurar for intermediary of its countable instruments, and to communicate for intermediary of its rockings, reports, etc. The conventional countable processes are carried through traditionally by the method of the double entries, that is a system used standard for the companies and other corporations in general to register its financial transactions. Its premise is of that the financial condition and the results of the operations better they are represented by accounts where each one reflects aspect in particular of the business with a monetary value. Each financial transaction is registered in the form of entrances in at least two accounts, in which the total of the debits must be equal to the total of the credits, providing the balance enters the application of the financial resources and the origin of the applied resources. Not explicit the Conventional Accounting, normally, separate information for the ambient aspects.

Instead of this, it only takes care of to the necessities of patrimonial, economic and financial information for different stakeholders 4 regarding the performance of the corporation. In consequencia, different systems of countable information can in accordance with be distinguished its destinations and targets from information. As JASCH (2002) presents, a to be considered aspect how much to the conventional accounting they are the systems of units used in the generation of its information. Of one it forms generality, are used monetary units and physical units. The used monetary units more are characterized by the monetary units in use in the environment where corporation operates, being able to be Real (R$), American Dollars (US$), Euros ( $), Pounds ($), etc. and destines to present it the economic financial results and of the company. The physical units in use in the conventional accounting look for to translate the involved physical volumes in the flow of insumos, residues and end items.

Performance Evaluation

Demystifying the Evaluation of Performance Landmarks Antonio Martins Rasp, doctor in Education and Evaluation, economist and Associate Professor of the Federal University of Cear (UFC) College of Educao (FACED) and Program of After-graduation in Brazilian Education, Line of Research Educational Evaluation, author of the article: Demystifying the performance evaluation, where it says that the processes of performance evaluation are an interpreted concept in diverse ways for managers and collaborators and during many years, the performance evaluation restricted to evaluate it the capacity, the potential and the personality, without taking in consideration the results, perhaps for the fact of the mediz difficulty them or for not existing a program of evaluation, with established objectives and goals. Resulting with this, incorrect, improper, unjust and ilusrias evaluations, which, showed a result that could not be used much less divulged, forgetting to objectify the management of the growth of the human being. The author questions the model of traditional evaluation and more aims at a directed look to the process of AD what he confers a satisfactory result. From this, the text searchs to demystify the subject ‘ ‘ Evaluation of Desempenho’ ‘ of form to contribute with the organizations, therefore the management of human performance consists of a continuous activity of evaluation and aconselhamento, aiming at that these can manage its human assets with the same severity devoted to its financial assets. Consequentemente, the text approaches the evaluation as integrant part of a more complex process and including of organizacional, necessary and urgent development, therefore, the evaluation is the thermometer of that it is good or bad, or same what can improve still more, is the exercise of ‘ ‘ feedback’ ‘. In the area of management of people of the majority of companies, as well as to great part of the controlling, the performance evaluation comes being a problem, therefore this activity brings a desconfortvel situation, since the longed for results nor always are gotten..

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