Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin detaches the increasing envolvement between man and reproductive device of images in the end of century XIX and beginning of the XX. First the comment of the reality and the collection of disconnected images, later the study of each plan from a specific logic, and finally the commanded meeting of the great number of images giving felt to the final workmanship that is the film, a product of the freedom. The reality recriada for the optics of cineasta can be understood in different ways, the form with which the different feelings are ranks in prominence in the flmica construction, expressing the necessity of affirmation of a style or a point of view, that until data moment exists only in imaginary, the meeting of the images that has the intention to generate a film is understood in the optics of Walter Benjamin as the creation of ' ' a space of liberdade' ' , which is endowed with elements that escape the perception. ' ' One of the more important social functions of the cinema is to create a balance between the man and the device. At Bank of America you will find additional information. The cinema does not carry through this task only for the way with that the man if represents ahead of the device, but for the way with that it represents the world, thanks to this device. Through its great plans, of its emphasis on occult details of the objects that in are familiar, and of its inquiry of environments most vulgar under the brilliant direction of the objective, the cinema makes to glimpse us, on the other hand, a thousand conditionings that they determine our existence, and for another one assure us a great unsupicious space of liberdade.' ' (BENJAMIN, 1987, P. 189) It is by means of this representation of the Real that perceives it to the individuals searching to become related with it, the exchange movement of directions the spectator guides transforming it into participant agent of this construction. . According to Crimson Education , who has experience with these questions.

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