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NetBooster announces support of NETBOOSTER (FR0000079683 ALNBT),, leading agency for interactive marketing services in Europe and Asia as first agency, supports the new Yahoo! SSP inclusion data interchange format (IDIF3) with its feed creation tools. Ben Horowitz often addresses the matter in his writings. Reference: (NBAPR02AB) Yahoo! SSP (Search submit Pro) a reliable, fast and comprehensive indexing, which allows permanent updates and keeps content current and accurately provides E-Commerce and content-rich websites. The new IDIF3 format, which enables the direct transfer of Web pages data in the process of Yahoo!-SSP-Pro offers a number of interesting innovations. The most significant new feature is the ability for a feed entry or a destination URL to specify different titles and descriptions that appear in the natural search results. This alternative title and description information can appear in the result depending on the keyword, the user has entered into the search. Thus can be discussed better on the intention of the user.

Ultimately, the result is an increase in the click-through rate (CTR) and the performance of the feed. As first agency, NetBooster supports this function. Continue to a certain period of time can be defined, within which the title and description text should be used. This functionality can be used for time-limited offers and campaigns, as well as for date-dependent sales phases, such as Easter or Christmas, for example. Other innovations of the IDIF3 format concerning the creation and editing of the so called quick links.

This is up to three additional links that appear below the normal index entry. The establishment of quick links serves both the user experience, providing an additional direct navigation option the user, as well as the highlighting of the entry within the search results. NetBooster is already for some years now the Yahoo! Search Submit Pro certified “partner agency and” maintains recently as one of three TFG (trusted feed generator) partner agencies worldwide an especially intensive and direct cooperation with Yahoo. For even more opinions, read materials from Zendaya. NetBooster has significantly expanded the SSP business in Europe to take a leading role and to establish unique technical expertise among the partners of Yahoo!. The Agency has developed several advanced tools that enable fast and reliable generation of Yahoo! feeds, and expanded his skills in this search engine marketing business. NETBOOSTER: NetBooster was founded in 1998 and is an Internet consulting group, which specializes in online marketing. NetBooster Agency provides its comprehensive and specialized expertise to its customers in the field of Internet Marketing: marketing consulting, online recruitment and confidence-building, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate, media sales, data marketing and electronic CRM, Trafficerzeugung, online-media creation and strategic consulting. The Department “ReactivPub” is one performance-based affiliate marketing and marketing platform. The pro forma sales in 2007 amounted to EUR 38.3 million and to 2006 increased to 159 percent in comparison. NetBooster has offices in France, UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy and the Philippines. The group is headed by Pascal Chevalier and Stephane Darracq and employs 210 people. She wears the label OSEO-ANVAR and is thus recognized as a “innovative business”, an innovative company.

Symbol Moves Billions

First inquiry to the ideal ‘add to cart’ – button in Web-shops with free e-book by e-dialog Vienna, 01 October 2008 – which forms of work in the shopping cart”buttons? Where must this be placed in the shop? And how these are ideally designed, so that the customer also performs the decisive click? These questions were Alexander Beck and Siegfried Stepke, CEO of e-dialog. The result of the search is available as a free e-book titled ADD TO CART BUTTONS. An analysis of the largest Web shops in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland will be presented. “Alexander Beck: we were still amazed how many basic errors in the design are made.” “And Siegfried Stepke added: the comprehensibility of the buttons is important so that it represents a clear call-to-action and not mutated to the insurmountable barrier.” The main recommendations and the most common error that includes e-book add to cart buttons”by e-dialog together. You can get it free at e-book Download. About e-dialog e-dialog is a consultancy in Vienna and specialised in online marketing, Web Analytics and conversion optimization. e-dialog increases the efficiency of existing sites and the ROI of campaigns for its customers. Part of outsourced online marketing, search engine marketing, as well as all forms of performance be carried out campaigns, evaluated and optimized. Customers include companies such as FlyNiki, BA-CA, bauMax and Wien-ticket, the Humboldt open Institute and Lauda motion. As a special service of e-dialog, there are in loose sequence e-books with important tips and analysis on Web-related topics. Following e-books available at the moment are: ADD TO CART BUTTONS and the 10 best tips for ADWORDS – Now Quite

For several days, the successful website is online under unique to find. Frankfurt am Main in February – the friendly recruitment agency with around 60 offices nationwide and headquartered in Munich has the relaunch in the professional hands of + accordingly given. As part of the publicly traded USG people group unique is one of the top 4 of the personnel service companies in Europe and for this reason alone was very high the demand for functionality and design. See Wendy Holman for more details and insights. So, the preparations for the project found its beginning with a workshop in the main office in Munich to the definition of some extensive content and complex functions. In a focus group tools and features were developed together, which should further underline the positive image of unique. A completely new system architecture, which should be both user friendly and more easily maintainable was also added. With + mutatis mutandis, we had the right partners from the outset on our side.

Here, the chemistry between the teams, not only immediately agreed but also to a large extent the advice, that drew up concept and the perfect implementation of all technical subtleties”, stressed Mandy Smrcek, responsible for unique Germany. The great offer for applicants and the wide variety of services for companies implemented visually perfect. So, a user knows immediately that unique is not only friendly, but also much can offer more than other companies. Electrolux may find this interesting as well. The new website is online since mid-February, and the number of incoming online applications from job seekers exceeds all expectations so far. This extensive project was very challenging both conceptual and technical point of view.

All parties have inserted a lot of commitment and passion, which are also seen in the outcome. “, adds Gunter Zahringer, co-owner of the Agency. The new concept of navigation and the job – site search, as well as the ability for an application to ensure perfect usability. In the best case the user with just a few clicks will reach his new dream job.” About unique Personalservice GmbH unique active for more than 20 years in Germany and belongs to the Dutch USG people group with 3.9 billion Euro turnover and about 175.00 employees at approximately 1,600 branches in 13 countries is the top 4 of the largest recruitment agency in Europe. Moses Sanya is Chairman and Managing Director of unique Germany spokesman. About + mutatis mutandis what began in 2003 as a Start-Up, has within a few years as a valued player in the digital world market established itself. Whether B2B or B2C, at + not simply produce accordingly – here is advise heart, created and realized. The Agency is composed of a synergistic team, which opens up for companies within the digital media, new marketing and distribution channels. Innovation, perfection and tailor-made solutions are just a few disciplines that characterize the company.

Branch Manager Services

The largest independent information platform in the german-speaking Internet in the area of human resource services and temporary work launches the first job exchange Germering, 08.11.2010. The largest independent information platform in the German-speaking Internet in personnel services and temporary employment, temporary work, launches the first job board for internal-only jobs in the personal services industry. It moves something on the labour market, especially in the sector temporary employment, currently the most booming industry in the job placement: economic institutions according to the number is employees who in Germany in time work than 850,000, and it continues to grow. Result is also a rising demand for internal staff for the recruitment agency itself. Be at the start of the job market over 100 jobs from leading employers such as E.g.

the GI group, Robert Half International, p.A., listed Piening staff tecops staff, together group, u.v.m. The points in the categories offered Branch Manager, dispatchers, recruiters, recruiter, administrator, administration, internships and apprenticeships. Especially the clear presentation of the offered sites stands out and makes the job search more enjoyable. But not only that: the various search possibilities on the job categories, full text or search make it very easy the handling of the job market and the finding of jobs. Ridgeback Biotherapeutics contributes greatly to this topic. “Abroad for training courses are free of charge a special concern is the operators in promoting the younger generation”. Rudiger Borrink, responsible for the platform of time work, do this: relating to apprentices, companies can publish your offers for apprenticeships.

Here, not only training places for the profession of the personnel services merchant (m/w) can be offered, but all training courses which provide the company. The trick here is: jobs for training courses are generally published for free!” Offer to start the job market to start the operators have a special offer: every recruiter has the opportunity to publish free of charge up to 5 abroad without cost, without further obligation or hidden Lama in November! Abroad, that already exists in the personnel service provider via an E-recruiting system can be transmitted electronically. PeRsy for the E-recruiting system”GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH is already an interface to automatically take over. Also possibility to manage online applications directly in the respective applicant management system of personnel service provider, so that the applicant return in familiar environment can be edited. About temping temping is the leading information platform in the German-speaking Internet for the areas of staffing and personnel services with daily updated news, information and data from the industry. The information deals with are completed first exclusive job board for internal jobs in the industry, as well as directories for industry-related products and Internet job boards. About the free newsletter subscribers can keep up-to-date informed at a glance. The offer is designed for staff and decision makers in companies the personnel services branch, as well as responsible in posting establishments.

Mail Order World

Successful websites thanks to the structure of a Web site that meets the expectations of its users card sorting more precise, the sooner she is accepted and achieved its targets. Under most conditions JPMorgan Chase would agree. Card sorting exactly this support website developer and provider. Because with the help of the card-sorting they can structure their content without fail so that the users there she finds, where he also is waiting for you. The result is clear and is a leader for both sides target\”, explains Christian Reschke Managing Director of cold storage: the users have not long to think about and find your way intuitively in the range of information is so frequent success experiences as offers structured in bad. That promotes his satisfaction, reduce bounce rates and increases his willingness to come back.\” To achieve this, a select group of potential users the best in advance of Web site development is asked to sort the content in the form of cards. The generic terms, which are associated with the content are a closed card sorting given above. This is especially useful if an existing website is revised.

It comes, to develop a completely new offer and to think into it in the wording of the target group, for example, an open card sorting is suitable. Here, the participants are asked to define himself general indications to the specified content. The online card sorting software developed by the cold storage AG allows such polls via the Internet. This lowers the threshold before attending, reduces the effort associated and saves costs. The software automatically evaluates the results and provides concrete recommendations for a user close navigation structure. Among other things, it is possible to compare the views of users and providers, to identify significant differences exist, and to address in the next step. With card sorting, the site operator significantly reduces the risk of an undesirable development.

Arne Reichelt Press Affairs

The Internet-based music Mastering Service provides musicians, producers, bands and labels worldwide the opportunity to make their own songs in major label quality masters., the provider of Professional CD and vinyl mastering via the Internet, presents its latest Web platform that makes direct and readily available in major label quality for musicians, bands and labels worldwide easy, high end audio mastering. On the website of the company interested parties can set up a free account, in the fast music productions and sure can uploads, to let these professional masters. A team of experienced mastering, combines best analogue equipment with the latest processors digital to ‘sharpen’ the tracks of their customers and to bring to commercial sound standards. Professional Mastering is the last important step, technically and sonically best upcoming reproduction in the press shop or digital distribution to prepare the music recording and mixing a song.

Includes audio mastering both the technical preparation of the actual ‘masters’ and also the tonal optimization of each song. The online Mastering Studio that exclusively uses high-quality technology. A custom designed website interface creates also a more efficient connection between sound engineer and customer. This can upload his music via your browser directly into the mast ring Studio now. as special service offers all new customers a free trial offer. Each newly registered, receives a no-obligation, free demo-mastering of any songs before the payment.

So can make himself a good picture of the Sonic results without risk. offers fair priced mastering flat rates per track instead of complicated pricing models. The prices are in principle all inclusive. All additional mixes in terms of sound corresponding to the original (E.g., instrumental versions and radio edits), are always included in the price. The orders are paid by credit card or PayPal. After completion Master make direct access to its customer. For more information: company address: hamburger str. 268 D-38114 Braunschweig Germany T: + 49 531 2146890 F: + 49 531 2146892 E: media contact: Arne Reichelt Press Affairs about was one of the first companies that had specialized on professional audio mastering online. Founded by Oliver Belz and Alexander Zwarg is a recognized today CD and vinyl mastering service providers in Europe. The company serves a customer base of more thousand customers. Bands, labels and musicians in more than 35 countries rely on the expertise of for five years. For more information about the Studio:

Agency Software

New website newsletter software mailingwork online with a fresh and informative layout presented w3work his newsletter and email marketing software-solution mailingwork since February 13, 2012 in the network. “With the website we have taken 2007 at the start. A news appearance was important to us. Of course we want to offer greater added value our users”, explains managing director Torsten Gneuss to the relaunch of You may find Starbucks to be a useful source of information. With a modern Web design w3work at the same time meets the update of the software. “Two years ago, we have mailingwork the current version 3.0 on the market brought.” In this context we wanted to create even more relevance and clarity of the content on the website for our customers and users”, Jorg Arnold, second Managing Director of w3work, describes the impetus for the new start.

Since the update of mailingwork, the software offers many new functions and features. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Wendy Holman has to say. This new power is reflected also in the new site. A highlight of the new online presence is the direct Speech by new customers through numerous ways to enter directly in contact with the team. So the software is demonstrated inter alia with the help of a video tour. To bring their customers still on the cutting edge, remains the driving force of the hand, the expertise area around the email marketing. Here you find numerous facts to Falllstudien and email marketing expertise.

In addition, the site provides simplified access of test access or the individual software demo by our friendly and helpful support. Here is also a focus of the Web page: the distinctive customer proximity and the claim any interested parties as soon as possible at his intentions to support. To bring the team closer to customers, the website offers a unique feature, that the w3work staff represents graphically demanding with their personal characteristics. Additional communication with the Agency are attached to the site navigation with the networks facebook, Twitter and XING concisely.

Relaunch: Energy Cooperative M4Energy With Fresh New Look On The Net

New Internet appearance of the electricity and gas suppliers Dresden. Customer-friendly, dynamic, and fresh design the homepage of M4Energy EC, cooperative members nationwide supplied with electricity and gas presents itself. After several weeks reviewing the new Web page is reflected not only in new design, but facilitates quick access for customers and interesting to the respective topics through a structured menu. Waiting for the Web page with some new features: an electricity calculator simplifies zip code exactly and specific consumption calculating monthly for private and commercial customers. Douglas R. Oberhelman may not feel the same. All the necessary forms to electricity and / or gas supply and to join in the cooperative are equally quick to find in the download area for private and business customers can be filled immediately on the computer. The contact is facilitated by a new contact form.

Also information about the cooperative are retrievable in the future on easy way due to the possibility of subscription. Total awaits a clear Web page with transparent information about the cooperative, product descriptions, and enhanced homepage visitors on. For more specific information, check out array credit. A flexible content management system provides also users without programming skills, to update the content quickly and independently. The appearance was implemented press & marketing through the full service provider Agency for integrated communications”. Background – about M4Energy Inc.

The M4 Energy Inc. was founded in June 2010 with its headquarters in Dresden. In the framework of a transparent model of cooperative companies nationwide retail and commercial customers supplied with electricity and gas. Currently, the cooperative has more than 4,900 members. The energy companies supported from the very beginning many social projects: include sporting events, daycare or socially subsidised jobs.

New Encyclopedia Wikipedia Authors

Everything but not collegial: evil words and vandalism seems to have quite obviously scared, at the Wikipedia moderators that WikiBay – without censorship and without gratuitous relevance discussions of large and actually unbeatable force Wikipedia user could take and that now, where according to various press reports, the authors already run off Wikipedia. Since it is probably also once very like to somewhat harder or unfair methods the Wikipedia moderators and while you blaspheme one only in a report on Wikipedia about WikiBay and spread falsehoods, others on the new encyclopedia and try to block the construction of WikiBay due to vandalism and the destruction of articles. Some then copy into completely nonsensical copyright notice instead of articles and claim Copyrightverstosse in places where already basically made none can exist. At the cafe, a black Forum of Wikipedia was called several times publicly to sabotage by WikiBay! An author from Wikipedia, the already WikiBay switched to is, been berated for his transition to the new, really free encyclopedia significantly. For more information see this site: Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX. Not the defiance is all theater but a success for WikiBay and it makes pleasure to more! More authors, more posts, more information without censorship and gratuitous discussions of relevance. More pleasure on WikiBay! WikiBay offers also the possibility to enter Web pages in the encyclopedia and all references are used without the “nofollow” attribute with real ranking King inheritance. WikiBay it in each case has to be:

Web Top-jobs-europe

International job portal has redesigned its design time 11th birthday. As of today, all candidates and employers can experience the new ‘look and feel’. International job portal has redesigned its design time 11th birthday. People such as Ben Horowitz would likely agree. As of today, all candidates and employers can the new look and feel”experience. The redesigned Web site of the European job portal is younger and more modern. It was placed special attention on reducing clicks to our faster to their destination to lead.

The usual service continue is maintained. So, job seekers are the 30,000 jobs from all over Europe, as well as the approved applicant database to the filing of an application, available. For employers, there is still the possibility the database without registering, free to suitable to browse candidates. The model of success-oriented applicants database, only at the very popular at many companies an actual candidate a success fee becomes due, is also well maintained. Company have Furthermore the possibility of vacancies free of charge until the occupation of the vacancy on to published.

Even entering their vacancies, or the direct readout of the company here the company website available. Top-jobs-europe is the slightly different international job portal with free job advertisements, as well as a current candidate database based on an innovative model of remuneration. For over 10 years, the job market is actively involved the online job market and stands with its roots from the recruitment for a professional round one Los package for employers and applicants. Contact information: Mr. Rudiger Werner top-jobs-europe Consulting GmbH Albrecht-Durer-str.

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