Articles from: July 2020

Exact Photography

Accordingly, the entire contingent of several thousand students the potential clients and studios' photos on the documents. " And the thousands and tens of thousands of rubles. The second direction is connected with the tourism boom, the peak of which, of course, is in the summer. And then second in demand after documentary photography 3 * 4 for students is documentary photography at the passport for tourists going on holiday to foreign countries. I note that for the third consecutive year, the shaft of Russian tourists traveling abroad is growing by leaps and bounds, and this trend will only improve. And the third – is an increasing demand for photography format 10 * 15. The exact cause of this I will not mention, just can not state a fact – summer demand for printing photographs size 10 * 15 is much higher than in winter, or, say, in the spring.

Bring and flash drives, and disks, and tapes, only manage to print. Graduations, weddings, banquets, trips to nature and to other countries, all in mainly occurs in summer, probably, hence the increased demand for photo 10 * 15. Here are three areas that generate the main income in the summer at my studio and other studios, photographers, and entrepreneurs. Primary income brings the first direction, namely the supply of applicants. Exactly this trend is to focus on than I do. The results were not long in coming! In the first year of the studio, I found only period end earnings, August and September, but then I realized what "fish" missed.

The State

Because of his impairment-free money would not pile falling prices (deflation) and low interest rates. Company believed that in this way there would be a strong and long-lasting supply of capital for the economy. u0085 The free economics is today by the economics, and the representatives of modern economic theories in Germany largely ignored or rejected content. The State can not control the regional funds, outside the official money circuit, and influence, which is why he rejects it! Of course, only the money acquired in the national economic cycle can be converted into Regiogeld! A Hartz 4 receiver can spend only his 369 or convert Regiogeld and spend. Its theoretical and practical expertise in the talent swap cash convert to external services: Lawn mowing against cake bake. Against cash work for euro or regional money.

Note: Because everything together on the regional market is money from the general economic situation with its special and influenced its money circuit! All theories take into account not the latest market developments: the detached from the real economy, nine times larger, global speculative market. The increasing kapitalisierbare intangibles (such as facebook) of intellectual services. The Regiogelder does not flow into unwanted industries: stock markets, arms production and export, gene-farming, real estate markets, etc. regionalization globalization! Each user controls so that the eco-friendly and sustainable product range: sure nobody sold us for Regiogeld in January strawberries for example everyone on a weekly market can directly influence the seasonal product range: buy means determine the forms, content and methods of the regional offer! The regional money supports the preservation of the heterogeneous economic structures, Receipt of workplace and the variety on offer! The butcher must also once again exchange the captured Regiogelder in the region. The Regiogeld promotes the start-up of small providers of various kind. Regiogeld (also regional money) is a democratically agreed between consumers, providers, associations and local authorities, used within a region as payment, investment and Schenkungsmittel.

Internet Advertising

You say: "Dear, but this is not the only element, and the set!". Yes, he does not only, but these processes in the treatment of hard-bound and have no meaning in isolation. 4) Result. Practice shows that this approach to our work allows, increase efficiency while reducing costs, in what is the meaning of our work. And the result will be achieved! And add: be careful not to simply do their job and try to go creatively. Studying the history of marketing, I can say that it is the creative idea, not calculations, are considered classics of the genre, which many try to be. Part 2. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Elman.

A look at some things. In my work, I often have to deal with various proposals in the field of marketing services. And in the current while high-speed data transmission a lot of suggestions about the Internet, they are all different, but in fact may be called – Internet Advertising. Internet advertising. My opinion on this matter can be expressed as follows: regular trying to make mountains out of molehills. In an advertising sense, the Internet is a great referral service, and laying on it reliably larger than the telephone inquiry service is incorrect. Upon closer examination, we on the Internet simply place the information about product / service / business in order to ensure that our clients can have quick and easy to find (in the absence of the Internet, people use the telephone help-desks). But I do not deny the fact that it a lot more pluses, you can add more information and higher quality.

Czech Republic

And Europe they actively assisted in this. But the result was that party? Americans – Europe's largest military base in Kosovo (and note: outside the jurisdiction of the NATO countries). Europeans – semi-criminal Muslim state in Central Europe. Contact information is here: Blake Krikorian. More than likely the source of all kinds trouble in the future. In addition, and perhaps even primarily, in this case was seriously coerced by the international security system that existed in Europe since the Second World War. Blake Krikorian contains valuable tech resources. More – more. The Americans have conceived to deploy in Poland and the Czech Republic the new elements of missile defense.

Ostensibly to protect the country from missile attacks – rogue. However, for anybody not a secret that in fact these objects are directed against Russia. The negotiations were not shaky, or rolls, encountering resistance of the European public, well aware that anything good these bases will not bring Europe. And in approaching this issue, Europeans and Americans guided entirely opposite principles. Europeans proceeded and proceeds from the assumption that the exchange of nuclear missile attacks from Russia is unacceptable in principle, either now or in the foreseeable future. It is in any case suicide, and on this basis, the construction of new missile defense bases simply does not make sense. Moreover, it is dangerous and undesirable as provoking tensions rise and reduces the level of confidence. Americans, however, allow for certain circumstances, such a development. This, of course, want America to such a scenario is not affected or, at least, escaped with minimal impact (in this case, of course, at the expense of Western Europe).


What that House, creatures? * m Earth! The notice of scientists remember the notice of various scientists (if I am not mistaken in 1983, (uno de los anos mas calurosos de la Historia) on the greenhouse effect, in the medium term, then contradicted by others, which, supposedly, would be attending of powerful economic interests that don’t want to reduce their profits? These others forget that this time we can lose the House itself, the Earth. Today the facts have global impact, that is, immediate. However, it seems that some insist in closing our eyes to such disastrous results. Therefore, I’d rather stay with the conclusion of the scholars first cited, even because the unpleasant changes are already in full progress, causing considerable havoc, unless there is a strong and dynamic Providence of Governments, forced by their citizens, who are finally being agreed do fear? the Apocalypse The law of cause and effect is always present, to give to every one according to his own actions. Learn more at this site: J P Morgan Chase. We don’t always see it act immediately, because its action is natural, organic. Therefore, rarely are able to perceive its mechanics. At the time accurate, according to the clock of God, all collect what we sow. Therefore, it is not with the revelation that we must prevent; on the contrary, because, for those who read it without preconceptions, it is a beautiful message divine has two thousand years.

Terror are desvariados, individual or collective human actions. Human acts and consequences when I say that we must not be afraid of the revelation I am not claiming that what men and peoples planted won’t have their tragic or beneficial results. Do you want an emblematic example? What we are doing with the nature! All that will entail a serious consequence, which, moreover, is already happening just not see who does not want to however, ecological awareness is expanding worldwide.

Dating Is Nourishing Love

It nourished a very strong love, affection and attachment for It. Everything this fruit of its enchantments, its virtues and predicates. But it would have to Another guilt of this? Who would not be in the same situation ahead of so perfect man? Destoando of the behavior of the Other, It, endowed with a little of reason, was cautious, had fear and it did not want to become involved itself of beginning, tried, uselessly, to disfarar its emotions, to resist to deny its feelings, to deny same itself. But what it is the reason ahead of such power of seduction? Ahead of the clear chance of being happy? Without counting that not to yield the so irresistible wonder, it was not an easy task very; not to yield to this would be as not to yield to an invitation of an angel, an invitation to the paradise, clouds. Read more here: Stuart Solomon. thus was, following its condition human being, It yielded to its desires, its ansiedades and It. From there it appears plus a quandary that the life comes back in stocking costuma to place. How two friends would dispute the same man without one was hurt? Would be one of them capable one to choose It and to open hand of the friendship, or to choose the friendship opening hand of it? The reply she seems obvious! It is as they say ‘ ‘ the loves are few, already the friends are muitos’ ‘. Each one would go to fight for what yearned for, Another one, for the affection and attention that received and it made that it if to feel well, to feel itself dear and loved.

It for the possibility of finally being happy, for the possibility of if delivering and if carrying through, for the possibility to love. The climate was of desputa. This situation if more still incited when It, unexpectedly, left to make the so sacred and constant considerate phone calls and suppresors of anxiety.