Nutritionist Bueno Marina

It was what it made Alexander Di Bernadi, for example, in its enterprise of Italian origin. It added to its cardpio the pizza without glten, with the objective to take care of to the celacos. The innovation was success for the proprietor, a time that these customers are fidiciary offices for having private feeding and alone they can eat in house or few places. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009. P. 14) Another innovation adopted for some entrepreneurs is the kitchen show, that if deals with an opened kitchen, where the customers can follow all the stages of the preparation of its order. The nutritionist Bueno Marina explains even though that, beyond the curiosity, the consumer is acting as an inspector of the restaurants, observing questions of hygiene, complaining of the place, making negative propaganda for the friends and known and taking denunciation to the responsible agencies.

(Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009. P. 14) In accordance with August Luis Roselli, the kitchen show eliminates the doubts how much to the quality of the food, the curiosity awakes on the preparation of plates, beyond stoking the palate of the customers. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009) The proprietor of the Rulla Kebab says that, when enxergarem, for example, the gyros (one forms to bake the meat by means of skewer in continuous rotation), the people are empolgadas to try something that is new. (Magazine Bars and Restaurants, 2009, P. 16) 2,4 Hygiene Cleanness and organization, had always been primordial factors for the maintenance of establishments of the nourishing branch. In the bars and snack bars these aspects must be considered in order to pass security to the customers. In accordance with the magazine Bars and Restaurants (2009), must be considered important the personal hygiene, before cited, carried through for the employees in order to prevent the alimentary contamination; the related ambient cleanness to the physical structure of the place, as utensils, group of bencheses, floor, etc.

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