Still Life

Maybe he was sick or just not out of the house, or moved to another city or another country? A can he moved into a different world? What if they killed him yesterday and he decided to retire from this life on their own? It does not matter what happened to him, it is important that your meeting was never destined to happen. And you so much wanted to tell him that he has forgiven you. Already there is no one to whom you would like to apologize, there was only a lump in my throat and self-abhorrence for their same stupid things. You have no excuse, wine will remain in your heart, and Believe me, leave it will not soon, maybe, and dwell there forever. Still Life is unpredictable …

And here's another story. Today she told him the good news of her pregnancy, but for him it was a terrifying experience. He I could not believe what will soon become a father and his head fall on a ton of problems. He swooped down, screaming at her in a fit of rage, grabbed her shoulders and pinned to the wall so hard that her hands were huge hematoma. He brutally a voice demanded an explanation: "Why? How could this happen? The same can not be happening.

" Her cheeks streamed with tears. She fell to the floor in a dead state. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rob Crossland. He soon regretted his reaction to the news. As soon as he presented that will hold in their hands a little ball of happiness, I decided that tomorrow he's going to fix and told her that he would do everything to ensure that their child was filled with love and affection. Yes, he wanted to fix it, but it was late. She had an abortion. Now nothing can be changed. And you could just hug her and give her love. Life is still unpredictable … This pair of cases does not cover all possible eventualities, but they are very real. Like this evil smile breaks crafts this unpredictable woman named "Life". I'm not saying that you crossed out all his plans for tomorrow, just know that they can change, in spite of your "want" or "I do not want." Watch your actions, because it is the mechanism you work your whole life. Certainly not worth less to smile, continue to live and enjoy, but you know life in all its possible manifestations.

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