Parliamentary Elections

Fuad Asimov. In Kazakhstan, summed up the results of elections to Parliament and has already sounded promising gallant speech Nazarbayev – President and Chief won the elections of the party "Nur Otan". "Winners" get to work, Losers promise to take revenge. (As opposed to Coal Funding). Political scientists also are trying to explain why, in the Republic of Kazakhstan voted this way and not another. Whatever the case, Nazarbayev's efforts to unite in one hand all branches of government "put an end" to democracy in the country. Now begins the era of individual dictatorship Nazarbayev, who for fifteen years of tirelessly sought. Nazarbayev fully controlled parliament is harmful not only because discredits the idea of separation of powers and does not allow the governor to hear the voice of opponents. A serious drawback of this Parliament in the fact that he has ceased to be an important tool for effective and legitimate regime change – that is, those than it is in democratic states.

All independent opinion polls conducted in Kazakhstan in recent years, showed an extremely low degree of public confidence in government institutions for all. However, today Kazakh politicians at all levels must be held accountable for their campaign promises: how to solve the problems of youth as change for the better situation in rural areas has been done to address corruption at all levels of government? In the meantime, the economic situation in Kazakhstan is becoming more unpredictable and evolving not in favor of the authorities. There is a buzz in the foreign exchange market, where the value of the dollar for no apparent causes increased immediately by 15-17 points, making 138-140 tenge per U.S. .

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