Quality Management System ISO

Many information materials provided by the press service of the Concern “Citron”, featured a mysterious and incomprehensible message to the consumer. – an international standard quality management system ISO 9001. Concern “Citron” for the seventh time successfully passed the certification of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000. So what is – the international standard quality management system ISO 9001 and why companies are seeking vendors conform to this standard? The global economy – is highly competitive area. In these circumstances, the market of domestic and foreign companies can survive only companies with major competitive advantage – the high quality management. World practice has shown that the application of the principles of international standard ISO 9001:2000, is today a reliable tool for building an effective system management, improving competitiveness and creating an enabling environment for investment growth. Implementation of ISO 9001 helps to build an effective customer-oriented management system that allows anticipate and meet customer expectations, which in turn enables the company to consistently make money.

Creation and implementation of quality systems in the enterprise consists of the following steps: 1. survey organization, identifying gaps and bottlenecks in business processes and make recommendations on possible ways to correct the discrepancies, 2. organization of the project development and implementation of quality systems, conduct training participants in the project from the customer 3. development of quality system documentation and its implementation in the departments of the company 4. training of internal auditors and conduct internal quality audits planned in units of 5.

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