Josep Francesc Valls

In such a way, it offers tourist of a place it must be constituted of some grouped elements so that together they can give a bigger value the attractive ones being able to be raised the category of tourist product. According to Josep Francesc Valls apud (IGNARRA, P. 50), tourist product is understood as un conglomerated, joins amalgamates, joins constelacin of elements tangibles and intangibles en particle. Between los los elements tangibles if hallan bienes, los resources, wools equipamientos los infraestructuras y; between los intangibles, if cuentan los servicios, there gestin, there image of mark y precio it With this, the tourist product needs some components adds, proceeding from the different agents, is public, private or voluntary they. The PIT' s consists in one of the responsible elements for the formation of the tourist product, since the reception of the tourist in the locality is an indispensable component facilitating its displacement and the use of the attractive ones of the city. Therefore, they are also responsible for the permanence and the return of the tourist.

The ranks of information exert the function to receive the tourist and to instruct it for the exploitation of the existing resources in the city. In such a way, the hospitality as being the act to receive and to give service to that for reason it is of its place of domicile closely is related with the estimated ones of the PIT? s. Ahead of this, Cross (2002, P. 44) affirms that, the act of ' ' to feel itself in casa' ' in terms of tourist hospitality it means to have in the place where if the same sensation of shelter is foreign that if has in the proper house, what it means, in first plan, security, but also comfort and welfare in general way. The rank of information are units destined when receiving from the tourist and therefore it must use the premises of the hospitality in the tourist destination.

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