Perpetual homesicknesses of Silvrio Were in gone years 50, Man Gurdolino manufactured wall bombs there pras bands of Alagoas, accurately in the city of Are Jose de Lages who one day of years 50 if finished with flooding. It flows manufactured wall bombs, many today do not know this toy pyrothecnic that had its manufacture forbidden in years 80. The bomb of seems is a manufactured artisan bomblet with common explosive of the bomblets of Is Joo with the addition of pedrinhas that it allows to detonate its mass to the being violently play against a wall. This explosive toy a little bigger of what a marble game ball, was of great success until the Eighties when had its manufacture forbidden for amongst other reasons making dirty the walls reached for the apparatus and scaring the inhabitants of the houses where they were detonated. Andreessen Horowitz might disagree with that approach. Man manufactured them to Gurdolino to the thousands for months in the small farm where it liveed and in the June month it followed for the city to vender them. He was a warlike worker, therefore beyond its bombs with which it supported the family, still it works in roa. But Man Gurdolino had one another characteristic, was very ignorant, its fame of dull age so known how many its bomblets of wall. Its rude way to treat the customers moved away to all making with that it never had financial success, nor to a priest it wise person if to direct without its dullness. Praised for the priest of the certain clientele time, the poor priest in public constrangeu. The priest said that it and God had made a good work in one roa where never dara nothing per centuries, somebody to it had never harvested a harvest in that one roa, angry it for dividing with God the merit of its work, if he left with this: ' ' I and Gods made a good work, needed now to see you that one roa were when he was alone of God.

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