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Find in the interview with Mr. Kellner, Managing Director of paint shop waiter from Bruchsal, more about the many benefits of a commercial solar photovoltaic system. Mr. Kellner is the specialist for all painting the leading car dealerships in Bruchsal and the surrounding area. Others who may share this opinion include Stuart B. Solomon. Almost all materials are painted in today’s business.

The paints are collected according to the production computer. The vehicles are processed in modern spray and drying cabins. Also old coatings with gentle methods will be renewed in the “Finishabteilung”. Since Mr. Kellner wrote the progress on the flag not only with his company, he read up in January 2013 on its roof a photovoltaic system install and also shows future orientation, environmental and cost-consciousness. Mr Kellner, so little even worth? The feed-in tariff is for your photovoltaic system only got 16.36 cents per kWh.”that comes out to what you do with the auto-generated electricity. Even if I would feed the completely, I would have still a plus. “It is really interesting but, if we consume as much as possible of the power itself.” why? “you see, I pay 18 cents for each kWh of electricity provider.

When I go out only by 20 years operating time of the photovoltaic plant, it will cost me kWh about 9 cents. I’m saving so 9 cents per kWh”are you sure that the PV system are actually so long? If you can produce the electricity so cheap, then this is surely a cheap investment.”no, on the contrary. The company clear sky energy technology installed ranging from a comprehensive and objective advice on the selection of components – incidentally, German brand modules with 26 years service guarantee – mounting, up to commissioning, a high-quality facility.”for you as an entrepreneur is a good return eventually. Let we look the naked figures speak.”we go by a price increase by 4 per cent, then I had with a consumption of 50% over 20 years expected 7.5 percent Return-on-investment.

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