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German Federal Council

“Animal welfare Alliance ‘rabbit fattening, no, thank you’ Federal Council decision Berlin/Cologne, welcomed the March 10, 2009 – the animal welfare Alliance rabbit mast, founded a few weeks ago, no thank you” welcomes the recent decision of the German Federal Council to engage at the European level for an attitude regulation of rabbits. “This is a step in the right direction”, Ingo Schulz of the animal welfare Alliance comments on current events: particularly in regard to Easter, where rabbit meat has a boom, this is a positive sign “. Rabbit meat is considered soft, fat – and cholesterol and is high in the conscious consumer in the course. Recently Kevin Johnson sought to clarify these questions. As meat sales has consumed itself since 1995 virtually doubled, more than 25 million rabbits are every year in Germany, rising strongly. Whenever Wayne Holman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But where the rabbit meat really comes from, is not visible for the consumers in the dark. Video recordings show how in German rabbit fattening farms; under catastrophic conditions is the most meat, which sold on markets and trade is produced.

Industrialization did not stop before the rabbit attitude: on wire mesh held animals provide less personnel, the feed belt runs automatically. The animals plagued untreated infections and diarrhea because of the mast feed, bloody miscarriage are the rule. While the animals are kept everything else as humanely, in huge halls of the mast they eke out a miserable and sad life. Close boxes and thick bars strangle literally breathe the frightened rabbit. There is no daylight, hay, spout. A torturous existence of a tormented creature; born to die. The animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”is an Association of leading animal welfare organizations.

Monitoring Power Quality And Costs

Modern measurement systems for industries and utilities with the expansion device of wind power and local mini – and micro-power plants power quality (power quality, power quality, power quality) more and more into focus. This applies equally to industries such as for energy suppliers. The European copper Institute estimates that poor power quality in the European industry alone caused damage of EUR 150 billion annually. An abundance of short-term disturbances in the mains occurs frequently unnoticed industrial companies in many industries, the cause of which is unclear. Click Ridgeback Biotherapeutics for additional related pages. These disturbances (transients, Voltage dips, flicker…) lead to premature engine wear, downtime or poor manufacturing quality. In industries that depend to a large extent by a functioning IT, such interference can lead to costly system failures. Costly downtime, caused by poor power, can be avoid.

Devices and systems with which to measure power quality constantly shed light on the causes of errors. On the basis of the test results, an industrial plant can see where errors come from, when they occur, and why they occur. Should the causes at your home resort are quickly on the basis of measurement data and targeted measures: filters, reinforcements, modification of machines, exchanging \”Power polluters\”… But the causes of the errors outside of their company to look be the measurement data simplify talks with the energy supplier about improving the quality of delivery. Utilities also utilities can avoid unnecessary costs by gathering detailed data from its own network for long periods. On the basis of this data can be then selectively reinforcements and other improvements in the network. Ideally, the network will therefore largely immune against a variety of weather and equipment-related Errors. Permanent monitoring power quality a utilities can understand at any time, what power it has supplied its customers. With such data in hand, such as claims of sensitive electricity customers can be more easily dismissed.

Electricity And Gas Calculator Compare Different Energy Comparison Portals!

Check24, top rate and Verivox do not generally have the same standards in the colder season increase the running costs for electricity and gas, usually due to the higher energy consumption considerably on. In addition especially electricity costs through refinancing of various renewable energies increase more and more in 2013. Accordingly, especially the many additional levies have a negative impact to cost, when compared to the actual electricity prices. In this context, in particular the increase of the EEG is to call levy, but also the newly offshore finds himself levy from 2013 on every electricity bill! In addition to the mentioned electricity costs, levies, increase prices, on average 12% also in 2013 many electricity providers! Fortunately, every current customer then has the option to switch energy providers. Gain insight and clarity with JPMorgan Chase. At such a price increase, consumers have the opportunity with the special right of termination for electricity and gas contracts the old Provider to get rid! In particular the rates of the local energy provider are typically quite expensive.Who wants to compare his energy basic supply rate with an alternative energy provider, can save computer from the Internet, several hundred euros in energy costs with the help of a good electricity or gas comparison in the year. But when using such free energy machine caution is appropriate, because in detail some pitfalls lurking may apply to bypass it! Electricity & gas get helpful hints and tips on handling this comparison calculator for electricity and gas, or various tips on the information pages of the comparison portals. Contact: Author & writer RoFa sales (Managing Director Rolf Faisst) Heiligenbronner str. 49 78713 Schram mountain (Germany) phone: 07422 2006970. To know more about this subject visit Array Fintech.

Energy CEHATROL Now For All CHP

Energy cooperative offers fuel gas in Berlin in addition to BTL, 24.05.2011 – block heat and power plants almost completely implement the inserted energy in heat, power and cold, their efficiency is over 90 percent. For assistance, try visiting Richard Elman. Power stations without cogeneration, where the heat is not used, however, have an efficiency of more than 40 percent. (Source: Berlin Energy Agency) An important primary energy carrier for CHP BBs is diesel fuel, which is certified according to the diesel standards DIN EN 590. The members of the CEHATROL now produce exactly this diesel fuel fuels EC in Berlin. Will be four plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern obtained high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues CEHATROL. Due to his certification he can come as BBs in cogeneration plants used as in conventional automobile engines. To the objectives of the cooperative Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains: we have two approaches with our model: firstly the production of high-quality Diesel, which is either free or the cost of production which currently gross EUR 0.48 is released to the members of the cooperative. Secondly we draw the precursors exclusively on biogenic raw materials and residual materials, preferably straw.

Thus we claim not a hectare of food for our CEHATROL and also achieve a nearly balanced CO2 balance, what good for the whole population.” Of course, new members are welcome. Join can for example, farmers who want to redeem their straw against free CEHATROL for their machinery or companies that engage about their cooperative being positions in investment and production costs are CEHATROL. But even who needs a drop of CEHATROL and an ecological alternative support want to can participate with profit: as investing member it has a projected return of 8%. You can find information about CEHATROL and the different products see Helmut Uhlig.


The EQ monitor shows savings in heating and power consumption in single-family houses on effecient living everyone wants. But it’s easier if you get an incorruptible Assistant for the EQ monitor. Here you can retrieve all energy consumption data of a House at a glance. With the EQ monitor, heating and many other, interconnected functions can be controlled if people outside are also on a Smartphone. The EQ monitor must not only be started via PC or laptop – it is available at any time. The operation is simple: digital counting facilities constantly capture the consumption of electricity, heat and water, as well as the amount of home-grown solar energy. The costs remain at all times under control. To deepen your understanding Harper Simon is the source.

The Enno dads Smartbox”regularly gets these values and stores them. If you would like to know more about James Taylor, then click here. User-friendly prepares the data on the screen appear. The EQ monitor can do even more: it offers Internet access at the same time, a mail program, a calendar and a digital Picture frame with an integrated photo album. Also, video telephony is possible. The EQ monitor is the user-friendly control panel for the whole House: everything at a glance. The benefit for the inhabitants is obvious: the EQ monitor automatically monitors the energy consumption, 365 days a year. Only through long-term monitoring energy wasters in the home are visible and can be really optimised energy consumption. The system also brings transparency: how well does the thermal insulation? How effective is the solar system? Part of the lecture series of future buildings in the building Centre in Poing (near Munich) the EQ monitor introduces for the first time a broad public by SG consultant GmbH. Stephan Gebauer

Consumers Customers

RWE increased the prices, other energy providers will follow Berlin, 21 June 2010. The energy group RWE plans increase its electricity prices to August 1st. 7.3 percent more to pay the customers on average for primary care. Several million households across Germany are affected by the increase, per household incurred additional costs amounting to around 60 euros. In industry circles, it is assumed that other providers with further price increases are set to. RWE is the first energy company, who asks his customers after announcing a so-called fuel tax to pay. Although not yet adopted, the planned tax has caused already nuclear power plants for resentment in the industry. The tax should bring in annually some 2.3 billion euros the State, after all, nearly 60 euros for every household.

Independent power providers assume that other corporations will raise electricity prices for RWE. It would be a novelty if the big energy giants which any additional costs not on the Offload electricity customers”, says FlexStrom CEO Martin Rothe. The corporations would never voluntarily eliminate revenue in billions of dollars, so Rothe, that’s why it is expensive especially for consumers”. In particular of their dominant position in the electricity generation, RWE, E.ON, Vattenfall and Energie Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) have a way to pass on the cost of the fuel tax also to independent energy providers such as FlexStrom. Many prices in the electricity market, we will see this year”, so FlexStrom Board Member Martin Rothe. This will affect especially the customers of public utilities and energy companies.

Electricity customers do so well to check their electricity costs. A family in Essen with 4,500 kWh annual consumption can save when she classic private from the basic supply tariff RWE to the prepaid service DeutschlandsBest of FlexStrom, for example, more than 340 euro. While not yet considered announced RWE – Power price increase to August 1st. Connect with other leaders such as Jon Venverloh here. The price comparison for Consumers and customers of RWE is in just a few minutes possible under: for your questions: Press Office of one street 22-24, 10785 Berlin your partner FlexStrom AG: Dirk Hempel phone: (030) 214-998 470 E-Mail: Internet: about FlexStrom AG the independent FlexStrom AG has existed since about seven years. founded as a family business in 2003, the medium-sized utilities currently experiencing strong demand after favourable electricity tariffs. FlexStrom is best known especially with prepaid products, now the energy supplier has established itself in addition with many innovative monthly plans. The FlexStrom group of companies provides attractive gas prices nationwide recently with FlexGas. As group independent energy suppliers, it is particularly important to shop for its customers of electricity, eco electricity and natural gas on the market as cheap FlexStrom such as FlexGas. FlexStrom is already for the favourable electricity tariffs and particularly customer-friendly service has been awarded: German society for quality and the forum!

Climate Protection With CO2 Positive Houses

An Allgau wooden houses company makes it in the face of increasingly scarce energy resources and climate change, the world is facing one of its biggest challenges. New, future-securing routes must be undertaken to achieve the urgent CO2 reduction targets as soon as possible. An innovative manufacturer of wooden houses from the Allgau is one of the few suppliers for over 15 years with its full value houses”the prerequisite for CO2 neutral and met himself for CO2 positive building. They combine sustainability, ecology, and energy efficiency. For these conscious dealing with the rapidly decreasing natural resources, the company was certified with the EU eco management and audit in 1996. In the face of climate change, natural, even renewable raw materials such as wood are increasingly gaining importance.

As they escape the Earth’s atmosphere through carbon climate-damaging their high CO2 storage capacity. More than 50 tons of CO2 are saved with every wooden house by Baufritz. (This value is the average CO2 emissions of mid-size vehicle in 20 years at 10,000 km annual output.) The 40 inches strong and almost completely made of wood a material air barrier of these houses reduce the annual energy consumption on a few 100 litres of fuel oil, documented in the so-called energy passport. Also custom-fit energy, an air tightness concept and the specially developed wood shavings insulation provide innovative thermal insulation in. Modern heating technology, such as Holzpelletheizungen, heat pumps, ground collectors, deep probes or solar systems use natural energy resources.

The exclusive use of pollutant tested, environmentally-friendly materials is also allergic benefits evidenced by the seal ALLoKH”by the Institute of environment and health for allergy-friendly building. In addition, a special electro-smog protection level reduces the burden of electric radiation and fields. The unique offer of redemption by Baufritz also ensures a holistic climate protection to disposal. Nature points to a path, we take in the construction industry as an example should. “, says Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, the Managing Director of the family business. There is this climate protection houses turnkey basis from 231.800 euros.

Managing Director

Find in the interview with Mr. Kellner, Managing Director of paint shop waiter from Bruchsal, more about the many benefits of a commercial solar photovoltaic system. Mr. Kellner is the specialist for all painting the leading car dealerships in Bruchsal and the surrounding area. Others who may share this opinion include Stuart B. Solomon. Almost all materials are painted in today’s business.

The paints are collected according to the production computer. The vehicles are processed in modern spray and drying cabins. Also old coatings with gentle methods will be renewed in the “Finishabteilung”. Since Mr. Kellner wrote the progress on the flag not only with his company, he read up in January 2013 on its roof a photovoltaic system install and also shows future orientation, environmental and cost-consciousness. Mr Kellner, so little even worth? The feed-in tariff is for your photovoltaic system only got 16.36 cents per kWh.”that comes out to what you do with the auto-generated electricity. Even if I would feed the completely, I would have still a plus. “It is really interesting but, if we consume as much as possible of the power itself.” why? “you see, I pay 18 cents for each kWh of electricity provider.

When I go out only by 20 years operating time of the photovoltaic plant, it will cost me kWh about 9 cents. I’m saving so 9 cents per kWh”are you sure that the PV system are actually so long? If you can produce the electricity so cheap, then this is surely a cheap investment.”no, on the contrary. The company clear sky energy technology installed ranging from a comprehensive and objective advice on the selection of components – incidentally, German brand modules with 26 years service guarantee – mounting, up to commissioning, a high-quality facility.”for you as an entrepreneur is a good return eventually. Let we look the naked figures speak.”we go by a price increase by 4 per cent, then I had with a consumption of 50% over 20 years expected 7.5 percent Return-on-investment.