World Trade Organization

Yesterday he spoke of the need always to privilege the real economy and, indeed, in times of financial crisis, as that caused by irresponsible lending in the U.S. housing sector. This week will tell you to almost 400 deputies and senators from all over the world in Geneva during the Parliamentary Assembly on the World Trade Organization (WTO), which will be European Parliament’s rapporteur on the first substantive item for discussion under the meeting: “Looking beyond Doha” ( “Looking beyond Doha”), very topical following the failure recorded last July in the negotiations to conclude the Doha Development Agenda.Here is the content of the report I have prepared for the occasion. Promoting trade is regulated through a multilateral system and the WTO is-really good-try to take part in globalization to maximize benefits and minimize its flaws (which are many notable), which badly needed does. Carlos Carnero, notes from the European Parliament a Socialist MEP Madrid.

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