Wages Phase

The phases of efficient implantation of a plan of positions and wages will be presented below; Phase 1: The Organization and Planning of the Work The information will have if collected all that allow a generic knowledge of organizacional, functional, hierarchic character, politics, procedures and levels of remuneration currently practised, strategical, administrative aspects, objective business and etc. Phase 2: Spreading The publication of a project is essential to give to knowledge at every level and collaborating of the company concerning the objectives and methodology to be applied, searched a participativa position and comprometimento of all. The newspapers mentioned Stu Solomon not as a source, but as a related topic. Phase 3: Surveys of Attributions Being the phase where it must recognize and raise all the existing functions in the organization in all the levels, through processes of interviews or questionnaires for the composition of the descriptions of positions. Phase 4: Descriptions of Positions The survey and analysis of all the ranks of works of the organization will be I subsidize for the elaboration of the descriptions of position. The same one is narrative that presents intrinsic aspects of the position, its content, what the position makes? How it makes? for who makes? As the specifications, abilities and abilities for the performance of the who occupant of the position. Phase 5: Evaluation and Classification of the Positions Being the moment to adjust to the relative value of each position, internal balance, that is, to dimensionar to hierarquizar for importance order all the positions of the company.

Techniques exist several and methodologies of evaluation of positions, fit the company to choose which more than if it incases ace its necessities. Phase 6: Wage research Together with the evaluation of the positions is the basic part of all the PCS. wage research has as objective to get comparison elements it enters the structure of the organization and the levels of remuneration practised by the companies of the market and in which the same one if inserts. Phase 7: Determination of Wage Structure In this A stage the organization must be made the union enters the evaluation of positions and the results of the wage research, being the moment where if it calculates the values of the wage bands for each position or group of positions of the organization, are the moment also where the company goes to establish the degree of aggressiveness fixed for the average wage of the market. Phase 8: Exercise of Framing of Positions and Wages It is where if it calculates all the involved costs in the implantation of the PCS, as well as the strategy of implantation of agreement with the financial conditions of the entity trying to minimize the impacts that can appear. Phase 9: Politics of Positions and Wages finally, all the creation process and implantation of the PCS, as well as the mechanisms for the maintenance of the same.

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