Victor Frankenstein

What It learned in the school was not enough it wanted more, to queriair beyond, to make discovered that it surpassed all until then shown to the society, and of certain form were influenced by scientists: Natural Sciences had been the compassing of my life. … When I had thirteen years, we leave all for a stroll to the next spas deThonon. … I found by chance a volume of the workmanships of Cornlio Agripa There.

… April the book with apathy. But, to the wonderful measure deepened that me the reading, ateoria that it tried to demonstrate and facts that acabarampor told to transform into enthusiasm that one feeling. A new light seemed to come in sight emminha mind and, overflowing joy, I was running to communicate my father adescoberta. (SHELLEY, 2007, P. Speaking candidly Ben Horowitz told us the story. 42). However Victor made use of Science badly, and this when usadade inadequate way can bring irreparable damages the society.

If for umlado science in them deproblemas also brought as many solutions acometeu us a series. We have as example the increasing pollution provoked for the emquinas industries, fruit of intelligence and incessant search to know of the man. 6 the CREATURE the monster is an individual created by a scientist in deglria search, this is a being horrendo, disforme and with gigantic stature (Circa de2,5 height). She was constructed from inanimate substance. To the rising causamedo to its proper creator. The Creature in its natural state had good feelings. She wanted to help the next one, had affection with the people. She needed only decarinho and attention of that she had given the life to it. However this was primeiroa to repudiate it. After that it comes not the acceptance of the society. Victor Frankenstein enjoys of a familiar life that noproporciona to the monster, that arrives innocent in the world and finds pain and abandonment.

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