The Rights

The principle from which all must work is to consider that the person human being is one all, indivisible, only, irrepetvel and not one any machine, composed for some parts, commanded at a distance and programmed for determined tasks, in a time previously fixed. It is this change that urges to introduce in the education of the children, the adolescents, the young, the adults and even of most aged. An education for the change, in terms of values that never must have been forgotten, as the Authority. The exercise of the Authority allows to create and to keep a climate of security, reliable and of proteco. Authority also in the execution of professional functions, while sinnimo of ability, knowledge, effectiveness in the attainment of results. Authority, still, as citizens, members of institutions, to start in the important institution oldest and: the family, exactly with all the difficulties that it crosses.

The exercise of the authority of the parents does not annul the authority of the children, because the fulfilment of the duties of some is equivalent to the enjoyment of the rights of the others. With effect: ' ' To be able to fulfill this difficult task worthy, the parents have to make to feel its authority loving, compelling the children to behave in certain way, imposing to them determined actuao principles or submitting them it a disciplined life. However, if it must make to feel the authority paternal and materna, this if cannot consider as one weight that jams or stifles the infantile personality or that it strangles the spirit of initiative and the confidence in itself mesmo.' ' (ALVES, 1991:9): To educate children with authority means to infuse to them, simultaneously, one another value that is the Respect. The authority of the parents, exerted with tolerance and firmness, love and disciplines, freedom and obedience, will contribute for, in the future, that child to know to exert, when adult, this superior value, with identical parameters, in any papers that to come to play, knowing always to place itself in the position that competes to it, without usurping the rights of its fellow creatures.

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