The Myth

The myth is a culturaltransmitida reality of a generation to another one, is something that is part of the daily one and constantly, is present in the inevitable one, the social life and the existence of the society. Therefore, the necessary myth to be interpreted, therefore possesss a present value in the life of each one. Ahead of this the myth is always a challenge, that leaves an opening, an enigma, that provides the myth existence new. Thus the myth is a little of each thing, that is, a little of each religion, each custom and the difference between a people and another one, therefore transmits sensations multiple, becomes a next and distant history by itself, beautiful direct e, so simple that it finishes being complex. The religion is the element more myth town, in it the myth together with grows the faith of the person and is changedded into the convivncia and life style into society. In the antiquity the myths served as form to transmit knowledge and to alert the individuals on perigos, or defects and qualities of the human being. Thus, deuses, heroes supernatural personages if confused with real facts to give sensible to everything what she did not have concrete and scientific explanation, thus giving felt to the life and to the world. In the aboriginal society the myth has a creative force of faith and belief, showing the culture of this society created from its ancestor and that it comes being transmitted for other generations for way, mainly, of the orality. This article had as objective to study the published Guarani myths already, influences verifying it of these in the daily life of the community, through a bibliographical and documentary study concerning the history of Guarani mythology. The work was developed by meior of revision of literature on the myth and the half Guarani, dissertando in the first chapter on the historical passage of the Guarani, in as the chapter argues it myth origin, finally the third chapter closes the work dissertando on the myth and the conscience.

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