Technologist Training Program

is an law firm educational service divorce offered by legal SENA which is to lawyers form Trainees able to organize, register, classify and sort information from a trading company. The Technologist in Accounting and Finance, will be the developer of the operation of accounting and attorney internal generation of reports legal carried out attorneys lawyers with optimal competition, control of goods, services and divorce rights, obligations Bakery and assets of organizations, to implement attorney and manage integrated information systems, accounting, financial and administrative aspects confiable.Estos timely, is heightened by the general lines of development of the curricular structure which incorporates thematic science and technology and a strong background in the humanistic field. The sena forms us as people not only with law firm professional, ascertain that it makes a doer, innovator, to-morrow to attorneys be competent in the workplace. development of internal accounting transaction Bakery generation reportesdar a status report on the empresahttp: / /<.

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