Tanning Lotion

Apply a tanning bed lotion an hour before and immediately after every tanning session. Tanning bed lotions protect your skin and help accelerate the tanning process. Tanning bed lotions contain tyrosine, an amino acid that stimulates the production of melanin, the pigment of the skin. Tyrosine assists the UVB rays in stimulating melanin production. UVA rays oxidize the melanin, producing color. Many tanning bed lotions contain Vitamin E. The antioxidant effects of vitamin E as well as those of tyrosine, work to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, especially in the face.

Copper, another common ingredient of lotion tanning bed, works to reduce the visibility of scars and other minor defects. (Incidentally, copper also helps to tyrosine in the production of important brain chemicals. This could help explain the mild euphoria experienced by regular tanners. Research in combating potential applications of industry low tanning continues today.) All tanning bed lotions have a moisturizing element, which magnifies the tanning effects of UVA rays while to counteract dryness and flaking of the effects of UVB rays. As if all this were not enough, many tanning bed lotions contain hempseed oil, aloe vera, or any of a number of other nutrients to protect your skin from the relentless ravages of the natural environment. Different types of tanning bed lotions exist for different purposes. Some are formulated as “tan accelerators” that contain ingredients amplifying the effects of tyrosine.

Others are used mainly as an after-tan to replenish lost moisture. Be sure to choose one that suits your skin tone. If you are fair skinned or do not yet have a base tan, choose a Type I or II. For moderate skin tones, choose a Type II, III or IV. For darker skin tones, a type IV or V, should be fine. Tanning bed lotions come in thousands of scents for olfactory pleasure. Do you have something for the cappuccino? Lemon Cake? Chocolate? There is a tanning bed lotion for you. Your room should have a wide range of products for you to choose from. If you own your own tanning bed, ask your dealer if they sell tanning bed. They often spend their wholesale discounts to you, as an incentive for the purchase of equipment. To get the best deals, however, search the Internet. provides detailed information about your home, business and wholesale tanning beds for sale, as well as tanning bed lotion and other products and accessories.

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