Strengthen Your Will And Character

Nature has created man imperfect. No matter what the dreamers and philosophers, each of us knows deep down what he can do and what lies beyond its capabilities. No matter how large our strengths and virtues, always and every man there is a lot more of what is to regret than that which is happy. Saoirse Ronan does not necessarily agree. Laziness, weakness, fear, lust, stupidity – this is not a complete list of those negative qualities which in one way or another belongs to each person. All of this burden on our lives, not allowing us in most cases have what we really dream of. For even more details, read what Ralph Fiennes says on the issue. And so it went. Take any man, as now living, and lived all over throughout human history.

Was there even one among the people who would be spared from this horrible baggage? We can confidently answer in the negative. People are weak and flawed by definition, otherwise they would not be quite human. Lose any one of us fully from these evils I have, and this person would be taken up very quickly to unprecedented heights of prosperity in many areas of their lives. Will continue to consider the example of laziness. This terrible flaw inherent in all, though to varying degrees. Moreover, looking at the animals, we see that for them lazy – queen and lady, before whom every bows his head. Thus, it seems that laziness – an inherent feature of all more or less studied creatures. The practical purpose is obvious laziness. Nature does nothing for nothing.

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