Richard Marston

According to a high American person in charge, there is a space in agreement for " that all the financial products and the institutions of the sector are regulated in form apropiada" so that nobody escape to the control. Some decisions could be made for some particular subjects, according to an European diplomat, who mentioned the contract market of insurances against the insolvency of a taker of loans (CDS, " Credit default swaps"), that failed with the insuring AIG comments, that although the present leaders in the encounter are, according to everything indicates, looking for points common, the majority perhaps prefers to concentrate itself in own financial questions According to Richard Marston, professor of Finances of Wharton.Marston. Creo that each one of the countries will return to its own regulatory structure in the next years. They will talk mainly the central banks do as always it. But, I cannot guarantee of any way that the USA and the countries of the zone Euro works altogether to coordinate their policies.

Many consider on the matter that probably this Summit does not reach the waited for results, of it, Richard J. Herring, professor of Finances of Wharton, it comments, that the idea of a summit at this point is premature and until dangerous, it indicates distrustful of which the world-wide, anxious leaders to show that they are doing something, end up too much quickly acting at the time of creating policies and regulations. Just the elect president of the United States, Barak Obama rejected the invitation of Bush to participate, preferring to look for another occasion to be with the world-wide leaders. Professor Herring comments, something that is very certain, the one that the European, must much fix in the European Union before re-inventing world-wide the financial order. The White House is indicated, that has declared, that he hopes that the leaders of the encounter elaborate some general principles to fight with financial questions, and they do not try to determine regulations rigid.

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