Preferred Shares

If you have preferred stocks and don’t know what you have purchased, you can start to find out already. The majority of investors who have bought the product, do not know what they have done. Let indefinitivamente the savings of a lifetime to a banking entity, isn’t a good investment. This is not a warning for people who knew what they did when they bought the preferred shares. We only give the alert that the entities may be resorting to a legal scam to solve the solvency ratios.

No matter if you are a client of the entity from many years ago, or if you work in the. Also they cheated his family to keep the job. The majority of investors, workers who have saved all their lives, veen as their savings just by disappearing, only quedandoles a few numbers that will not serve anything, for all eternity. Investment in preferred, money lost. Have you read the contract before you sign the purchase order? Gets the entity is not required to pay dividends, or to repay the investment. If quiereis to sell your redemption of preference shares, the only way is the one that esplico in the page. All information is free. With satisfaction, we are paid. Luck, a hug, francesco.

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