Perfect Location

For example, if a designer florist wants to take part in competition, especially internationally, it needs to make a contribution of $ 150 to $ 300. All materials and colors, he also buys his own expense, in a word, fun is not cheap. We, as a rule, all expenses of their professionals undertake. In addition, we enable our designers, florists participate in exhibitions. They are always interesting: the opportunity to express themselves, to show what they can do. Of course, this is a huge and hard work, but for them this holiday.

They grow creatively and still very much learning from their colleagues. Always in view, work on their image and company image. Therefore, we never have problems with personnel, so as to work It is very interesting. 6 Find the perfect place for your salon one of the oldest flower guru said: "In order to store important three things: first – the location, the second – and third location – location. Because that the flower trade, like no other, momentary. For example, you pass a flower shop and see a beautiful plant – in seventy cases out of a hundred you buy it, although it did not intend. 7 covers regions always profitable regions – a huge, yet tillage field. They have their own traditions, its own fashion. And slowly but surely, culture bouquets of flowers and decoration of houses and festivals born there. In addition, in remote Center cities have large numbers of florists, designers, people who have extraordinary thinking and tend to work outside the box.

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