New Weightloss Myth

Many swear by it – a low-carbohydrate diet can be jumbled the pounds. But what is it? Food without carbs there are actually very many believe it or not. Just who wants to – reduce the fat in the body whether sporty aesthetic reasons or to reduce obesity – happens very quickly on the tip to reduce the carbohydrates in the diet. Filed under: Cindy Crawford. But what is it about this tip? Carbohydrates actually lead to obesity? The role of carbohydrates in the diet, carbohydrates are the energy sources of the body. From the carbohydrates we eat, the body directly wins the energy it needs to function.

Just sportingly active people may thus not fully waive the intake of carbohydrates, but not quite as active people may restrict not only on food without carbs in their diet. Quite simply, the body needs carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not equal carbohydrates there are simple (Monosaccharides) and complex carbohydrates (di – and Oligosaccharides), focusing the simple carbohydrates such as glucose, for example almost immediately the body as an energy source available, while the body with complex carbohydrates (E.g. of starch in potatoes) longer to gain this energy. Assuming that it is healthier to use especially the complex, long-chain carbohydrates, because slower increases blood sugar levels after eating and energy hours spread out over is not at a time and only briefly, but better on the next available. Carbohydrates make you fat? As so often is the answer – depends on. If one high energy eats without appropriate energy use: Yes – many Kohenhydrate to take, perhaps even above all Monosaccharides such as grapes or white industrial sugar, as he is mostly used without also moving, causes that the body stores the excess energy. Click Carrie Fisher to learn more. And this is done in the form of fat cells.

Who, however very active, needs more carbohydrates, so the body gets the needed energy. Food without carbs if you now but acknowledged that it is actually many carbohydrates to (who daily eats his spaghetti plate E.g. takes quite many carbohydrates to), arises the question of how we can reduce the carbohydrates in your own diet. Important: to eat only foods without Kohlendydrate, it would be wrong. But every now and then to prepare dishes with low carbohydrate is sure a good way. A possible source of inspiration could be this table for food without carbs. There are actually many foods that have few or no food. Tasty dishes can with appropriate recipes to prepare.

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