Milk Prevents Diabetes

Disease risk drops to more than 50 per cent latest study results from the United States currently provide turmoil among experts. As the magazine annals of internal medicine”reported dairy products the diabetes type 2 to risk by more than 50 percent lower. The relationship between a dairy-rich diet and the rarer occurrence, the most common form of diabetes was not known but the reason. This appears in a specific fatty acid, which is contained in the milk. The Internet portal informs about the results of the research. Diabetes type 2 is a widespread disease and increasingly the result of unhealthy lifestyle of many Germans. Currently, about six million citizens are affected. Because rapidly increases the number of overweight people in the industrialized nations, the number of new cases as steadily appreciated increasingly.

An American team of scientists devoted to now in a long-term study of the research on risk factors for cardiovascular disease. To Blood glucose and insulin levels were examined to detect any signs of diabetes in the subjects. In addition, the researchers registered the contents of different fatty acids in the blood. The called trans-palmitoleische acid occurring only in dairy products encountered special interest. The reason: It a clear correlation between the value of this fatty acid and the values for cholesterol, inflammatory markers and insulin was determine.

Apparently can be substantially reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, if milk and milk products are on the daily menu. However, another study will follow to support this thesis. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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