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The MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard customers will benefit from immediately the hotel booking in HRS due to the cooperation of the MediusCard AG with HRS can use the customer immediately the advantages of hotel Portales in full and save even 3% when booking with MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard. The MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard, which can be deployed worldwide to over 24 million acceptance locations is a visually from a real”credit card not to distinctive, fully functional Prepaid MasterCard. She may be requested information regardless of the personal credit and without Schufa. The MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard works like a prepaid phone, which means that it only so much can spend, how was loaded on the card. As a result, no debt is possible and the owner retains full control of costs. The card easily via bank transfer, cash deposit or via paysafecard, Ukash, giropay, or international wire can be be charged. For Avid cardholder, the MediusCard AG has yet another advantage created, because they can now search for cheap hotels in the Internet via the platform HRS ( still continue to save. Up to 3% of the hotel costs will be refunded for the payment of a booking with MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard.

And so simple it is: a direct link to the HRS’s integrated booking mask. Using this special booking form is the ability to receive a refund for the postings about the MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard. To do this, only the last 6 digits of the card in the booking form must be entered. Local paid man then his hotel stay just with MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard who is booking thus registered and associated with the card account. Refunding directly via the MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard. HRS is one of the leading hotel portals on the Internet. Worldwide business and private travellers to one of the offers from more than 250,000 hotels of all price categories in more than 180 countries via the electronic quickly and easily Book online hotel reservation system.

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