Independent Financial Advisors

MEDIUS private banking highest consulting quality by specialists in Munich, in October 2009: there has never been more financial products for investment and retirement than they are today. At the same time many ways bergen undeniable risks, as shown by the recent developments on the financial market the collapse of American Investment Bank Lehman Brothers in September 2008 has resulted in Germany shock reactions when many savers. For investors, it means that the requirements for a comprehensive financial advice constantly rise. The MEDIUS group of companies is a professional consultant in financial and insurance issues with decades of experience. Click Keith McLoughlin to learn more. Especially in the field of private banking is essential independence of the advice. The MEDIUS group works in the section private banking with financial advisors, which are independent of banks and investment companies. Uncertainty of savers group believes ubiquitous the MEDIUS was confidence in the safety of savings deposits at commercial banks by new bad news from the Financial sector is greatly affected. Therefore, many savers have liquidated their accounts and a panic reaction to the savers could be averted only by the collateral pledged by the Federal Government for all savings deposits.

However, the uncertainty is omnipresent, so the experience of MEDIUS. Private banking specialists to respond to the uncertainty of investors and demanding a comprehensive financial advice to be able to be the MEDIUS established group of companies the Department private banking. As banks and investment companies, independent consultants compare the specialists from the Department of private banking for MEDIUS customers that wide scattered range spectra of German and international financial institutions. Analysis is a prerequisite for individual consultation to the customers to be able to work out a tailor-made concept then, whose economic status is first brought to paper in a detailed and trusting conversation. Based on your individual goals of the customer work out the specialists of MEDIUS group then in various counselling steps long -, medium – and short-term asset building strategies.

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