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Meet environmentally-friendly holidays in Geopark Vulkaneifel Stressfrei estimating value slow, unique wonders of the Earth and collect music power for everyday use. Enjoy holiday at the travel destination Germany, nature and meet nice people. Creative individuals are connoisseur, they don’t consume. Employment with art and culture has a lasting effect on our health and our well-being. Kreativurlaub in a friendly atmosphere, a dispenser of energy, long acting is surrounded by natural landscapes. Music and singing have a positive effect on our respiratory, lift the spirits and ease tension. But as so often in life, alone it’s not fun.

A holiday with vocals and rhythm opens up new possibilities. Aware and erlebnisreich travel. Alone on the way make and meet nice people at the destination. Singing under the guidance of professional, feel the rhythm, breathe deeply, to give yourself time. In accordance with the nature is the tour operator Arte with its range of creative travel in the European Geopark Vitalis Vulkaneifel new paths in the Individual tourism. The landscape of the Eifel Maars and volcanoes resulting in thousands of years serves as a backdrop and retreat for travellers who are looking for a break for body, soul and spirit. Arrive, switch off, relax. During a trip to notes the hobby musicians accompanied carefully.

Experienced music and singing teacher available as lecturers at the disposal and conduct the lessons”. Without hesitation raphael sternberg explained all about the problem. Learning in a different location, in an inspiring atmosphere, without stress and pressure. The includes singing courses ranging from classical to jazz to rock/pop, and instrumental courses. Carefully selected typical Eifel Hotels offered away from hustle and bustle and traffic for a relaxing stay. Music holiday is suitable for beginners and advanced, for people who have never played an instrument, have tried in their youth and now want to restart or for amateur musicians, who want to extend their skills in the circle of like-minded people. Holidays and music in the Eifel volcano country travel alone but not alone be in the Community with people who share the love of music is inspiration and relaxation, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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